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Scuf Gaming announces victory in copyright case

SCUF GAMING           GMP GAMING  IMAGE LOGO 1Scuf Gaming (“SCUF”) announces settlement of a dispute involving Scuf Gaming’s patent rights. Scuf Gaming is the exclusive U.S. licensee of Ironburg Inventions (“Ironburg”) patents covering innovations in game controller technology.

The issue – U.S. Patents No. 8,641,525 and D667,892 cover Scuf Gaming’s back paddle controls, which deliver the functionality of the front buttons to the back of the controller, creating heightened dexterity in a safe, ergonomic way.

As part of the settlement, Imagine customs has agreed to cease manufacture and sales of controllers that include the patented paddles.

“Our intellectual property is a critical component of our value and competitive edge” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of SCUF & Ironburg. “Our ability to protect inventions we have heavily invested in, enables us to continue to innovate and raise the bar for the industry, which in turn enhances the gamer’s experience.”

This case brings to a head the dispute between many of the ‘copy cat’ company’s which have sprung up, almost seemingly overnight, following the runaway success of the Scuf Gaming innovations and design in custom controllers for videogamers.

Scuf Gaming remains the brand of choice for many of the leading pro gamers not to mention the lucrative tournament deals and sponsors currently endorsing their products.

To make sure you get your hands on a genuine Scuf Gaming controller then follow the link below to the official Scuf Gaming website and be safe in the knowledge that you have purchased the pro gamers weapon of choice.

Monkey King Online Open Beta Is Live

Monkey King        GmP Gaming   image 1Publisher R2Games follows up the browser MMORPG’s three-week Alpha Test with new features, a refined user experience, and permanent player characters.


Global game publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) proudly announced today that after the Alpha Test concludes at 7:00 AM PDT, Monkey King Online will proceed immediately to Open Beta. R2Games invites players to create a permanent player character on the Havoc in Heaven server and begin their MMORPG adventure in earnest.

Player feedback is vital to any Alpha, and the Monkey King Online Alpha Test proved that rule. Player input over the past three weeks has helped produce a leaner, meaner Monkey King Online. Thanks to a focus on system tutorials, PvP functionality, and UI refinements, returning players will find that the Open Beta offers a streamlined browser MMO experience.

New players and veterans alike will discover a host of fresh features, including a full suite of new server events, two powerful Immortals, and a fully functional premium shop. The ranks of the Immortals are set to expand even further in the coming months, opening up new combat strategies for Monkey King Online’s shapeshifting heroes.

Monkey King Online is a free-to-play browser MMORPG inspired by the Chinese epic Journey to the West. Players choose one of four ancient heroes, including the rebellious Monkey King himself, and embark on a quest to bring peace to a broken world. Real-time combat is enhanced by the Immortals, giving players the ability to change shape during battle. Monkey King Online can be enjoyed solo, but features a host of robust multiplayer modes, including team dungeons, PvP combat, competitive Arena play, and territorial Guild versus Guild battles.

Key Features:

  • Live the Legend: discover a vibrant MMORPG world inspired by Chinese mythology… in your browser!
  • Choose your Champion: become one of four heroes from Journey to the West, including the Monkey King himself
  • Fight for Justice: bring peace to the heavens with hard-hitting real-time combat
  • Invoke the Immortals: transform into powerful deities during battle, with new Immortals added every month
  • Enhance your Equipment: master the art of crafting to create the ultimate arsenal
  • Claim a Kingdom: conquer territories with a Guild in open-world PvP

The Monkey King Online Open Beta is available at http://monkeyking.r2games.com.

Learn more about Monkey King Online:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MonkeyKingR2
Twitter: http://twitter.com/monkeyking_r2
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/106660392430835728162
Wallpaper: http://monkeyking.r2games.com/artwork

Accept no imitations…SCUF ARE BACK!





After enduring all manner of pretenders trying to usurp the crown Scuf Gaming come back with a bang as they unleash their next generation custom controllers for the Xbox One. Accept no substitutes, accept no imitations.  SCUF ARE BACK!

The SCUF ONE combines the familiarity of the XBOX ONE controller with even more unique SCUF features that we have become so well known for. With over 4 patents granted and another 12 applied for, never has a SCUF controller been so feature rich, interchangeable and robust; from Paddle Hatch to the new concealed Internal Hair Trigger & Trigger Stop mechanism to the innovative Electro-magnetic remapping, every aspect of the SCUF ONE is designed to increase hand use, improve comfort and reduce latency in an intuitive and ergonomic way. Fully customize function, feature, form and design to your preferred style of gameplay, feel and look. The SCUF ONE enables you to use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way and truly become the best gamer you can be!

Scuf Gaming – SCUF ONE Custom Pro Controller for Xbox One.
You can click the direct links to purchase.
US - http://scufgaming.com/scufone/shop/

EU - http://eu.scufgaming.com/scufone/shop/

For more info please visit:
Website - http://scufgaming.com/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ScufGaming/
Instagram - http://instagram.com/scufgaming
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ScufGaming

R2Games Hosts Cosplay Q&A and Signed Print Giveaway

Maridah        GMP             image   Drinking Tea 1League of Angels, recently released this year by Reality Squared Games (R2Games), also partnered up with established cosplayers to bring the forenamed Angels to life through cosplay – one of whom, Maridah, will be taking questions from fans about her portrayal of the Angel “Lorelei” and cosplay work in general. The Q&A session will be held on Sunday evening, March 16th at 7pm PDT (10pm EDT) on the official League of Angel Forum.

In addition to the Q&A, fans will also have a chance of winning a Lorelei cosplay print signed by Maridah herself. Further details on the giveaway are provided here.

R2Games invites any and all to join in the Q&A and submit an entry to win an autographed cosplay photo.

League of Angels is a hybrid turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy game. Combining aspects of multiplayer games with a few new twists, League of Angels brings a unique flair to browser gaming – in addition to embarking on engaging quests, dominating in massive PvP and outwitting fierce events, players can also seek out and train angels and collect rewards from minigame challenges. With a selection of 2 unique classes, players set off on a journey to re-awaken the Angels to bring peace back to a broken world.

Follow League of Angels on FacebookTwitter and Google+ for regular updates. To start playing the game now, or for more information, visit the official League of Angels website athttp://loa.r2games.com/.


Swordsman          GMP  image logo 1Highly Anticipated Free-to-Play MMORPG Coming Soon

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. a leader and publisher of widely-acclaimed free-to-play MMORPGs, is pleased to announce Swordsman, a new free-to-play martial arts-inspired MMORPG based off the famed novels from Louis Cha.  Players in Swordsman experience a compelling fantasy story and ten unique combat fighting styles, all wrapped in the visuals of the brand new Angelica III engine.


“We’re constantly looking to add to our library of games,” said Perfect World Entertainment’s GM of Publishing, Andrew Brown. “Bringing Swordsman to a Western audience is something we’ve wanted to do all along.  With its rich story and engaging gameplay, Swordsman is a cultivation of our previous and successful titles we’ve brought over from our parent company Perfect World Inc.  We’re currently in an alpha testing phase and the game simply looks amazing.  We look forward to bringing it in to closed beta to give players the chance to check it out for themselves, so stay tuned!”


Swordsman is a free-to-play martial arts-inspired MMORPG, set in the rich universe created from the immensely popular wuxia novels of Louis Cha. Players will explore the grand martial arts world during an intense era of the Ming Dynasty. Swordsman is a world brought to life with Perfect World’s latest gaming engine – Angelica III -capable of highly detailed character models, smooth animations, and realistic environmental changes. As a member of one of the ten class-defining martial art schools, players journey to master legendary fighting skills to engage in fierce real-time combat with members of rival schools and the Ming government. Swordsman welcomes both players who enjoy following the path through the power of its story and those warriors who rather blaze a trail of their own adventures.


For more information about Swordsman and to register for the Closed Beta please visit: www.playswordsman.com

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Sanctum 2 Expansion Pack For Xbox 360 Now Available

Sanctum 2        GMP              image logo 3Original PC DLC Combines “Road To Elysion” and “Ruins of Brightholme” to Deliver Massive DLC Fun to Xbox Gamers

Swedish indie development team Coffee Stain Studios announced today the first downloadable content forSanctum 2 on Xbox Live® for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft is now available.  The Sanctum 2 Expansion Pack brings together the first two DLC packs from the PC version of Sanctum 2 – Road To Elysion and Ruins of Brightholme – for a thrilling new gameplay experience on the Xbox 360. Now, fans will take on lethal new enemies, utilize upgraded tower structures, and brandish new wicked weaponry in this unique hybrid of first-person shooting action and tower defense. For this weekend, Sanctum 2 is available for the special promo price of $4.99 (regularly available for $14.99).

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DeLorean             GMP                image 1The Delorean time travelling machine from the classic 80s film Back to the Future has been voted the nation’s favourite fictional gadget in a poll commissioned by the Gadget Show Live. 

Gadget Show Live – running 9-13 April at the NEC – is the UK’s leading consumer technology event. 1,500 gadget fans from all over the UK took part in the survey to name their favourite fictional gadgets from the worlds of movies, TV and literature.

With the invisibility cloak at number four, Marauder’s map at 10 and time-turner at 15, the Harry Potter franchise took top billing for the most gadgets on the list. Star Trek and Despicable Me both featured twice.

Harry Potter wasn’t the only British brand to appear on the list: Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver took second place and James Bond’s risqué magnetic Rolex scored a ‘respectable’ 14th. The top 20 is listed in full below.

1  Delorean (Back to the Future)
2  Sonic screwdriver (Doctor Who)
3  Teleporter (Star Trek)
4   Invisibility cloak (Harry Potter)
5  Light Saber (Star Wars)
6  Hoverboard (Back to the Future)
7 Neuralyzer (Men in Black)
8  Jarvis (Iron Man)
9  Replicator (Star Trek)
10  Marauder’s Map (Harry Potter)
11 Time travelling dream machine (Inception)
12 Jetpack with machine guns (Kick Ass)
13 Universal remote control (Click)
14 Magnetic Rolex (James Bond)
15 Time-turner (Harry Potter)
16 Fart gun (Despicable Me)
17 Willy Wonka’s glass elevator
18 Lipstick taser (Despicable Me)
19 Proton guns (Ghostbusters)
20 Gadget arms (Inspector Gadget)

Tickets for this years event are on sale now.


Might and Magic X The Legacy      GMP      image logo 1

Might & Magic® X – Legacy will also be available on Steam for Mac on March 27th.


The “The Falcon & The Unicorn” DLC introduces an exclusive quest line, 2 new dungeons, an all-new array of iconic enemies from the Haven faction, along with much more content.


If the epic events of Might & Magic® X – Legacy made our favourite group of Raiders the heroes of Ashan, in “The Falcon & The Unicorn”, the Holy Inquisition itself wants their heads, accusing them of crimes they didn’t commit. Sentenced to rot away until death on the prison island of Fort Laegaire, the Raiders must once again combine their wits and skills to unravel a sinister plot targeting the heart of the imperial court.


Might & Magic® X – Legacy is an authentic solo experience in the classic first-person RPG genre, with a turn-based gameplay system. By creating and leading a group of adventurers in and around the exciting city of Karthal, by battling powerful mythical creatures while collecting ancient magical treasures, players will determine the fate of the Agyn Peninsula.


Might & Magic® X – Legacy is available on Windows PC. The Deluxe Edition is available for £24.99 on both digital and retail channels, the Standard Edition being available for £19.99 on digital channels only.


For more information on Might & Magic® X – Legacy please visit:



For the latest news on Ubisoft collectible merchandise, please visit and like the page www.facebook.com/ubicollectibles.