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Far Cry 4 review

Take a trip to picturesque Kyrat. Take in the sights of the stunning mountains, the ambient verdant forests and the lush rolling hills. Oh, and d don’t forget to pay tribute to the local despotic warlord or he’ll hand you’re […]


MOGA Pro Controller review

With mobile gaming making massive inroads into the more mainstream console and PC market as developers bring increasingly more technical titles to the Android platforms, the only thing holding the mobile gaming back was its inability to sell gamers on […]

never alone                      GmP

Never Alone review

In an inspirational tale of one small girl’s battle against the elements we rediscover the passion and beauty we thought had so long been forgotten and forlorn in videogame development.  Upper Games’ beautifully crafted story of a child and her […]

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare review

Just ask any great boxer and they will all say the same thing: The true test of a fighter is to know he can get back on his feet after suffering a knockdown to regain the composure and begin their […]

Assassins Creed Rogue          GmP   image   Xbox 360   packshot

Assassins Creed Rogue review

With a twin package of double trouble launching both for last generation and next generation players, we turn our attention to the Xbox360 version of the latest Assassin’s Creed line and let our light-fingers do the talking as we become, […]


Dying Lights Intro Reveals the Origin of the Harran Crisis

Dying Light             GmP

Techland today unveiled the opening cinematic for the studio’s highly anticipated open-world action survival game — Dying Light. After a thought-provoking story trailer released last week, players can now catch a glimpse of the events that set the game’s dramatic storyline in motion. The intro paints the background for a mysterious outbreak in the ill-fated city of Harran which the rest of the world can do little to help, setting the stage for a political tug-of-war between Harran’s Ministry of Defense and the Global Relief Effort – a privately funded international humanitarian organization.

Entering the quarantine zone established to contain the unknown plague, players will assume the role of Kyle Crane, an undercover operative sent on an infiltration mission that at first seems both necessary and morally clear, yet in reality turns out to be just a move in a game of chess for the highest stake.

Dying Light is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC, and is scheduled for release in 2015 on January 27th in the Americas, January 28th in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and January 30th in Europe.

Iceberg Interactive Gives Something Back with this week’s Humble Bundle

Nuclear Dawn                  GmP        image 1Includes Some of Iceberg’s Favorites; Nuclear Dawn, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, StarDrive and More!

Veteran videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive reveals today that it is offering massive discounts from its vault of games this week, with the Humble Weekly Bundle. A portion of the proceeds will go to 2 worthy causes, charity: water and Special Effect.
Unsurprisingly, given Iceberg’s focus for the last few years, the bundle includes several sci-fi titles, with three 4x strategy games: StarDrive, Horizon, Star Ruler, plus the most recent sim/RPG sensation,Starpoint Gemini 2, which was released just 10 weeks ago.  The bundle also includes other genres, such as the shooter/strategy game Nuclear Dawn for PC/Mac/Linux, the frenetic combat racer Gas Guzzlers Extreme, the action adventure Blades of Time (Limited Edition) and the super-creepy horror adventure The Lost Crown.
The optimum Iceberg Humble Bundle package runs only $25 for eight games at a $186 value. All games come with Steam keys.
The Iceberg Weekly Humble Bundle (www.humblebundle.com/weekly) begins today, December 11 at 11 AM PST, and runs through Thursday, December 18.
Iceberg’s Humble Bundle options are highlighted below:
Pay What You Want (Minimum $1) and get:

Beat the Average Bundle Price and get:

Pay at least $25 and also unlock:

More information about Iceberg Interactive can be found at www.iceberg-games.com. For extra Iceberg news, follow Iceberg Interactive on Twitter @Iceberg_Int, ‘like’ it on Facebook, and watch it on YouTube.

12 Days of Gamers Christmas: Day 3

eBuyer               GmP             image Lenovo e50Moving onto the third recommendation,  in our quest to bring you all the best goodies to drop into Santa’s sack, we come to yet another bargain based bonanza from the online retailer that is fast becoming our ‘go to guy’ for any and all gaming related goodies.

eBuyer have some remarkable promotions on this Christmas period but none more so than the simply incredible prices of their entry level PC’s for the budding enthusiast. If you are unsure of specifications, or are just looking to begin your career as a PC Powerhouse then look no further than many of the amazing deals on offer this Festive Season.

First up has to be the impressive Lenovo e50 at a piffling £149. This price tag would be laughable if it wasn’t so incredible for the purchaser. For this ludicrously low fee customers will receive a competent entry-level rig that houses Windows 8.1, ( *with Bing ), as well as 500GB of internal HDD memory, 4GB of RAM and the nicely rounded package of  the J2900 Intel Pentium Quad Core.

All of this adds up to a sterling effort from which you may base your first foray into the wonderful world of PC gaming, and although you may well require a further upgrade to the onboard graphics card, it is nothing that cannot handle your Diablo 3’s, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Path of Exile.

Custom graphics cards such as the NVidia Quadro will boost the performance of the unit massively and will provide all the power players will need to handle even the most demanding of titles. ( *tested with Crysis 1 on ultra )

Both products are available from the eBuyer website via the following link:



Gauntlet DLC reveals Lilith the Necromancer

Gauntlet                                GmP               image Lilith the NecromancerFrom the depths of the darkest dungeons of Gauntlet, a brave new heroine joins the fight against the hordes of undead, Lilith the Necromancer.

Available today for £3.99, this practitioner of the dark arts uses her understanding of the Book of the Dead to summon skeleton warriors to smite her foes. Lilith’s Ghostwalk ability allows her to escape any deadly situation or impede her foes as she seamlessly passes through them.

In addition, Season 1 of The Gauntlet Coliseum debuts today as a free in-game update for all players. Six horde-mode style arenas will push players combat skills to the brink as they take on relentless waves of enemies. Players victorious in their efforts will be rewarded with new cosmetic items to flaunt their triumphs, as well as some well-earned bragging rights on the leaderboards. Additional challenges will arrive in future seasons of The Gauntlet Coliseum.

Stay tuned to GmP for all the latest Gauntlet and Warner Bros news and reviews.

Get ready for Advanced Warfare as Call of Duty unveil the DLC trailer

Call of Duty AW Season Pass              GmP

Early weapon access is available now!

Xbox Season Pass holders now have early access to the Havoc DLC Pack bonus weapons. The AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its custom weapon variant, the AE4 Widowmaker, combine a versatile firing mechanism with all-around movement speed and handling.

Learn more about the Season Pass:

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/callofduty

12 Days of Gamers Christmas: Day 2

MOGA Pro Controller                         GmP                    image 2The second installment of the annual Festive foray into the world of the wish list and wants of gamers everywhere!

Today is the turn of the mobile gamers as we give a huge thumbs up, Facebook ‘like’ and Twitter #shoutout to the recently reviewed must-have that is the MOGA Pro Controller.

This perfect peripheral is to mobile gaming what the Dualshock 3 is to PlayStation owners and if personal recommendations count for anything, and they do, they are also the absolute favourite of our own mobile reviewer, Nina.

Available for a paltry price tag of a mere £48.95 via online retailer eBuyer the MOGA Pro takes mobile gaming into a whole new realm by offering console style precision and performance to those once slippery and shoddy touch screen controls.

There is even the handy easel for tablet gamers to securely balance their Galaxy Note, as well as an extendable ‘claw’ rising from the centre of the MOGA Pro which houses the  players mobile phone turning the controller into the ideal mobile must have for all gamers on the go this Yuletide Season.

Click this link to be whisked over to eBuyer where you will find the MOGA Pro and a whole host of other dazzling delights that will make your Christmas Holiday go with a ‘boom’ instead of a fizzle and a whimper.

Far Cry 4 review

FAR CRY 4                GmP  image  Xbox One LE packshot 1

Take a trip to picturesque Kyrat. Take in the sights of the stunning mountains, the ambient verdant forests and the lush rolling hills. Oh, and d don’t forget to pay tribute to the local despotic warlord or he’ll hand you’re your liver with a spoon. Welcome to Pagan Min’s Paradise, where every moment is an exhilarating realization of your own fragile mortality.

Far Cry 4 may well be treading familiar ground with its surroundings and format, but in a ’franchise’ we don’t necessarily see this as any kind of a problem.. Because of this we will look on our foray into the realm of the ‘mad as a box of frogs’ Pagan Min, the man with a name like an Asian Death Metal Band, and enjoy every moment we spend in the lunatic’s playground.

From the word go with Far Cry 4 we are brought into this mentalists world with what has to be one of the most amusing and entertaining introductions to a videogame for some considerable length of time, we aren’t going to spoil it for any readers but we will just say ‘selfie’ and leave it at that.

Outstanding visuals that have an OCD feel to the highly detailed landscapes and environments are the order of the day and the first rate gameplay melds beautifully to create a thoroughly top class title.

The storyline is a well-crafted plot of political intrigue and revolutionary subterfuge as we are placed into the shoes of ‘AJ Gale’, ( better known to the locals as AJay Ghale, the son of the inspirational freedom fighters and founder members of the embattled Golden Path.

The Golden Path themselves are a well organized bunch of ‘rebels’ who are struggling to free their beloved Kyrat from beneath the constrictive heel of Pagan Min, the dictator with a penchant for embedding items of cutlery into civilians bodies to demonstrate his point. Founded in part by AJ’s mother and father the history of this separatist movement is a little hazy for our reluctant hero, however, time and tasks will enlighten you to the true back story to this contentious region as the game and its meaty storyline unfold.

Returning to his beloved homeland, following an enforced educational exile in the United States, ‘AJ’ is not met with open arms and adoring hugs and kisses by the locals and childhood friends he left behind, instead it is Pagan Min who swoops down in his private chopper to welcome the returning inspirational figure in his own inimitable way.

From here on in following this introduction to the laugh-out-loud lunacy of Kyrat and its enigmatic leader Far Cry 4 transforms into a brightly coloured open-world extravaganza of the kind that gamers would normally associate, say, with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series as opposed to a shooter. For this reason, and many others along the way, the developers at Ubisoft Montreal are to be highly commended.

Far Cry 4                     GmP  image 1 The gameplay is a blend of first-person shooter action at its finest coupled with snippets taken from a myriad of other genres such as the undoubted leveling up system transported from a more traditional role-playing game, as well as moments of undoubted heart-in-mouth stealth that would be more at home in a title like Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell franchise.

However, that is not to say that they don’t work just as well here in Far Cry 4, far from it, everything that Ubisoft brought in to the gameplay works supremely well, and many developers of similar titles would do well to take a leaf out of the developers at Ubi Montreal’s book in that instead of being a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None’ kind of game, Far Cry 4’s designers have seen fit to put as much effort into all aspects of its features in order that the game pretty much handles like a dream in any situation.

Speaking of elements inside the format brings us neatly, ( ish ), to the core of the Far Cry 4 system, and that is its excellent use of a more traditional RPG styled gameplay which allows the player greater immersion into the realm before them as players are required to partake not only in the games main story to gain that all important XP, but also the seemingly infinite amount of mini-missions, side quests, challenges, collectibles, tasks and objectives that absolutely litter  the entire region of Kryat much like the proverbial horses sh-h-h-h- ‘sugar lumps’.

Players can, of course, forego any and pretty much all of the side quests and just plough headlong into the single player campaign with wanton abandon, but, and it’s a Jennifer Lopez sized ‘butt’, ( you see what we did there? ), acquisition of new items that are certainly beneficial to the players chances of survival in the harsh badlands of Kryat are obtainable either far faster or not at all, without indulging in side activities and tasks.

Keeping in line with Ubisoft’s undoubted ‘the more the merrier’ policy Far Cry 4 comes with a massive amount of vehicles from cars and quad bikes right through to jet ski’s, hovercraft’s and microlights. On top of this comes the excellent array of weaponry available to the player in AJ’s personal armoury, ( all fully upgradable as well as being purchasable in ‘limited edition‘ format ), as well as a staggering number of enemies, animals, missions and side quests.

There is just so much to do in Kyrat that if you are wondering why the review took so long to get out there then let that be an indication of just how big this game is, as those regular readers and GmP subscribers will already know we ‘always‘ fully complete every game before we publish any review.

That being said many weapons and items are only obtainable through the campaign, so it really is best to fully clear and area and its many missions and objectives before attending any one of the appropriate ‘letters’ on the Kryat map which denote a particular NPC’s storyline.

The storyline itself offers up an interesting proposition also by making the player choose the path down which they wish to proceed on the way to liberating the Kyrati people. Will you side with the hotheaded young vixen that is Amita, or the more careful Sabal, the male side of this coalition government?

Along the way there are many weird and wonderful NPC’s for you to meet, such as Longinus the former African Warlord turned murderous Bible-thumper spreading the ‘Good Word’ with every round fired from his AK-47.

Far Cry 4                     GmP  image 2An excellent inclusion to the long list of people AJ will meet and greet has to be the roaming Sherpa’s who act as a travelling ‘base’ where players are able to complete every task they require from the purchasing of items and ammunition right through to actually upgrading equipment and character skills. This is a very handy way for AJ to keep on top of his enemies and his surroundings as Kyrat is vast in its playable area’s and, due to its Himalayan similarity, the region is not only able to explored along the horizontal but also the vertical too.

Kyrat’s lush verdant environment can quickly change from rolling fields and wooded valleys to snow capped mountains and perilous craggy cliffs. This makes for a wide variety of scenario’s, not least in the way players must traverse the region in order to just reach locations and objectives.

One such arduous challenge is the tracking down of clues for the local serial killer, Yulang, who leaves his victims in posed positions of death with a ceremonial mask on, ( or around ), their person. Each of these locations, along with the dazzling array of question marks that act as pointers for hidden  area’s, serve as a good distraction as players open up the map. But it is within each zone that players will soon come to discover that the best option for clearing away the mountain mist that covers the map of Kyrat is to head straight for any one of the radio towers that proclaim non-stop messages of love and warnings of dire retribution should you fail to show Pagan Min any of it, as the hijacking of said tower will free the area and thus open up the map and give a few noted pointers to locations of –particular interest.

The only downside to this is that instead of the Kyrati State harridan who issues orders, edicts and warnings from the radio towers pre-emancipation is soon replaced with the inane dribbling’s of Radio Free Kyrat and its resident DJ, ‘Rocking’ Rabi Ray Rana.

Now, anyone who has ever listened to an amateur, pirate or ‘free’ radio station will tell you that, on the whole, the DJ’s tend to be entertaining and, more often than not, quick-witted and likeable. Rabi Ray Rana, on the other hand, seems to break with tradition on this as he has ‘none’ of this attributes or characteristics going for him. Annoying, inane, monotonous and dead pan the repetitive parrot-like droning’s of this witless wonder are one of the few low-points of the game, and developers should pay attention to the gamers on issues such as this when we say if you are going to give regular voices to NPC’s them give them more than four dialogue scenes. Why not give them new lines of speech with patches and updates to keep their ramblings fresh and relevant? Instead of the same constant whining on and on of predictable meanderings?

Progression throughout the storyline does change Rabi Ray Rana’s dialogue from time to time, but on the whole he sticks to a tired formula of daydreaming about being a fecal-fetish killer or warbling’s of his politically correct, enlightened lifestyle Uninspiring stuff to say the least.

Apart from this truly minor hiccup the rest of the game plays out with excellent opportunities to approach the story from a twin standpoint, even the option of attacking outposts comes with dual possibilities of all-out frontal assaults or stealth induced sneak-fests, for double delights and definite replay value.

Far Cry 4                     GmP  image 3Of course, this being Ubisoft, there are few sections of the gameplay that do have the Liberals reaching for placards and screaming at anyone who will give their nonsensical rants air time over such contentious issues as the hunting of ‘artificial reality’ endangered species. Yes, you read that right, the PETA Pleb’s are whining that so many non-living digitally rendered animals did not have to really die in order to bring gamers this wonderful entertainment.  You couldn’t make it up, really you couldn’t.

But, Ubisoft being Ubisoft and so wonderfully and typically French their answer is a simple as the brainless minds who created this total non-issue in the first place, and that is?

“ if you don’t like it, then don’t damn well play it and don’t buy it! “

You have to admire the French for the no-nonsense attitude towards the more ‘intellectually challenged’ types of the politically correct world.

Multiplayer comes in the form of an online challenge arena that not only provides hours of entertaining fun, but also elite weapons that are only obtainable through this method, but the true jewel in the Far Cry 4 crown has to be the simply stellar Co-oP Mode.

If you thought traipsing across a sandbox world, hunting, sneak killing and tracking down serial killers and murderous dictators was an inviting prospect in the solo campaign then just wait until you dip a tentative toe into the perfect pool that is the co-operative challenge.

This is where Far Cry 4 truly shines, and it does so with such a brilliant light that it completely blocks out all of the sun from every other title in 2014 that prides itself on its Co-oP. Quite how this game never won Game of the Year is, frankly, a little puzzling, especially considering the title that did win the honour did so with an AI controlled four-player Co-oP that doesn’t come anywhere near Far Cry 4 for enjoyment, capability and performance. A true miscarriage of justice if ever there was one.

number-9-pool-ballStory, single player, multiplayer, Co-oP and more challenges, missions, side quests, collectibles and tasks than even an Assassin’;s Creed title, Far Cry 4 is, for GmP at any rate, one of the most entertaining titles of 2014 and although we may not be the Golden Joysticks, ( yet ), we can see it receiving at least one GoTY award by the time our own ceremony is announced on December, 31st.  A Tour De Force of a title and one that should grace every gamers library.        9 out of 10


TITLE:                                                    FAR CRY 4 
FORMAT:                                              XBOX ONE                [reviewed])
DEVELOPER:                                      UBISOFT MONTREAL
PUBLISHER:                                       UBISOFT


SCORE OUT OF 10:                          9 OUT OF 10

12 Products of Gamers Christmas

Razer Kraken Xbox One                  GmPWith the Festive Season upon us the time is right to bring you all our annual rundown of the must have peripherals and products to make this Christmas the greatest time to be a gamer.

First up on our Twelve Products of Gamers Christmas comes the newly announced Razer Kraken headset for the Xbox One. This HD hottie has been long-awaited and although there may have been several ‘triers’ already on the market, such as the much maligned Polk Audio atrocity, it is with quality craftsmanship such as Razer are renowned for that gamers can guarantee cash well spent this Yuletide Season.

The choice PC headset of eSport athletes around the world, the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset is now available for the Xbox One and comes fully equipped with powerful 40 mm neodymium magnet drivers that are tuned for clear high and mid-ranges, as well as deep immersive bass for powerful lows. The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One has been ergonomically designed with plush circumaural padding that creates sound isolation for a superior gaming experience.

The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One features a unidirectional microphone that translates crystal clear audio with balanced natural sound tones. The flexible design allows gamers to conveniently flip the microphone out of view when not in use.

Bundled with an audio control unit that fits perfectly on the Xbox One controller, gamers will have easy access to multimedia controls right at their fingertips without the need to interrupt their gaming sessions

Available worldwide now, and all for the meager price of a mere £99, ( $99 ) of whatever currency your cou8ntry currently supports, the Razer Kraken for the Xbox One has to be the must have headset for all casual and competitive Xbox gamers this Christmas.

Follow the link below to secure your slice of aural awesomeness early to avoid massive disappointment on December 25th.

For more information on the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One, go to www.razerzone.com/gaming-audio/razer-kraken-xbox-one

Price: US: $99.99 / EUR: €99.99

MOGA Pro Controller review


With mobile gaming making massive inroads into the more mainstream console and PC market as developers bring increasingly more technical titles to the Android platforms, the only thing holding the mobile gaming back was its inability to sell gamers on the touchscreen controls that were mandatory to the format. Now, thanks to MOGA, the days of fumbling with your Samsung are over thanks to their stellar Pro Controller.

Following up on the previously well received Pocket Controller, manufacturer MOGA have gone all-out with their latest peripheral that delivers precision and performance to rival even the console controllers as it corners the mobile market with the outstanding addition to the mobile master class of perfect peripherals.

Stylish in design and about as practical in method as it could possibly be, the MOGA Pro Controller weighs in to the growing mobile arena with all the swagger of a champion that knows it is undisputed in its weight class. Throwing functionality, form and features like haymakers and combinations the MOGA Pro easily swats aside the contenders and competition as it knocks all comers and challengers to the canvas on its way to being crowned King of the Android Ring.

Right out of the box the MOGA Pro comes complete with charge cable, ( micro  USB ), tablet stand and snappy built-in mobile phone ‘arm’ which is extendable to secure and handheld in tight fitting snugly security.

( *NB of course there is the down side for some that this is an Android only device, but rather than sticking those petulant ‘pet lips’ out at MOGA perhaps gamers of the iOS variety should aim them firmly at the fruity manufacturer as it is understood that Apple were not exactly forthcoming during design )

Speaking of design the MOGA Pro now comes looking more like a fully fledged console controller than ever before with the addition of the new D-Pad, analogue sticks, hand stalk grips and four ( A,B,Y,Z ), ‘face pad’ buttons which give the Pro a definite Xbox feel. Even the actual aesthetics of the MOGA give it the appearance that this controller would be more at home in the hands of a gamers playing Gears of War and Halo as opposed to Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga.

Bluetooth enabled, Wi-Fi and now with a good feeling of weightiness that gives the gamer a far greater sense of tangible security, ( because it no longer feels like you are going to crush it during a particularly grueling race in World of Speed ), the MOGA Pro also resembles the Xbox style of peripheral, even more so than its PlayStation counterpart, thanks to the off-set thumb sticks which, as has been proven to be the case with gamers of the Xbox360 and the Xbox One, is a much more preferable set up for shooters, racers and long periods of gaming.

MOGA Pro Controller                         GmP                    image 4The centre section of the MOGA Pro houses the retractable/extendable ‘arm’ which also acts as the ‘claw’ housing for mobile phones. The ‘arm’ is able to open up with enough clearance to comfortably house even the 5.5” Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and demonstrates the forward thinking nature of the units designers in that mobile phones have begun to adopt a larger style in recent years, as opposed to the one-time fashion of making everything so miniature that even an Action Man would find the item rather bulky for their ‘realistic grip hands’.

There is also a wide variety of modes for the player to take advantage of, not least the added MOGA Pro unique feature included as the manufacturer described HID,  ( not to be confused with the gamer staple HUD ).

HID, or Human Interface Device to give it the official MOGA moniker, is not to be confused with some sort of Lawnmower Man styled  VR machine, instead the Pro Controller’s Human Interface Device basically boils down to a ‘keyboard’, of sorts, which allows users to then map even non-MOGA specific titles to any preferred format they see fit*

Although perhaps not as all-encompassing as the MOGA Pocket’s ‘IME’ feature the MOGA Pro’s Human Interface Device Mode still does, nevertheless, offer a viable and exceedingly practical alternative right out of the box.

*naturally this works only with games that permit button-mapping in the first instance

When testing the MOGA Pro Controller we decided to give the sexy ‘black beauty’ a real trial instead of merely throwing a Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds game at it. The titles we used during our time with the MOGA Pro were Infinity Blade 2, Deus Ex: The Fall, Hitman GO!, World of Speed, X-Com Enemy Unknown and the multi-award winning pairing of Limbo and The Walking Dead. As you can clearly see there is something for everyone in the list of titles we went for, and all of them provided a challenge in their own inimitable way.

As anyone who has made the jump from console to tablet and/or mobile will know each of these games were originally AAA titles for the Xbox360 and PlayStation 3, and in that respect should give some kind of an idea as to the complexity of their content. However, it is worth noting that although their mobile counterparts may, in fact, come in the ‘diluted’ form, they are still fully fledged games capable of producing taut, tense and terrific moments of gaming pleasure.

Of course, not only do each of these former console titles bring an ample amount of entertainment, they also require a certain degree of skill and gaming nouse. Making this a far easier prospect, and a far more enjoyable one, is the MOGA Pro Controller.

Without having to either forfeit one hand entirely as you cradle your mobile device in order to see the screen, or balance the unit precariously on a cobbled together hotch-potch stand made up of books and DVD cases, the MOGA Pro proves its invaluable contribution to mobile gaming right from the word ‘go’ with its ‘easel styled’ tablet stand, as well as its fold away center-piece which is the extendable ‘claw’ that holds in place the mobile phone.

MOGA Pro Controller                         GmP                    image 1From here on in it is smooth sailing as the MOGA Pro delivers unsurpassed performance, of a standard hitherto only found on consoles. In fact, so far as to say that the MOGA Pro offers up such a positive experience that we have attempted to synch the Bluetooth device with the PlayStation 3 as we genuinely prefer the feel, features and layout of this peripheral over the stock Dualshock 3 version of the Ps3**.

( **we will keep you informed of the results in future updates )

Pinpoint precision and smooth flowing movement without a single instance of lag or ‘dead zoning’ is couple with ergonomic excellence and drift-free delights as the MOGA Pro made light work of every test we through at it. Stealth in Deus Ex was a breeze and easily manageable thanks to the lightest touches on the thumbsticks and triggers being recognized and responded too instantly.

Driving in World of Speed was an absolute joy thanks to the outstanding responsiveness of the controller and, as such, the game is what it is expected to be, an enjoyment, as opposed to turning into an ordeal thanks to shonky shenanigans by poor quality products.

When all is said and done the MOGA Pro is quite simply put the ‘must have’ peripheral for any serious mobile gamer, but it also has its perfect uses for even the most casual or younger gamer too.

The ‘claw’ arm also offers up a real alternative to those onboard screens in the rear headrests of cars for parents looking to entertain their children during long drives, or even for teens and adults looking for a way out of beating those Bank Holiday Travel Blues as they sit for hours in county long tailbacks and traffic jams.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just someone looking to while away an hour or  so stuck behind a cement mixer as you try to reach Torquay during the May Day Weekend the MOGA Pro Controller is the only choice, and considering its wallet friendly price tag of a paltry £34.98   at eBuyer.com the only question you should be asking yourself this Festive Season is “ How many should I buy? “   The MOGA Pro Controller gets the Editors Choice Award for being the best mobile controller on the market right now. 9 out of 10

Get your zombie on with Dead Island Epidemic

Dead Island Epidemic                GmPOpen Beta for Dead Island: Epidemic has started, bringing an all-new PvE mode, weapon modification system, loot system rework & more. Join now at www.playdie.net

The zombie infested hack & slash action arena is now in Open Beta as Deep Silver unleashes Dead Island: Epidemic for all users to play for free on Steam.

Fans of both co-operative and team based competitive gameplay can now play the game for free on Steam and hence be part of the final stages of development.

With the Open Beta, Dead Island: Epidemic receives a major content update that includes the following features and improvements:

All-New PvE-Mode: Crossroads

Crossroads enriches the PvE experience in DI:E. It offers a bigger variation, higher replayability and more challenge, regardless of skill level. Both beginners and veterans get access to a mode where they can have a lot of fun while at the same time unifying the game experience across both PVE and PvP.

Progression System Overhaul

Levels for individual characters have been removed: There is now a global character level that applies to each character and unlocks apply to each character once you reach a new level.

Crafting Overhaul

Weapon leveling and workbench levels have been removed and a new loot based weapon modification has been introduced: As they complete matches players can now earn weapon modifications (which are divided into rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary) which offer progressively more powerful and unique gameplay altering perks.

Passive Skills

Character weapon expertise has been removed and instead every character now has a unique passive ability.

Loot System Rework

Smarter drop system has been added which ensures more guaranteed drops and less randomness.

The full extensive patch notes for the update can be found here.

Dead Island: Epidemic is a fast paced multiplayer action hack & slash where players will duke it out over supply points, using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yea, we’ve got zombies too, so there’s that.

Dead Island: Epidemic is available as a Free-to-Play PC title on Steam and features all the trademark elements that are part of a Dead Island experience.

Official website: www.playdie.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deadislandepidemic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/diepidemic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/playdie
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/222900/