Buck Demo early first look

Buck GmP image 2Buck is currently an Early Access game on Steam and a Kickstarter project, currently 1/3rd funded, running until the 22nd of July. Being developed by a small 3 man indie team. It styles itself a noir Metroidvania game and is set in a post-apocalyptic world populated by anthropomorphic animals. These animals mostly being based on pets, rather than allusions to a certain subculture.

Right out the gate, you’re slapped with pretty high quality, appropriately cheesy, noir-style dialogue, voices and narration, although the game is in full colour and the camera fixed in the typical side scroller Metroidvania style. Even the quest names and place names pay homage “she says her name is Jodie” and “Old Town” which harken back to the neo-noir Sin City.

The demo isn’t too long, encompassing the tutorial, a town, and the first of the games’ playable areas, albeit that it is the only one that is available during the short demo. It does show quite a lot of promise, however, and has changed quite a lot over the short period of time that it has been made accessible to players. Weapon customisation and melee weapons aren’t currently a part of the set up, unfortunately, and so for the duration of your stay in the Buck demo you will be somewhat limited by the lack of choice, in that you are only granted access to the shotgun and the dual pistols. The combat does feel a little bit on the clunky side, but no doubt that’s due to it’s unfinished, raw state and because of this it is perfectly understandable. The platforming format itself suffers from similar teething troubles, but all of which will no doubt be rectified as the project moves forward.

Buck GmP image l1The game should be ready for launch on schedule, providing that its kickstarter campaign be successful. Although it has to be pointed out that what we have seen so far is evident of a developer with an eye for detail and a genuine ‘loving care‘ feeling toward their project, this then, combined with the fact that the campaign s looking more certified with each passing day, should mean that Buck is all set for an on time release in early Q2 2017. Buck is available for players, and those looking to get the usual box of supporter tricks that benefit those who do donate to Kickstarter programmes, to back but only in limited quantities for the more early bird adopters among you for around £6 and £7.50, with £9 being the price thereafter*, ( *based on the current exchange rate rate ).

You can check out the demo for yourself here:

If you’d like to check out the Kickstarter, either to fund it or for more background information on the project you can find it here:

Disclaimer: preview code was provided by a PR company on behalf of the developers, although it seems unnecessary given the public nature of the demo.