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About Us

Let’s not kid ourselves here….popstars and pin ups we most certainly ain’t, so with that thought in mind it only seemed fair to our readers that we avoided publishing any profile pictures of ourselves that would look more like a line up of ‘The Usual Suspects’  instead of a team of professional journalists and reviewers.

So, breath a hefty sigh of relief and remove the protective goggles as we bring you the lowdown on the low brow’s that populate the GMP office.


JAMIE KNIGHT                                    Our Editor in Chief and the official ‘Old Man’ of the brigade. A former soldier who still likes to think that he is barking  orders at young ‘sprogs’ on the parade ground, Jamie likes nothing more than locking himself away in his cosy office whilst stealing all of the Maltesers and the latest review copies.  A mean pool player and married to our Technology Editor, Nina.


RAY  TATE                                             The Deputy Editor, otherwise know as ‘The Invisible Man’ for his long Sabbatical’s to the cafe next door. A tried and tested PC gamer who would leave most people in tears at his silky smooth online skills in Battlefield 3.  Likes Cheese, Dislikes Cheesy Wotsits.


ROWENA LONGBOTTOM                 Our Reviews Editor, and a ‘proper journalist’ to boot! Our qualified type comes from a regional reporters background where she tired of telling ‘heartwarming stories’ of cats in tree’s or funnily shaped legumes. Not one to be trifled with at Call of Duty.


NINA KNIGHT                                      Technology Editor and long-suffering wife of Führer, Jamie, bless her cotton socks. Nina has a background in photo journalism but now prefers to spend her days ripping people to shreds in online Tekken Tag matches, or stripping the flesh from the bones of her victims on Streetfighter. A true RPG and Hack’n’Slash powerhouse, this is one girl you want on your side in a fight, ( just ask the editor )


ANDREW SMITH                                 Sony Editor and all round lover of all things related to the Japanese technology giant. Avid gamer, accomplished writer and darling of the ‘event scene’, Andrew came to us as a fresh-faced student with a spring in his step and an ambitious glint in his eye. ( but don’t worry, we soon knocked all of that nonsense out of him and he is now just as bedraggled and jaded as the rest of our Motley Crew )


NICHOLAS FEARN                              Technology and mobile Staff Writer, ‘Nick’ is the latest edition to the GmP. A full time blogger and talented writer who also runs his own website across at GadgetXpert, Nick has an unyielding passion for the technical and burning desire to carve a career straight to the top of his profession. Hardworking and unswerving, with a keen eye for detail and a second-to-none head full of fun iOS and Android factoids. This is one guy who is needed by all websites.



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