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1 – Nil! Ps4 Outsells Xbox One FIFA 15 by 100,000

FIFA 15            GmPAnother minor victory to the ‘Blue Camp’ this week as UK game charts confirm that FIFA 15 tops the charts thanks to an additional 100,000 units more sold in the opening week on PlayStation 4 than rival Xbox One.

In a surprise for Microsoft, considering that FIFA 14 was an Xbox One special edition with limited edition controller at the consoles launch, FIFA 15 has proven to be a more popular choice on the PlayStation 4.

This is in direct contrast to last years launch when FIFA 14, with its Xbox One exclusive content such as the Legendary players in the highly popular online FIFA Ultimate Team, assaulted the charts with far more ‘green’ tinge to the proceedings.

Whether or not this may well prove to be the turning point for FIFA and its Xbox One only content remains to be seen, but with a whopping 100,000 more players enjoying all that the latest footballing franchise has to offer on PlayStation 4 in its opening week alone, it surely has to be an early indication for EA Sports, as well as their other ‘Games’ and ‘Play’ divisions, that deals for exclusive content to the Xbox One may well be a hindrance to their income as opposed to a benefit.

Or maybe it is just a sign that multiplatform titles should not have console specific exclusive content? First party titles aside it does seem that gamers have demonstrated with FIFA 15 that multplats do not necessarily sway the decisions regarding which platform a person purchases, and if anything only strengthens the debate regarding exclusive content.

Whatever the outcome one thing is certain, and that EA Sports and FIFA 15 are top of the league once again.


Defiance              GmPThe rumours are true!

Defiance has been renewed for its third season on the Sci-Fi channel as the hit cross-media title goes from strength to strength.

Initiallly, whe it was announced that Defiance would be a ‘cross-media’ game AND television series, gamers everywhere groaned with knowing expectations of lack-lustre graphics combined with Terminator Salvation styled stupidity in the gaemplay. However, proving that the two very different mediums could be married to produce a satisfying blend of TV and gaming products Defiance, with its excellent gameplay and highly entertaining all out shooter action, has proved to be the exception to a rule that gamers are only too familiar with when it comes to shambolic cash-ins by companies delivering videogames based on silver screen and small screen counterparts.

Great news today, then, for fans and followers of this science fiction epic as the shows Creative Lead, Trick Dempsey, confirms a third season of the shamshn hit show has been agreed with the Sci Fi channel. Here’s what Trick had to say on the matter:

Ark hunters,

We’re proud to confirm the rumors: Syfy has renewed Defiance for a third season to be released on 2015!

The New Frontier is changing. Votan and Human cities alike lay crumbling under the force of terraforming weaponry. Refugees flee onto the frontier, and warlords rise to stake their claim in the chaos.

Is this the end of the Earth Republic? Will civilization descend into a new Pale War or will we rise above in a spirit of Defiance?

Explore an ever-changing world in Defiance now, and watch the stories unfold in Syfy’s dramatic television series in 2015!

Good hunting!

Trick Dempsey, Creative Lead

So, sit back and grab both your controller and your TV remote as we prepare to blast off for another spectacular sci-i adventure in Defiance Season Three.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare studio lead to host developer session at EGX

Glen Schofield                    GmPThe Art of Inspiration: Glen Schofield, Sledgehammer Games, talks Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Creative Development

Schofield is beginning his presentation at midday and the session is expected to last approximately 40 minutes. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is highly anticipated by an action hungry shooter community looking to satiate their appetites after a series of disappointing and mediocre FPS titles have left the genre feeling more than a little flat in 2014.

Titanfall, Warframe and even the latest blockbuster launch from Activision themselves, Destiny, have all been heavily criticized for failing to take into account the fans devotion to the single player campaign and instead concentrating all of their efforts into turning their titles into nothing more than thinly-veiled always online multiplayer pay-to-win cash-in’s looking to exploit the highly lucrative first person shooter market.

It is because of this, as well as a whole catalogue of understandable gripes bemoaning everything from the catering towards a more casual player and futuristic science fiction styling, that shooter fans are now turning their attention back towards Call of Duty to save their entire year from being nothing but one giant let down.

Almost ironically all of this gushing and new found fondness comes after Call of Duty was itself the target of something akin to a witch-hunt by the gaming media and in many of the online gaming communities during the run up to E3 2014 as they sought to sit at the ‘cool kids’ table.

How sweet, then, for developers such as Glen Schofield, the taste of a chilled main course comprising of a meaty revenge, served with a frosty side salad topped with a vinaigrette  of shadenfreude as we see the same sneering mobs from IGN and Gamespot, for example, coming to their EGX presentations cap in hand like naughty schoolboys.

If you are going to EGX 2014 then we highly recommend that you attend the Schofield session, ( if for nothing else other than to see fawning at is finest from the assorted journalists clamouring for an exclusive ), as Sledgehammer Games show the gaming press, community and, indeed, the videogaming world in general why Call of Duty is still King of the Hill in the shooter market.


If you cannot attend EGHX 2014 then the full presentation will be streamed live on Twitch TV:


Just Dance Now          GmP  image logo 1Top Dance Game Available on Smartphones for the First Time

Today, Ubisoft® announced that Just Dance® Now, the all-new Just Dance mobile experience, is now available for both Android and iOS systems. Just Dance Now allows players to play Just Dance tracks anywhere, anytime with anyone around them using their smartphones and an Internet-connected screen. [Just Dance® 2015, the latest installment of the console game, will be available on all motion-control gaming platforms on October 23 in EMEA (October 24th in the UK)].

“Ubisoft is dedicated to innovation and we’re dedicated to making Just Dance accessible to our millions of fans around the world, even in regions where consoles aren’t as prevalent” said Geoffroy Sardin, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft EMEA. “This separate mobile version of the game not only allows our existing fans to experience the Just Dance they know and love in a different way, it also introduces brand new players to the game.”

Just Dance Now is streamed to any Internet-connected screen while the free app transforms the player’s smartphone into a motion controller. Using Ubisoft’s proprietary technology Ubi Bluestar, an unlimited number of people can play together while watching the same screen, even while on different data connections – 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi.

Players will follow three simple steps:

  1. Download the free Just Dance Now app on their iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android™ device.
  2. Visit on any Internet-connected screen.
  3. Their phone will automatically sync to the game and they’ll be ready to dance!

Upon downloading the app, players can instantly access five songs which rotate daily. The five free songs available at launch include “Applause” by Lady Gaga, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams, “Y.M.C.A.” by Village People and more. To access the full catalogue of tracks, players can select from a variety of options to suit their needs:

• 1 Hour Pass: £0.99

• 1 Day Pass: £1.49

• 1 Week Pass: £2.49

• 1 Month Subscription: £5.99

• 3 Month Subscription: £15.49

• 1 Year Subscription: £37.99

There are 50 tracks available in the Just Dance Now catalogue at launch, with a variety of current hits and classic favorites, including “The Way” by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller, “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr., “Gangnam Style” by PSY, “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez & the Scene, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and more. The tracks from previous installments of the Just Dance series will be added regularly to the Just Dance Now catalogue which will eventually include hundreds of songs.

For the latest information on Just Dance Now and Just Dance 2015, please visit: and follow us on Twitter @justdancegame using hashtag #JustDanceNow and #JustDance2015.


VIOLETTA RHYTHM & MUSIC           GmP         image logo 1Transform Into A Star With The Video Game Based On The Smash Hit Teen Telenovela Co-produced By Disney Channel Latin America And Disney Channel Europe, Middle East And Africa For The Nintendo Wii, 3DS And DS

Little Orbit, a worldwide video game publisher, today announced the launch of Disney Violetta: Rhythm & Music based on the hugely successful Disney Channel seriesVioletta.  The musical rhythm game takes players into Violetta’s world as they play along to hits from the popular show.  The game is available in Europe and Australasia for Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ beginning today.

For the first time, fans will play along with Violetta in the new video game based on the smash hit television show!  Featuring hit songs from the show, players will experience all the excitement of a star performer with creative musical rhythm games.  Kids will play along to music videos on the Wii and 3DS platforms and play through a career as Violetta on the DS.  Think you know Violetta?  Fans will put their knowledge to the test with creative quiz questions on the Violetta universe!

Kids are truly going to get a glimpse of what it’s like to become Violetta in this first-ever video game complete with hit songs straight from the show,” said Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit.  “This game is a must have for every Violetta fan.”

Now filming its third TV season, Violetta has been a runaway hit in every market where it has launched. Called the first ‘soap’ for kids, viewers have been gripped by the dramatic twists and turns of Violetta’s teenage life, as she sings and dances her way through the challenges of being a talented teenager newly returned to her native Buenos Aires after many years living in Europe. Dubbed in 15 languages, it had more than 40 million viewers tuning into the show between April and June 2014. Violetta is the #1 spontaneous favourite character in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium South and Poland amongst Girls 6-14.

Following the extraordinary success of the series and the wildly popular 2013/14 tour Violetta In Concert, it was recently announced that the cast will return to Europe in 2015 for a new concert tour – Violetta Live.

In addition, Violetta has also had huge product success across multiple categories including Fashion, Home, Stationery, Accessories, Beauty, Toys, Electronics, Books and Magazines, selling more than three million books and one million diaries in EMEA alone. The cast of Violetta have also had multiple platinum records with over two million worldwide sales to date.

Violetta has over 350 million YouTube views globally with more YouTube searches than Justin Bieber in Italy, Spain and France.

The Settlers Online: PvP mode and enhanced battle system now available on test server

The Settlers                             gmP            image logoPlayers can get a glimpse on upcoming game content!

Ubisoft® and its renowned development studio Blue Byte® today revealed that the brand new Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode and the enhanced battle system of The Settlers® Online is now ready for play tests on

The international test server offers the community a preview version of this two major features coming to the final game this winter. Players just need to sign-up on the server to get their hands on the all-new game content.

The so called PvP expeditions are special generated adventure islands, which have to be conquered, defended or can be stolen by other players. The mode introduces new buildings like the combat academy and the combat weapon smith, as well as 6 new weapon and 7 new unit types.

The enhanced battle system allows for the first time to influence the outcome of a fight directly. While watching the combat on the map, it is possible to change attacking units.

For more information please visit the forum:

With Shape Up training quests, take your body on an epic journey of fun and enhancement

Shape Up              GmP    image logo 1In Shape Up, Training Quests will allow players to enjoy a healthy and entertaining journey to better fitness.

Each 4-week program allows the player to select a specific goal focusing on full-body muscle building or cardio. Throughout the Quests, players improve their fitness with a quirky playlist of unique exercises. Each week, Challenges and Workouts target a specific fitness focus that trains players for the face-off with the Champion. In exciting weekly boss-battles the player tests his skills against the Champion. As the weeks progress the difficulty increases. Players ultimately confront the boss one last time to claim the title of Champion.

In the Muscle Training Quest, the player must defeat El Rayo, the Luchador Champion, who pushes players to the limit. The Cardio Training Quest introduces the BeatMaster. Get your  body moving and heart pounding as the Champion of the Beat focuses on increasing cardio fitness and burning calories.

Each Training Quest is four weeks long. Every week, the player is given three 15 minute workout sessions to complete followed by one Champion Challenge. Each playlist of exercises was designed by a fitness consultant in order to achieve maximum efficiency and fun. During their training, the player will record their best performances in order to track their progress from start to finish. Players never have to workout alone; find motivation and encouragement from one of the in-game coaches, play against a friend or play against your own best score.

Shape Up combines a foundation of a proven fitness method with entertaining and rewarding workouts displayed in a unique arcade style. Each of the game modes keeps players engaged and motivated with quirky, points-driven fitness challenges. Shape Up will be available on Xbox One on November 14th.

Bungie reveal Destiny updates to social, loot and weapons

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   1Making the next generation of shooter titles was no small thing, and certainly not one that would be completed at launch. With that in mind developers at Bungie have now had time to address some off the issues gamers may have in certain area’s of  UK number one Destiny.

Releasing an official statement regarding the upcoming spate of patches Bungie outline some of the changes designed to improve and enhance players enjoyment and appreciation of their smash-hit science fiction spectacular:


On September 9th the Bungie team traded late nights building Destiny for late nights playing Destiny with all of you. We’d looked forward to that day for years, knowing that it would bring millions of fresh eyes into our world and quickly change many of our plans and priorities. We were not disappointed.

In the last two weeks there have been many surprises, bugs, exploits, world firsts, and a whole lot of fun. It’s been an amazing time. We think now is a great time to step back and let you all know how we think the game is holding up and to talk about some changes we are contemplating going forward.

We will be patching some of these issues as early as today. Others may not be addressed for a month or two. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for all your feedback online.


He Who Shall Not Be Named

Long ago during development, the Cryptarch decoded engrams of a given color into gear of that same color. Early in 2014 we added randomness, both for better and worse, to the decrypting process. The result was that end-of-session engram decoding got a lot more exciting and the Cryptarch himself suddenly acquired a personality. Both of these experiences were positive additions to the game.

But we didn’t adequately communicate the potential random outcomes of decryption. Players see what looks like the familiar metaphor of item identification, while the Cryptarch thinks he’s opening a grab bag of loot. Rage sharding of blues ensues. Expect to see changes to address this soon.

Destiny: The Cave

The social experience of a cave farming run is amazing: the herding to get a team of Guardians all behind the line and firing in the right direction, the rush to grab the loot, the scramble when the panic wave starts, the beckoning glow from inside the cave. The speed at which the community organized around this activity was inspiring and humbling to us.

But shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn’t our dream for how Destiny is played. Our hope is that social engagement in public spaces is only one part of the Destiny experience. Expect changes soon which decrease the efficiency of cave farming and correspondingly increase engram drops from completing activities.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   7Reward Celebration

Growing more powerful by acquiring new upgrades, gear or progression is central to Destiny’s player experience. Our goal is to always celebrate when this occurs, both as a reward in and of itself and to communicate to players what is going on.

During development we sometimes prioritized making a system functional over celebrating its rewards, for example:

·         The Vault of Glass contains highly coveted loot but the actual moment of reward happens without fanfare and can be easily missed.

·         The lowest level of the Daily Heroic gives great XP and Reputation rewards, but neither of these progressions appears on the postgame screen.

We will slowly be addressing these and other issues going forward.


Voice Communication

Our vision for Destiny is that all players, even matchmade players in the Crucible, Strikes, the Tower or public spaces, be able to communicate with one another in a way that promotes positive socialization. Voice communication is the easy answer, but existing voice paradigms, including those in our own Halo games, have not done enough to protect players from abusive griefing from a minority of players.

Destiny’s near-term solution will be to allow players to opt-in to voice communication during matchmade activities. Work on this feature was underway at launch and should be rolled out this year in Strikes and the Crucible.



Strikes are intended to be a fun, combat-filled romp and stomp with a big boss and cool rewards at the end. Better with cooperation, but doable in a pick up group.

Since launch we’ve tracked down an issue which has made Strikes more challenging than originally designed by both increasing damage taken by players and decreasing the damage inflicted by players on the boss. Expect to see this addressed soon, and for Strikes to become a little less grindy as a result (sorry, Raiders – incoming damage is working as intended in the Vault of Glass).


Our goal when balancing Destiny is to never have one player choice– for example a choice of class or weapon– either be so much better than the alternatives that it is the only valid choice or to be so much worse that it would always be a mistake to choose. When we are successful with this kind of balance the result is a wide set of equally compelling player builds, some of which may be preferred by one player or another but none of which is an absolute right or wrong choice.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   8Exotic Weapons

Exotic Weapons are designed to look, feel and sound overpowered, but to not actually break the game. We hope these weapons challenge the way players think about their loadouts and expect their idiosyncrasies to sometimes be a little frustrating. We find ourselves wanting to collect them all and hope players feel the same way.

Not all our Exotic Weapons currently live up to this promise. In particular those weapons received from completing exotic bounties including Thorn and Bad Juju have disappointed many of us who have gone through the great effort to obtain them because, despite looking and sounding amazing, they feel underpowered. We’re here to offer some advice: don’t shard those guns. Their time will come.

Auto Rifles

The Auto Rifle archetype is designed to appeal to players who like to throw up a wall of bullets and not worry if a few miss their target. It is intended to inflict sustained damage at close to medium range, but to lose effectiveness at longer ranges.

Today the Auto Rifle is too effective at long range, even beating Scout and Pulse Rifles in some circumstances. Expect stability and/or damage adjustments to the Auto Rifle to address this in the weeks ahead.

Scout Rifles

Scout Rifles are for players who like to keep their enemies at medium range and hate to miss. They are intended to be an awkward weapon to use at close range but to be dominant– as long as you land your shots– at medium and longer ranges.

Scouts just aren’t hitting hard enough today when compared to other precision weapons. We’ll be addressing this soon.


Shotguns are for those situations where you need to deliver a massive spike of damage, right now, to the thing standing next to you about to do you harm.

Today shotguns are effective beyond their intended range, especially when upgraded with that intention. Expect changes soon to address shotguns which push the envelope of what it means to be close quarters.

It’s a nice touch that Bungie end the release with a message of gratitude and thanks to their ever-growing community and they finish by telling gamers,  ‘Keep sharing. Keep talking.We’re watching and listening.’

Stay with GmP for a full review of Destiny and all other Bungie news.


Titanfall         GmP       image   DLC 1The battle rages on in IMC Rising, the latest DLC pack for Respawn Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed first-person shooter,Titanfall,  available now on Xbox One™ and Origin™.

Titanfall’s third DLC pack introduces three new maps including the hidden colony of Backwater, a covert robotics facility in Zone 18 and the secret fuel extraction site of Sandtrap.

Titanfall: IMC Rising is the third DLC content pack and is available for £7.99. Gamers who are looking for the ultimate value can purchase theTitanfall Season Pass*, which offers all three content packs includingExpedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising for a one-time purchase of £19.99. The Titanfall Season Pass can be purchased for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and on  Origin for PC.

Set in the near future on a distant frontier torn apart by war,  Titanfall drops players in the middle of a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. The action is rapid and varied – featuring parkour-style wall running, massive double jumps and the ability to hijack titans. The freedom to shift back and forth between pilot and titan allows players to change tactics on the fly, attacking or escaping depending on the situation and extending the action vertically to new heights.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is a fast-paced, first-person shooter that takes place in a war-torn frontier. Tension between Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia is high and conflict erupts. Titans will drop amongst the chaos, and players must navigate challenging terrain in a variety of maps, while leveraging the Titans’ brute strength with pilots’ agility.

For more information on Titanfall, please visit

Join the conversation on Twitter at and #Titanfall, or on Facebook at

*Requires Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Origin for PC (sold separately). Content must be redeemed by March 11, 2016.

See for expansion pack release schedule.

FIFA 15 is odds on favourite for Christmas Number 1!

fifa 15            GmP             Christmas Number 1          William Hill Odd On FavouriteFriday sees the release of one of the nation’s favourite video games and William Hill think that there will be a rush from FIFA fans to be the first to get their hands on the latest edition in the series.

FIFA 15 is 1/3 on to break the remarkable 1 million mark in first week sales, a figure that was breached by EA Sports 2013 release, FIFA 13, but surprisingly not by last year’s FIFA 14.

“With both the X-Box One and the PS4 flying off the shelves this year’s version of FIFA should have no trouble in breaking the million mark within seven days,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

FIFA 15 is a staggering 4/5 odds on favourite to top the Christmas gaming charts ahead of Activision’s own challenge with their military based first person shooter title,  Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which comes into the running as the only real threat to the expected proceedings  at 3/1. Bungie’s science fiction shooter Destiny  takes up position as the third most likely title to top the charts,  but still comes in at a doubtful 6/1.

Top Christmas computer game:

4/5 FIFA 15

3/1 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

6/1 Destiny

7/1 Assassin’s Creed

14/1 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

14/1 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

14/1Lego Batman 3

25/1 F1 14

*X-Box 360; X-Box One; PS3 and PS4 sales only

Will FIFA 15 sell more than 1m copies in its first week of sales:         1/3 yes;      9/4 no

*UK release only

If you want to have a little Festive Flutter on the FIFA 15 fancy then why not head on over to see the guys at William Hill and slap a few quid on EA Sports’ upcoming cracker? Follow the link below to be whisked on over to the official website for the UK’s most popular betting platform