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Blackrock Mountain Explodes into Action on April 3!

Blackrock Mountain              GmP           image april promo 1Are you brave (or insane) enough to face the ancient evils lurking within Blackrock Mountain?

Soon the fabled mountain will open, allowing adventurers the opportunity to journey inside and conquer fiery elementals, fierce dragons, and other hot-tempered foes!

Blackrock Mountain introduces 31 new cards that are too hot to handle, all obtained by emerging victorious in epic battles against some of the mountain’s most iconic villains. Throughout the course of this Adventure, you’ll harness the power of some of Azeroth’s mightiest denizens and unlock powerful new synergies through a whole flight of Dragon-type minion cards. You’ll also get an all-new game board, new music, and a host of legendary encounters—plus, each of Hearthstone’s nine classes will have the opportunity to add two brand-new class cards to their collection.

Delving into Blackrock DepthsThe Towering Heights of Blackrock Spire

The Gooey Center of Molten CoreThe Dragons of Blackwing Lair

The Horrors of the Hidden Laboratory

Blackrock Mountain goes live on Windows®, Mac®, iPad®, and Android™ tablets on April 2 in the Americas region (including Southest Asia and Oceania) and rolls out on April 3 in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and China, beginning with the release of the first wing—Blackrock Depths. Pre-purchase this new Adventure for €21.99 (£17.49) using real money, iTunes® balance, or Google Play™ balance, and you’ll also add the red-hot Molten Core card back to your collection.The pre-purchase period ends when Blackrock Mountain goes live, so don’t miss out!

Sharpen your blades, practice your incantations, and prepare to do battle in Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure, starting April 3!

Red Awakening – Murder to the Max

Red Awakening                 GmP   image 1Domino Effect releases ‘work in progress’ gameplay video showcasing the team-based multiplayer stealth action game influenced by the slasher movie genre

Domino Effect Ltd. has released a new ‘work in progress’ gameplay video for Red Awakening, its team-based multiplayer stealth action game for PC and console.

The ‘Murder to the Max’ video showcases Red Awakening’s focus on horror, stealth and subterfuge, rather than the familiar first-person run-and-gun approach. Red Awakening draws stylistic inspiration from the slasher movies of John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper and Dario Argento, whilst its gameplay is influenced by the likes of the original Thief, Manhunt, TimeSplitters 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins, but with the objective team-based gameplay of Counter-Strike.

Red Awakening blends neon drenched environments, satirical storytelling, first-person dynamic stealth, parkour style movement, drug induced power-ups, ultra-violent gameplay and an unnerving “Carpenter-esque” synth soundtrack. The visceral package is all wrapped up in Domino Effect’s distinctive cell-shaded graphical style.

Rob Peall, Game Director, Domino Effect, said:

“We have found that the slasher genre in video games is an essentially untapped market with the potential to create a unique virtual experience. With Red Awakening players are put at the heart of their very own slasher movie for the first time, and let loose.”

Domino Effect will shortly launch a Kickstarter campaign for Red Awakening to help the indie developer fund the final stages of development. Red Awakening is planned for release on PC late-2015, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty arrives on Xbox One today!

Oddworld New n Tasty                   GmP image logo 4Following on from the critically acclaimed and much loved PlayStation 4 and Steam releases of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – Oddworld Inhabitants Inc are excited to finally announce that the game has landed for Xbox One and is out today.

Available from the Xbox Games Store in many territories including Europe, North and South America for €19.99, £14.99 and $19.99.

This release celebrates the first outing of an Oddworld game on Xbox since Stranger’s Wrath in 2005, New ‘n’ Tasty is a ground-up remake of the much-loved original Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, developed by Just Add Water (Development) Ltd.

“We’re all really proud of what we’ve accomplished with Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – the response from gamers and critics alike has been overwhelmingly positive. Abe is a widely loved character, and now Xbox One owners can experience the game too,” Said Lorne Lanning, President of Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc.

As well as full 1080p resolution visuals, Xbox One gamers will be able to begin their New ‘n’ Tasty journey after downloading just 50% of the game.  Optional ‘old school’ control settings will make fans of the original game feel right at home.

A cinematic platform adventure, New ‘n’ Tasty tells the tale of Abe, a hapless Mudokon who learns that his fellow meat factory co-workers are to be the main ingredients in the company’s next line of tasty treats.

Abe must escape RuptureFarms and beyond, liberating as many of his fellow workers as he can. Along the way, he’ll learn the secrets of his civilization and journey across perilous lands filled with dangerous creatures and lethal traps before returning to the sinister meat factory to put right the injustices faced by his long suffering species.

Store link

BANDAI NAMCO Games contributing to the PlayStation Network Easter Sales

Demons Souls                   GmP         image 21The Easter Bunny is scattering  some genuine treats around  this year with Namco Bandai giving the lovely lapin a helping hand as no less that a whopping 25 classic Namco games being discounted on the PlayStation Store.

With all that Easter goodness just awaiting your arrival all we ask is ‘what are you waiting for?’

With a library of smash hits, a whole host of BANDAI NAMCO Games titles will feature in the PlayStation®Network Easter Sales with no less than 25 discounted Games! Among them are:

  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  • ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors series
  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
  • Demon’s Souls

To discover the full array of our titles on sale, please go to PS3, PS Vita, PSN Blog and enjoy yourself! With up to 80% discount on some titles, this year’s Easter with BANDAI NAMCO Games will be as sweet as ever!

Please find below the links:

New Heroes of the Storm Patch!

Heroes of the Storm                      GmP                      image        logo 5A huge update arrives for Heroes of the Storm today as Blizzard once again produce some of the wizardry to introduce new features to their runaway smash hit title.

A number of new features have now been added to Heroes of the Storm with today’s patch:


New Battleground:

· Tomb of the Spider Queen, a brand new 3-lane Battleground

o Spider Minions and enemy Heroes will drop magical Gems of Power upon death

§ Collect these Gems and turn them in to the Spider Queen’s Altars, which can be found in-between lanes at the center of the Battleground

o Once either team has relinquished enough Gems to the Spider Queen, her Webweavers will descend and travel down each lane to siege the opposing team on three fronts

· Sylvanas Windrunner, a new unique specialist:

o Basic Abilities

§ Withering Fire (Q)

· Shoot the closest enemy for 25 damage, preferring Heroes; stores 5 charges

· Deals 10 damage, and an additional 40 damage over 2 seconds, to target unit; this effect spreads to nearby units

§ Haunting Wave (E)

· Send forth a wave of banshees, dealing 30 damage to all targets; reactivate to teleport to the banshees’ location

o Trait

§ Black Arrows

· Basic Attacks and Abilities stun Minions, Mercenaries, and Towers

o Heroic Abilities

§ Wailing Arrow (R)

· Shoot an arrow that explodes for 200 damage and silences enemies for 2.5 seconds; can be reactivated to detonate the arrow early

§ Possession (R)

· Force an enemy Minion to fight for you; it gains 20% Attack Damage and Health

· Team League, the second mode of Ranked play in Heroes of the Storm

o With Team League, players can create named teams with dedicated rosters in order to participate in ranked, competitive Heroes of the Storm matches as a group against other teams of similar skill

o In order to participate in Team League, players must meet the following requirements:

§ Reach Level 40

§ Own 10 or more Heroes (weekly free rotation Heroes do not count toward this requirement)

§ Create or join a team that has at least five members logged in and ready to play in Team League


· New Progression System:

o Hero Progression

§ The maximum Hero Level has been increased from 10 to 20

§ New rewards have been added:

· 1,250 Gold at Hero Level 15

· 2,500 Gold at Hero Level 20

o Player Progression

§ New rewards have been added:

· 7 Day Stimpack at Player Level 10

· 2,000 Gold at Player Levels 20, 25, 30, 35, 40

· Team League unlocked at Player Level 40

· Players who had already reached or surpassed the level requirement for these rewards prior to today’s patch will also receive them

For more information, please read the complete patch notes on the Heroes of the Storm website.

Come On Down to South Park Pinball for 50 Percent Off

South Park Pinball                    GmP   image logo 3Zen Studios has announced a super-sweet deal on their kick-ass pinball table two-pack, South Park Pinball!

For a limited time, the two table pack, which includes both South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball and South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game, will be 50% off on various platforms. See below for full details and dates:

  • PS4, PS3, Vita: SCEA, March 24 – 31
  • Xbox One: Worldwide, March 25 – April 1
  • Steam: Worldwide, March 25 – April 1
  • iOS (Standalone, DLC): Worldwide, March 25 – April 1
  • Android (Standalone, DLC): Worldwide, March 25 – April 1
  • Amazon: March 26 – April 2
  • Wii U: Worldwide, March 26 – April 2

South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball brings players to the quiet mountain town of South Park along with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. Meet up with other characters from the series, including Wendy, Jimmy, Timmy, Mr. Hankey, and even the elusive ManBearPig. Experience events from the show like Cartman’s probe, Sarcastaball, and Christmas in Canada.

In South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game, you’ll team up with Butters Stotch as he lives out his own pinball adventures. Join Butters and take on the Coon & Friends as Professor Chaos, steal the Fortune Telling Device from the girls’ sleepover, and save Imaginationland.

For more information on South Park Pinball, please visit

Korea invades Europe. Hounds The Last Hope is here

Hounds The Last Hope              GmP                  image 1

Korea’s biggest PC / Mobile game developer and digital entertainment company Netmarble Games expands business and reveals its first global PC game Hounds: The Last Hope!

After having its successful release in both Korean and Japanese market, Hounds: The Last Hope will be ready to be published into Global at Spring 2015.

Hounds: The Last Hope is a Free to Play Squad Based MMO Role-Playing Shooter game which contains unique features in a multi-language client (English, German, Turkish) as well as player support and content in 5 different languages.

Official Webpage:
Official Facebook Page:

The only way to win is NOT to play

People Power 1                       gmPHow many times will you allow someone to kick you before you walk away?

In a statement that beggars belief, and conjures up images of an irate Jack Nicholson frothy mouthing a bemused Tom Cruise in military courtroom drama A Few Good Men, gamers this week have been blessed with a couple of pearls of wisdom from industry professionals and journalists who inform them, that when it comes down to reviewing, that they should expect a lack lustre offering that does little more than add the to the pomp and spin of the titles PR department.

In the words of the Ace Ventura…” Really? “

Treating gamers to a whole list of lovelies, such as the now laughable ‘Gamers Are Dead’ article, and such recent nuggets as ‘Games Should Not Be Fun’ and the simply baffling ‘Is Game Dead’ piece on Gamasutra, was always going top be click-bait but how many times can these people get away with insulting their very audience before readers wake up and smell the coffee, and then move onto a new site altogether?

Personally I don’t see why gamers ever go back to these sites.  Its like not being into S&M and then throwing your cash at a Dominatrix to come and whip the living shit out of your arse for twenty minutes every afternoon.

What’s the point, and why would you do it?

Sincerely, all this nonsense and throwing of dollies out of prams because some random journo or contributor says some typical flame bait statement on a known anti-gamer website is ridiculous.

Just ignore it!

I guarantee you that when their viewing and subscription figures start to be affected, and the advertisers start pulling their commissions that all of this ‘anti-gamer’ hate will stop.

You want to know how to beat them at their own game?

                                DON’T PLAY!


For me I find it astounding that in a pretty much educated community that these basic tactics are being constantly fallen for by gamers blindly walking into plain sight traps laid for them by the very people who openly condemn them and confirm that they cannot stand them.

Why bother?

Take your ‘people power’ and move it along to a website that is worthy of your attention, not to mention that all important advertising revenue, or perhaps even begin your own?

What? You think that because you never went to university and studied for an English degree that your points or opinions are in any way less valid than the vast majority of absolute ranting clowns that get you all hot under the collar every day?

You have the power to end this nonsense once and for all: “ You “

The choice is yours, but whether you will or not remains to be seen as it seems that gamers are like some kind of suicidal moth drawn to the flame when it comes to idiots on the internet.

Do yourself a favour, ‘ignore these people’. Move on and watch from a safe distance as the ivory towers crumble and the sheepish apologies begin.

Master of Magic successor revealed

Worlds of Magic                     gmP        image logo 1All Master of Magic fans, that for years have been waiting for its true spiritual successor, can now finally enjoy the title that delivers the well-known and loved vibe of the original and combines its classic elements, like randomly generated world maps and powerful heroes, with new game mechanics.

Such as the D20 OGL rule set and expanded features like seven planes of existence. But it’s not the only thing unique about the title. In times where most Kickstarter projects fail and game industry media discuss the future of the platform, Wastelands Interactive developers managed not only to fund the title successfully but also kept their promise given to gamers and delivered Worlds of Magic.

The game that seeks to hold true to the essence of what made Master of Magic a true classic.

Worlds of Magic is also the first such a complex game, released on Unity 5 – the engine that was announced on GDC earlier this year. The game for PC, Mac and Linux is now available on Steam for 36,99 EUR:

as well as in Wastelands Interactive store:

Worlds of Magic is available in 6 languages including Polish, English, German, Spanish, Russian and Greek.

The road to success was not easy. It took the team eleven months to bring the game from the second, successful Kickstarter to Steam Early Access and another half a year until today, when gamers and Wastelands Interactive can finally celebrate the game’s launch. Back in 2012, when the first idea for the game was born, there were only 3 people in the team. Now there are 17, who spent over 50,000 man-hours working on the game, wrote over 200,000 lines of code and… ate about 200 kg of pizza. Being a game developer can be challenging!

Wastelands Interactive is extremely proud to announce that after months of hard work their 4X turn-based strategy game – Worlds of Magic is now finally released! The game launches today on PC, Mac and Linux with PS4 release to follow later this year.

Atari Enters Fitness Market with Launch of the Atari Fit

Atari FIT                  GmP     image    logo 1Gamifies more than 100 Exercises and Motivates Players to Unlock Atari Games, Earn Walgreens Balance® Rewards Points, and Integrates with other Fitness Apps like FitBit and RunKeeper

Atari®, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, today announced the launch of Atari Fit for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.  Available on the App Store and Google Play, Atari Fit is a rich fitness app that incentivizes users to get fit, stronger and healthier while earning points to unlock fan-favorite Atari games including Pong®, Super Breakout®, and Centipede®.

According to research from NPD Group, more than 25 percent of US consumers use smartphone fitness apps. Furthermore, some of the most avid fitness app consumers (62 percent) include middle-aged women, who use their fitness apps 3x more than the average customer – an audience of significant overlap with casual gaming. Unlike other exercise apps, Atari Fit motivates consumers to reach their health goals with a gamified mobile experience that combines the best of the gaming and fitness industry.

Atari Fit was developed in collaboration with fitness expert Michael Porter, a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist. Featuring over 100 exercise, 30+ workout pland and customizable programs including full-body circuit workouts, running programs, and conditioning routines, Atari Fit is designed to challenge users at every level – from those just beginning their fitness journeys to the most active exercise enthusiasts.

Atari Fit provides a great balance of fitness and fun,” said Porter. “The certified programs are safe, effective, and give users access to really comprehensive fitness routines, while additional features like the tracking capabilities, daily tips, Atari games, and multiple social components encourage users to engage with fitness in their every-day life.”

Atari Fit is compatible with the industry’s most popular wearable health and fitness devices, including Fitbit, Jawbone, and Android Wear devices. It can also aggregate data from other world-renowned fitness apps such as RunKeeper, Apple Health, and Google Fit – allowing users to aggregate all of their fitness activity in one location while tapping into the robust set of tracking capabilities to capture the user’s distance, speed, pace, time and calories burned within the comprehensive log-book.

Atari is working with Walgreens to bring real-world rewards through the Walgreens Balance® Rewards for healthy choices program. By engaging with Atari Fit, gamers and non-gamers alike can earn Balance Rewards loyalty program points, which are redeemable at Walgreens locations nation-wide or at

Featuring multiple social components, Atari Fit users can exercise individually or in collaboration with friends in multiplayer mode. Players can join a team, workout or race against each other, and track activity statistics for group encouragement. At the end of workouts, users can post updates on Twitter and Facebook to share achievements and personal fitness bests with friends. The unlockable Atari games also grants users access to worldwide leaderboards where they can rank their Pong, Super Breakout, and Centipede skills against other players.

“With Atari Fit, players from around the globe can exercise, play and get healthy together by providing a gamified fitness experience unlike any other app currently available,” said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, Atari, Inc. “By uniting the universal need to exercise and live healthfully with the entertaining experience unique to Atari games, we’ve created an app that proves fitness can be fun.”

Development partners for Atari Fit include 8BitFit, a company focused on the gamification of fitness, andGametheory, an award-winning production studio.

For the latest Atari Fit news and updates, visit, follow @AtariFit on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

The Atari Fit app is free-to-download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Google Play.