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5 Star Wrestling Out Now on PSN Store

5 Star Wrestling                   GmP image 1From indie developer Serious Parody, 5 Star Wrestling shakes up a stale genre and is created by deeply passionate wrestling game fans, with a primary focus to create intense drama in the ring through use of innovative gameplay mechanics mixed with a selection of cherry-picked features from classic wrestling games.

Dan Hinkles, Founder and CEO, Serious Parody, said:

“In my completely biased opinion 5 Star Wrestling has the best control scheme ever made in a wrestling game, and a real game-changing damage system. We also have a kick ass plan for DLC content that I know people will love, which we will reveal more about in the coming months.”

Brimming with content, 5 Star Wrestling features a 40-Hour Challenge campaign with 128 challenges, over 400 objectives, and more moves-per-wrestler than any other game, including never before seen Finisher-To-Finisher reversals.

Introducing: Raganbrok ‘The Conqueror’, ‘Raging’ Andy Organ, HarVee Dee and more, 5 Star Wrestling is all about the characters; each coming with their own original theme music, massive move set and spectacular finishing manoeuvres that look and feel different depending on the characters physical condition and position when executing the move. 5 Star Wrestling also features fully customisable, goal-oriented AI, with each character having 5 different personalities to choose from, each significantly changing the way matches play out.

5 Star Wrestling is available now as a digital download via PSN Store for PlayStation 3, priced $24.99 NA, €24.99 Euro and £19.99 UK.

Yoshida Doesn’t Understand People Who Don’t Like Indie Games

Hipster YoshidaAccording to Sony supremo Shuhei Yoshida gamers who don’t like indie’s are an enigma.

If you have been following the fortunes of Sony Computer Entertainment in recent years then it should come as no surprise to you that the main staple of PlayStyation 4’s diet is to be an incredible 80% of indie titles.

Now, if we are to believe anything that Shuhei Yoshida says regarding the subject matter of indie games, and let’s face it for the past three years has any Sony press conference gone three minutes without mentioning them?, then consumers should be sporting smiles a mile wide right at the moment thanks to the massive influx of indie titles currently flooding the PlayStation Network.

Don’t misunderstand us here, Microsoft are also promoting the said same list of indie games, the main differences are that they are not doing so whilst claiming them to be exclusive, as Sony continually allude to in their spin doctoring press releases, and specifically Microsoft are not using indie game to lead the way as the Xbox One’s flagship events in the latest generation.

Yoshida has gone on record already this year to state that Sony gamers should expect to see less and less AAA titles and that they should expect to see more of the kind of budget titles that SCE Chief Whip Adam Boyes splashes all over whichever T-Shirt he is fashioning across his magnificent moobs.

So, with Sony announcing this week that they have shipped, not sold, 9 million units we ask how long will it be for Yoshida and his cronies before the bubble bursts and gamers see through their tissue of lies?

Surely PlayStation gamers won’t just be happy with playing Uncharted and Killzone cash-cows year in and year out, as Sony ply them with wobbly indie titles in the intervening months between the Bovine Brigade launches like some kind of leering bar fly slipping some Rohypnol into an unsuspecting girls Martini?

Or are they?

According to Yoshida Sony PlayStation owners should ‘grateful’ that they are being ‘treated’ to so many rehashed titles and side-scrolling walks down memory lane.  But, if you, like us, cannot see the joy in spending £400 on a next generation console only to see your list of coming titles look like the Top 50 from the App Store then Yoshida says he doesn’t understand you., and what’s more he can’t see why you aren’t happy about the fact that Sony are ripping you off in a desperate bid to recoup their massive 10 billion losses.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s the main man himself on why you guys are dumber than a bag of hammers if all you want to play on your Ps4 are AAA titles:

                   “Almost every week you see an indie game coming out digitally on PS4. Some of them are really, really interesting, beautiful games,” he said. “We’re fortunate that they’re creating games on PS4, and some of them are choosing to launch their console versions on PlayStation first.”

                  “I do realise that some people are only interested in big-budget AAA games. I don’t really understand those people. I don’t know if they’ve tried some of the indie games and decided they’re not interested. Maybe they haven’t even tried,” Yoshida continued. “That’s a key question. With Resogun, which we offered for free for a long time on PS Plus, not every PS Plus member downloaded it, and that’s a great, great game.”

Quite what happened to Sony being the main innovator in videogames is anyone’s guess, although in a whole different article I bet we could have a crack at it, but if this is what Sony are expecting to placate the reputed 9 million Ps4 owners for the next ten years then I think they are in for a rude awakening.

Yes’, games are expensive to develop, and ‘yes’ resources and time cost much moolah, but don’t force feed gamers your tired excuses week in and week out because of your own failures as a company to turn a profit. And don’t make us pay for it through the nose with shoddy services, even shoddier business practices and the shoddiest of  titles.


child-of-light-Today, Ubisoft announced that Child of Light™, the turn-based RPG set in the magical world of Lemuria, is now available to purchase digitally on PlayStation® Vita in standard edition for £11.99. A Complete Edition containing all downloadable content is also available in retail and digitally starting today.

Child of Light is a re-imagining of classic fairytales set against a picturesque background inspired by the watercolor artworks of The Golden Age of Illustration. As a playable poem, Child of Light takes players on an extraordinary journey through the mystical world of Lemuria by putting them in the shoes of Aurora, a young princess who must win back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen of the Night. A return to the classic JRPG, Child of Light blends together platforming and turn-based combat along while providing a rich storyline, robust soundtrack and beautifully-rendered hand drawn art style.

Child of Light was created by a small team of developers in Montreal using Ubisoft’s UbiArt Framework, a powerful engine that lets programmers and artists bring their art to life by allowing original concept art to be inserted directly into the game world. In Child of Light, the effect is that playing becomes akin to stepping into an interactive painting.

Child of Light is also available to download on Xbox LIVE for the Xbox® 360 and Xbox® One, the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation® 3, PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation Vita and the eShop from Nintendo for the Wii U, and PC Digital.

For more information on Child of Light, please visit:

For the latest news on Ubisoft collectible merchandise, please visit and like the page


FINAL FANTASY TYPE OThe World of Orience Destined for Next Generation Consoles and Mobile Devices

Square Enix Ltd today announces the forthcoming release of two highly anticipated SQUARE ENIX® titles: FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ and FINAL FANTASY AGITO™.

Originally released in Japan in 2011 for the PlayStation®Portable handheld entertainment system, FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 will be coming to the West as an HD remaster for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. In addition, FINAL FANTASY AGITO, already available in Japan, is confirmed for a Western release on iOS and Android devices.

“The voice of our Western fans was instrumental in the development of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0, and we’re very excited to release this title soon,” said Hajime Tabata, director of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0. “The new PlayStation®4 system and Xbox One platforms have really helped to re-envision this dynamic and turbulent world of Orience.”

The war-torn land of Orience is also the setting for FINAL FANTASY AGITO, where players on iOS and Android mobile devices take on the role of acadet in the Dominion of Rubrum as they aim to become Agito, a prophesized saviour of Orience.

Some key features for FINAL FANTASY AGITO include:

  • Character Customisation: Create a unique character in the world of FINAL FANTASY AGITO. Players have access to a variety of character customisation options, including gender, facial features, hairstyles and more.
  • Player Choice: Interact with other cadets at Akademeia, including major characters from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0. The decisions you make here will affect the course of history in the game, which in turn will affect the worldwide player community.


  • Missions: Head out on missions to raise your level, and find and craft your ultimate weapon. Confront powerful enemies in large-scale, cooperative battles involving the entire FINAL FANTASY AGITO player population.

FINAL FANTASY AGITO will be available for free download with in-app purchases on iOS and Android Devices.


Insert Coin                  GmP Gaming   image logo 1Tis the season for giving and to celebrate the launch of their fantastic new Killzone range, Insert Coin are giving one lucky buyer the chance to win a PS4!


The new official Insert Coin Killzone range is locked and loaded and ready to preorder now – preorder before 9pm GMT on Sunday 22nd December 2013, and automatically be entered into a competition to win a PlayStation 4 and copy of Killzone Shadow Fall, kindly donated by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).
So what are you waiting for? Simply buy any available Insert Coin Killzone designs and one lucky preorder will be chosen at random to win this amazing prize!  The prize will be shipped out as soon as possible before Christmas, and you might even get it before the end of the holiday season!


Check out the official Insert Coin Killzone range here
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It’s time to get in the ‘Zone… GOOD LUCK!

Sony claims there was NO hack!?

PS4 parodyRather than pussy foot around the subject like a good many other publications, who shall remain nameless  ( ahem * Games Industry International   coff coff! ) , GmP today takes the proactive stance in our condemning of Sony for once again resetting users passwords and contacting them by email in a scene eerily reminiscent of their previous hacking storm just mere months ago.

This fiasco has affected countless gamers worldwide, once again, and even though Sony has released yet another token gesture apology in a statement yesterday it would still seem that this corporate giant has lost its way when it comes to protecting the identities and personal details of its install base.

Many may argue that Microsoft was also hit in the FIFA 14 scam, and that it is really the fault of EA for allowing the intrusion on their intellectual property in the first place. Many more, however, will just sit back and soak up the sting and merely chalk it up to experience for no other reason other than ‘its Sony’. This blind faith in a console manufacturer is now getting into cult status for those multitudes of fanboys who believe that Sony can do no wrong in their eyes.

This is the second time in  as many years that Sony has been compromised, and some may say that this second attack should never have been allowed to happen because of the additional security set in place by Sony following the absolute shambles that was the original hack event that took place in 2011 when hacktivist’s Anonymous struck at the very heart of the PlayStation Network and managed to gain access to a reported 5,.6m user accounts and credit card details.

That action alone reportedly cost Sony a staggering $170m, although the only difference this time around is that Sony is claiming that the breach is little more than added security measures being implemented to bolster their online network against ‘constant malicious online activity’.

WTF certified             GmP GamingTake a look at the quote from Sony themselves:

The password resets are not related to an attack on, nor a vulnerability in, our data servers; it is an example of an increasingly common threat of malicious online activity.”

This claim, in itself, is wholly false with GmP having video footage of gamers who have had purchases made on their credit cards and have seen unauthorised increases in their Sony wallet accounts after they have logged out of the system.  In one video the person even states that they have contacted Sony customer support and that Sony claim they will refund the money stolen within three to five working days.

If this is the case, and we have no reason to disbelieve any of the individuals who have sent us the footage of their Sony based woes, then this is just more blatant arrogance from the Japanese giant in the face of increasing criticism of their next-gen hardware and online practices.  Where is the apology?  Where is the sympathy for those members of your own install base that have been affected, yet again, by the lack lustre services Sony have in place for the PlayStation 4?

Truth be told? If you are waiting for any one of those then you will be waiting a long time. Sony have come out with a total mask of indifference this generation, and it looks to be set firmly in place and shows no signs of slipping in the face of many stiff questions regarding faulty hardware, failure rates and now the added headache of internet fraud and identity theft rearing its ugly head on PSN, yet again.

But, judging from the reaction from Sony, its nothing more than a case of ‘mistaken identity’ as opposed to ‘stolen identity’.   What do you think?  Let us know on our Twitter feed here



South Park – Xbox One vs PS4 Clip









On this week’s South Park, Xbox One vs PS4 is at the centre of Stan and Kyle’s quarrel, as the fight to be the first in the mall on Black Friday begins…

‘They Are Calling It… Black Friday…’



Anticipation for the biggest shopping day of the year is building. The dark days of winter are coming and that can only mean one thing: the fight to be the first in the mall on Black Friday has begun. The boys prepare to battle the crowds the day after Thanksgiving to get the best deal on the new gaming systems.


South Park on Comedy Central Wednesday 20 November at 10pm

Sony Nears Breakeven Point on PlayStation 4 Hardware Costs

IHS   logo                       GmP GamingSony Nears Breakeven Point on PlayStation 4 Hardware Costs

For the past seven years, Sony Corp. has offered various revisions of the PlayStation 3 console, many of which were sold at a loss.

However, with the new PlayStation 4, Sony has produced a design whose component and manufacturing costs are starting out lower than its price tag—paving the way for the company to quickly attain profitability on hardware sales, according to preliminary results from the Teardown Analysis Service at IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS). Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 delivers major upgrades where it counts, with a processor and memory subsystem that pushes the envelope in terms of performance and product design.

The bill of materials (BOM) for the PlayStation 4 amounts to $372. When the manufacturing expense is added in, the cost increases to $381. This comes in $18 lower than the $399 retail price of the console.

When other expenses are tallied, Sony initially will still take a loss on each console sold. But the relatively low BOM of the PlayStation 4 will allow the company to break even or attain profitability in the future as the hardware costs undergo normal declines.

Playstation 3              GmP Gaming     image 1                 “When Sony rolled out the original model of the PlayStation 3 in 2006, our teardown analysis revealed that the console delivered supercomputer-class performance at a price equivalent to a notebook PC,” said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director, cost benchmarking services for IHS. “However, this achievement came with a major downside for Sony, as the BOM costs for most of the different versions of the console were in excess of the retail prices, in some cases by more than $100. Although Sony brought the PlayStation 3’s costs down significantly during its lifetime, the company’s intent was never to make money on the hardware, but rather to profit through sales of games and content.”

This time, Sony is on a greatly shortened path to the hardware break-even point, or even profitability, with its cost-conscious PlayStation 4 design. The company is pulling off this feat, despite offering a brand-new design that once again includes avant-garde components that yield superfast performance. The PlayStation 4 keeps a lid on costs by focusing all the additional expense on the processor and memory—and reducing outlays for the optical drive, the hard disk drive (HDD) and other subsystems,” Rassweiler noted.

The PlayStation 4 is more economical for Sony than even the revision of the PlayStation 3 torn down by IHS, which was shipped in 2009, a model dubbed the CECH-2001A. That version of the PlayStation 3 carried a $336 BOM and manufacturing cost compared to a $299 sales price.

Table 1 presents the preliminary BOM and manufacturing cost estimate of the PlayStation 4. Note that the teardown assessment is preliminary in nature, accounts only for hardware and manufacturing costs, and does not include other expenses such as software, licensing, royalties or other expenditures.

Exploded View (Console)Big money/big chip

The costliest subsystems in the PlayStation 4 are the core processor and the associated graphic dynamic random access memory (DRAM), which together entail $188—representing slightly more than 50 percent of the BOM of the entire console. This compares to only 29 percent for the fourth-generation PlayStation 3.

For the PlayStation 4, Sony clearly has integrated two functions—the core central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU)–that were previously two discrete ICs.

“Sony clearly has made the decision to focus on balancing the brains and economics of the console, with the processor and memory dominating both the design and the BOM,” said Jordan Selburn, senior principal analyst for consumer platforms at IHS. “This processor is a monster, with the surface area of the chip amounting to about 350 square millimeters. That is three times larger than any other chip manufactured using equivalent-process technology that has been examined by the IHS Teardown Analysis service. Despite the remarkable silicon acreage of this device, it comes at a price point attractive to mainstream consumers while delivering a very high level of performance. Future versions, manufactured with even more advanced semiconductor processing technology, will further enhance both cost and performance.”

The processor exhibits a high degree of integration, using advanced 28-nanometer semiconductor manufacturing, and combining both the CPU and GPU into a single device. The Advanced Micro Devices Inc. processor includes an eight-core Jaguar CPU and a Radeon GPU. This processor costs $100.00, IHS estimates, compared to an $83.55 combined total for the two prior, equivalent integrated circuits from IBM and Nvidia that were used in the PlayStation 3 that IHS analyzed in 2009.

Precious memory

Rev2IMG_0414The cost increase for the DRAM is even more remarkable, at an estimated $88.00, up from just $9.80 for the fourth-generation PlayStation 3, i.e. the CECH-2001A. Note that the $9.80 total does not include the DRAM that was mounted directly to the Nvidia processor in the PlayStation 3 that IHS analyzed in 2009. This cost increase is due to the PlayStation 4’s adoption of advanced Graphics DRAM (GDRAM) GDDR5.

“GDRAM DDR5 memory has much higher bandwidth than the DDR3 used in the Xbox One. It also works better with parallel computing and is designed specifically to enhance graphics performance,” said Mike Howard, senior principal analyst, DRAM & memory, for IHS. “Because of its cutting-edge status, GDRAM GDDR5 is more expensive than DDR3, which is used in high volume in products including PCs and older game consoles.”

Cost cuts
Offsetting the increased costs for the processor and memory are unchanged or lower expenses for other subsystems.

The biggest area of cost reduction is in the optical drive, at only $28, compared to $66 for the CECH-2001A PlayStation 3. With the optical drive mechanism remaining largely unchanged since 2009, Sony was able to capitalize on the dramatic price erosion in this product during the past four years.

Sony trimmed another $10 from the BOM by using a more integrated design overall for the PlayStation 4. The design allowed Sony to reduce the number of small-sized integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors and passive components. The total cost of these devices amounted to $40.00 in the PlayStation 4, down from $50.23 in the CECH-2001A PlayStation 3.

Another $5 reduction was achieved in the mechanical portion of the design, including enclosures—like plastics and metals–and in the electro-mechanical content, such as printed circuit boards, connectors and wire harnesses.

More bang for the buck

The hard disk drive in the PlayStation 4 is $1 cheaper than the one in the CECH-2001A PlayStation 3, despite a major jump in capacity to 500 gigabytes (GB), up from 120 GB. This cost reduction reflected the major decline in HDD costs during the past four years.

Table 2 presents a summary of major components and their suppliers for the PlayStation 4.


IHS is a global information company with world-class experts in the pivotal areas shaping today’s business landscape: energy, economics, geopolitical risk, sustainability and supply chain management. We employ more than 8,000 people in more than 31 countries around the world.

Faulty Ps4? Don’t Panic! Sony Expected It Fail!

Playstation 4              GmP Gaming   image 2Following an absolute swathe of reports coming in across all formats of available media outlets, right across the board from the tabloids and broadsheets to the more ‘iGeneration-friendly’ forums for debate such as Twitter, Youtube, Google + and Facebook, there have been numerous outraged consumers all venting their frustrations at the fact that their spanking new Playstation 4’s all have one thing in common: ‘that they have failed on them’.

In a move to placate the now furrow-browed gaming public, in reference to the questions being raised by such reported system fails as ‘overheating’, ‘enforced shutdown’, ‘nondescript hardware failure’ and that old-chestnut ‘operating system malfunction’, Sony have issued a statement claiming that the amount of units affected by these malady’s is but a mere trifle, a drop in the shipped units ocean of only 0.4 percent. Well, that’s good news then, isn’t it?  I mean, let’s be honest here,  I am sure that if myself and my family were one of the unfortunates who just happened to have purchased a £400 door stop that is about as much use as Killzone: Shadowfall to the multiplayer community, then I at least would be sporting a huge warm smile of affection in support of the rest of my fellow Sony gamers who were lucky enough to have beaten the trap in the Great Sony Hardware Lottery of Generation 8.

Or perhaps not, as the case may be.

The absolute nerve of whichever random Sony delegate it was who decided to pen that snivelling, self-congratulatory pat on the back, that somehow the rest of the world’s gaming press seemed to accept as some kind of an apology, is almost as astounding as the total lack of respect shown by this global corporate behemoth for the ‘little guys’ who make up that pitiful percentile.

Consider also that these are only the ‘reported’ o.4%, and there is actually no way of ‘guess-timating’ the true number of faulty machines without Sony themselves following up on every single unit sold and surveying the customers experience. But then you would also have to trust the data put forward by the very same company that thinks shitting on 0.4% of their install base is an acceptable option.

Whatever you personally feel on this matter, if you rightly feel outraged by such a blasé approach by Sony toward the unfortunate few who’s ‘next generation’ systems have not even lasted until the ‘next day’ after purchase, or should you be in the blindly devoted Sony camp of flag waving fanboys who think that customers should just suck it up and move on with their lives,  ( I wonder how many of these said same fanboys would think like this if their own unit failed? ), notice should be paid to the off-hand way with which these console making corporates look down their noses at the paying public.

Quite how people would react if the same failure rate was applied to the launch of the next iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy is one thing, after all these products themselves are not without their own particular brand of issues, but perhaps this is a damning insight into the way that customers have now become second class citizens in the eyes of the manufacturing industry, and which also demonstrates that this disposable society we currently inhabit has now moved ever deeper into eating itself as we take giant leaps from one-use razors and nappies and into the realm of the throw away hardware. Whichever you look at it, it would seem that Sony’s press statement and the disposable Pampers have, at least, one thing in common being that they are both full of shit.




The ultimate test of gaming skill and technique out now on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita

A Men 2                      GmP Gaming image   logo 2The hard-as-nails Arcade Platform Shooter set to test gamers across Europe to the limit!

Wanted: hardcore gamers with seriously mad skills to take on the toughest game releasing this autumn.  Independent Polish developer Bloober Team is proud to unleash their Arcade Platform Shooter A-Men 2, out now on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita priced at €9.99.


  • Five playable character classes – Aardvark (Spy), Aurelius (Muscleman), Anaconda (Commando), Antler (Engineer), Atom (Private)
  • Brand new character skills Spy; disarm droids when sneaking from behind. Engineer; able to disarm landmines. Private; can pick up disarmed landmines and place them in different locations. Commando; can use jetpacks to reach new locations. Muscleman; can both intimidate and taunt enemies
  • Three new worlds – Night Missions, Suburbs, Hidden Labs. Each much larger and more complex than the levels in the original game
  • More stages – 44 in total, up from 40 in the original A-Men
  • Bigger & tougher – more challenging than the first game with at least 20 hours needed to complete it


Proudly wearing its hardcore gaming credentials on its sleeve, A-Men 2 sees players take on the role of the elite A-Men, a Special Forces until with a variety of skills and abilities, as they travel across the world on a mission to take down the lethal A-Droids, renegade robots that have escaped from the factories of A-Corp, the world’s biggest producer of robot soldiers, before they cause untold chaos and destruction.


A throwback to the classic arcade era when determination to finish a game was a true badge of honor and when elite gamers were revered, A-Men 2 is this year’s ultimate gaming challenge. Are you in?