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Dying Light Review

Dying Light          GmP  image 2Imagine if Dead Island wasn’t a wonky, glitch-filled mess. Imagine you could free run, go anywhere, do anything, meet weird people, and occasionally judo throw a zombie off a roof. Imagine getting a running start and drop kicking a zombie so hard his body gets stuck in the geometry of the map. You don’t have to imagine it, We’ve lived it. Follow us into battle as we enter the nightmarish world of Dying Light.

Dying Light has an interesting plot, something Dead Island tried and failed to accomplish. In Dying Light, you play as Kyle Crane, a special agent contracting for an emergency response team called the Global Relief Effort, which is tasked with containing the virus and aiding those still inside the fictional and infected city of Harran. Crane’s task, however, is to retrieve a stolen document belonging to the GRE by embedding himself with the various factions of survivors in the quarantined area.

Your main character is sent in on an espionage mission: retrieving data from an opposing force. Things don’t go as planned, as you land in the midst of a group of zombies. You are saved by humans, but not for long as they quickly turn on you. You are saved from THEM by another team, but in the process find yourself infected as well. A suppressant has been created to slow your change, but at the start of the game it seems inevitable that you are to join the undead hordes.

Dying Light            GmP image 3After a bit of parkour training, character development, and exploration, you find yourself on the streets. The game falls into a bit of repetition, at this time, with a good deal of fetch quests or point A to point B activities. The repetition, ironically, is full of variety though, as the day/night cycle will change how you have to approach a situation. The world is notably varied as well. Even though the city is small compared to other open world games these days, it’s notably detailed. From the rooftop of a skyscraper, you can see most of the city, with details like birds flying by, cloth fluttering in the wind, and the occasional shambling mass of a zombie horde.

Controls take a bit of getting used to, with jumping and attack buttons positioned off of the traditional points, and no way to modify them. I feel the shoulder buttons are used excessively, and I would appreciate an option being accessible.

Overall, Dying Light rejuvenates the zombie genre for me, mixing some awesome aspects of some great games together and harkening back to a time when a zombie game felt like a zombie game while also pushing the genre forward. It may get repetitive at times, but if you enjoy a game, that’s what you may be looking for, as it gradually gets harder to hack through the horde. The day/night cycle gives you a chance to play almost two different games, and the twist of both human and zombie enemies keeps it fresh. Multiplayer provides both a cooperative element to take down the horde, or you can “be the zombie” and take on opponents as one of the powerful nighttime enemies. It may be a little rough around the edges, but Dying Light is well worth your time.

Dying Light, then, scores highly with everyone here at GmP for reinvigorating a genre that without the entertainment and innovation that Techland have installed into their game, would be as fetid as the flesh of the walkers you are dispatched to kill.   9 out of 10

number-9-pool-ballTITLE:                       DYING LIGHT
FORMAT:                  XBXOX ONE [reviewed])


SCORE OUT OF 10:           9 OUT OF 10


review by:    Shaun Johnson


Saints Row 4 Gat Out Of Hell              GmPGat Out Of Hell is an expansion to Saints Row 4 and it has you going to hell to save the president. IS this a trip worth taking? Or should you spend your time elsewhere? Check out this honest game review and make your choice!

The story in Gat Out Of hell is a bit far fetched, but hey it’s Saints Row. While at a birthday party for Kinzie the Devil opens up a portal to hell and sucks in the leader of the Saints, who is also the president. Naturally the Saints want to save the president from Hell so Johnny Gat and Kinzie go in to save him. When they get there they find out that the Devil wants to force the Preisdent to marry his daughter. In classic Gat fashion the plan ends up being “put a bullet in the Devil’s head”. You will be able to play as both Gat and Kinzie or Co Op as both.

Still taking on the Devil himself is no easy task so you need to get some Allies. You will get help from Vlad the Impaler, Blackbeard, Shakespeare and the Twins from Saints Row 3. Each of them has a different ability to teach you and a different area for you to help take over. You will get the abilities Stomp, Blast, Aura and Summon. The stomp is basically a shock wave attack that hits most enemies in your area. The Blast is just that, a blast with different elements. Aura will pout a fire and ice aura around you and if upgraded will increase your bullet damage. The Summon will let you summon various monsters to help you in battle but it starts of with imps.

Saints Row 4                  GmP GamingThe best new ability by miles though is the flying. While you are in hell you can fly from area to area instead of running. After a short tutorial you will be gliding all over hell. It takes 5-10 minutes to get used to but once you have the hang of it you will enjoy it. Of course the Devil doesn’t want you flying so eventually he sets up anti air towers to hunt you down after a bit of time. Avoiding them is simple enough and with a good slam you can clear the towers out with no trouble.

One thing I have to knock the game for is the lack of story missions. After you recruit your allies it pretty much just becomes challenges with 1 or 2 story missions to do. All you do is go help a certain character claim their area to progress in the game. Yes causing carnage gets the Devil’s attention but they could of put some more story missions in. Ultimately you will find yourself doing a few of the challenges over and over.

On that note there is plenty of side stuff to do for those of you looking for it. Pretty much anything you do that gives EXP will get the attention of the Devil. The classics return like insurance fraud and survival but there are some new comers as well. Hell Blazing is the one you will be doing the most and it basically flying from check point to check point without running out of time. There is also Salvation which has you flying around catching falling souls. Outside of that you can hit frat boys in portals for points and take over the Devil’s spires which help create his armies.

Overall your stay in Hell will only last about 3-4 hours unless you want to do all of the side content. It’s a short stay but definitely a decent one. I think this game is worth a pick up if you are a Saints Row or Johnny Gat fan.


number-7-pool-ballTITLE:                  Saints Row 4  Re-elected & Gat out of Hell
FORMAT:             Xbox One                                (reviewed)
DEVELOPER:     Volition Inc
PUBLISHER:      Deep Silver

AVAILABLE PLATFORMS:                   Xbox One, PS4, PC. 
SCORE OUT OF 10:                                 7 out of 10

Far Cry 4 review

FAR CRY 4                GmP  image  Xbox One LE packshot 1

Take a trip to picturesque Kyrat. Take in the sights of the stunning mountains, the ambient verdant forests and the lush rolling hills. Oh, and d don’t forget to pay tribute to the local despotic warlord or he’ll hand you’re your liver with a spoon. Welcome to Pagan Min’s Paradise, where every moment is an exhilarating realization of your own fragile mortality.

Far Cry 4 may well be treading familiar ground with its surroundings and format, but in a ’franchise’ we don’t necessarily see this as any kind of a problem.. Because of this we will look on our foray into the realm of the ‘mad as a box of frogs’ Pagan Min, the man with a name like an Asian Death Metal Band, and enjoy every moment we spend in the lunatic’s playground.

From the word go with Far Cry 4 we are brought into this mentalists world with what has to be one of the most amusing and entertaining introductions to a videogame for some considerable length of time, we aren’t going to spoil it for any readers but we will just say ‘selfie’ and leave it at that.

Outstanding visuals that have an OCD feel to the highly detailed landscapes and environments are the order of the day and the first rate gameplay melds beautifully to create a thoroughly top class title.

The storyline is a well-crafted plot of political intrigue and revolutionary subterfuge as we are placed into the shoes of ‘AJ Gale’, ( better known to the locals as AJay Ghale, the son of the inspirational freedom fighters and founder members of the embattled Golden Path.

The Golden Path themselves are a well organized bunch of ‘rebels’ who are struggling to free their beloved Kyrat from beneath the constrictive heel of Pagan Min, the dictator with a penchant for embedding items of cutlery into civilians bodies to demonstrate his point. Founded in part by AJ’s mother and father the history of this separatist movement is a little hazy for our reluctant hero, however, time and tasks will enlighten you to the true back story to this contentious region as the game and its meaty storyline unfold.

Returning to his beloved homeland, following an enforced educational exile in the United States, ‘AJ’ is not met with open arms and adoring hugs and kisses by the locals and childhood friends he left behind, instead it is Pagan Min who swoops down in his private chopper to welcome the returning inspirational figure in his own inimitable way.

From here on in following this introduction to the laugh-out-loud lunacy of Kyrat and its enigmatic leader Far Cry 4 transforms into a brightly coloured open-world extravaganza of the kind that gamers would normally associate, say, with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series as opposed to a shooter. For this reason, and many others along the way, the developers at Ubisoft Montreal are to be highly commended.

Far Cry 4                     GmP  image 1 The gameplay is a blend of first-person shooter action at its finest coupled with snippets taken from a myriad of other genres such as the undoubted leveling up system transported from a more traditional role-playing game, as well as moments of undoubted heart-in-mouth stealth that would be more at home in a title like Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell franchise.

However, that is not to say that they don’t work just as well here in Far Cry 4, far from it, everything that Ubisoft brought in to the gameplay works supremely well, and many developers of similar titles would do well to take a leaf out of the developers at Ubi Montreal’s book in that instead of being a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None’ kind of game, Far Cry 4’s designers have seen fit to put as much effort into all aspects of its features in order that the game pretty much handles like a dream in any situation.

Speaking of elements inside the format brings us neatly, ( ish ), to the core of the Far Cry 4 system, and that is its excellent use of a more traditional RPG styled gameplay which allows the player greater immersion into the realm before them as players are required to partake not only in the games main story to gain that all important XP, but also the seemingly infinite amount of mini-missions, side quests, challenges, collectibles, tasks and objectives that absolutely litter  the entire region of Kryat much like the proverbial horses sh-h-h-h- ‘sugar lumps’.

Players can, of course, forego any and pretty much all of the side quests and just plough headlong into the single player campaign with wanton abandon, but, and it’s a Jennifer Lopez sized ‘butt’, ( you see what we did there? ), acquisition of new items that are certainly beneficial to the players chances of survival in the harsh badlands of Kryat are obtainable either far faster or not at all, without indulging in side activities and tasks.

Keeping in line with Ubisoft’s undoubted ‘the more the merrier’ policy Far Cry 4 comes with a massive amount of vehicles from cars and quad bikes right through to jet ski’s, hovercraft’s and microlights. On top of this comes the excellent array of weaponry available to the player in AJ’s personal armoury, ( all fully upgradable as well as being purchasable in ‘limited edition‘ format ), as well as a staggering number of enemies, animals, missions and side quests.

There is just so much to do in Kyrat that if you are wondering why the review took so long to get out there then let that be an indication of just how big this game is, as those regular readers and GmP subscribers will already know we ‘always‘ fully complete every game before we publish any review.

That being said many weapons and items are only obtainable through the campaign, so it really is best to fully clear and area and its many missions and objectives before attending any one of the appropriate ‘letters’ on the Kryat map which denote a particular NPC’s storyline.

The storyline itself offers up an interesting proposition also by making the player choose the path down which they wish to proceed on the way to liberating the Kyrati people. Will you side with the hotheaded young vixen that is Amita, or the more careful Sabal, the male side of this coalition government?

Along the way there are many weird and wonderful NPC’s for you to meet, such as Longinus the former African Warlord turned murderous Bible-thumper spreading the ‘Good Word’ with every round fired from his AK-47.

Far Cry 4                     GmP  image 2An excellent inclusion to the long list of people AJ will meet and greet has to be the roaming Sherpa’s who act as a travelling ‘base’ where players are able to complete every task they require from the purchasing of items and ammunition right through to actually upgrading equipment and character skills. This is a very handy way for AJ to keep on top of his enemies and his surroundings as Kyrat is vast in its playable area’s and, due to its Himalayan similarity, the region is not only able to explored along the horizontal but also the vertical too.

Kyrat’s lush verdant environment can quickly change from rolling fields and wooded valleys to snow capped mountains and perilous craggy cliffs. This makes for a wide variety of scenario’s, not least in the way players must traverse the region in order to just reach locations and objectives.

One such arduous challenge is the tracking down of clues for the local serial killer, Yulang, who leaves his victims in posed positions of death with a ceremonial mask on, ( or around ), their person. Each of these locations, along with the dazzling array of question marks that act as pointers for hidden  area’s, serve as a good distraction as players open up the map. But it is within each zone that players will soon come to discover that the best option for clearing away the mountain mist that covers the map of Kyrat is to head straight for any one of the radio towers that proclaim non-stop messages of love and warnings of dire retribution should you fail to show Pagan Min any of it, as the hijacking of said tower will free the area and thus open up the map and give a few noted pointers to locations of –particular interest.

The only downside to this is that instead of the Kyrati State harridan who issues orders, edicts and warnings from the radio towers pre-emancipation is soon replaced with the inane dribbling’s of Radio Free Kyrat and its resident DJ, ‘Rocking’ Rabi Ray Rana.

Now, anyone who has ever listened to an amateur, pirate or ‘free’ radio station will tell you that, on the whole, the DJ’s tend to be entertaining and, more often than not, quick-witted and likeable. Rabi Ray Rana, on the other hand, seems to break with tradition on this as he has ‘none’ of this attributes or characteristics going for him. Annoying, inane, monotonous and dead pan the repetitive parrot-like droning’s of this witless wonder are one of the few low-points of the game, and developers should pay attention to the gamers on issues such as this when we say if you are going to give regular voices to NPC’s them give them more than four dialogue scenes. Why not give them new lines of speech with patches and updates to keep their ramblings fresh and relevant? Instead of the same constant whining on and on of predictable meanderings?

Progression throughout the storyline does change Rabi Ray Rana’s dialogue from time to time, but on the whole he sticks to a tired formula of daydreaming about being a fecal-fetish killer or warbling’s of his politically correct, enlightened lifestyle Uninspiring stuff to say the least.

Apart from this truly minor hiccup the rest of the game plays out with excellent opportunities to approach the story from a twin standpoint, even the option of attacking outposts comes with dual possibilities of all-out frontal assaults or stealth induced sneak-fests, for double delights and definite replay value.

Far Cry 4                     GmP  image 3Of course, this being Ubisoft, there are few sections of the gameplay that do have the Liberals reaching for placards and screaming at anyone who will give their nonsensical rants air time over such contentious issues as the hunting of ‘artificial reality’ endangered species. Yes, you read that right, the PETA Pleb’s are whining that so many non-living digitally rendered animals did not have to really die in order to bring gamers this wonderful entertainment.  You couldn’t make it up, really you couldn’t.

But, Ubisoft being Ubisoft and so wonderfully and typically French their answer is a simple as the brainless minds who created this total non-issue in the first place, and that is?

“ if you don’t like it, then don’t damn well play it and don’t buy it! “

You have to admire the French for the no-nonsense attitude towards the more ‘intellectually challenged’ types of the politically correct world.

Multiplayer comes in the form of an online challenge arena that not only provides hours of entertaining fun, but also elite weapons that are only obtainable through this method, but the true jewel in the Far Cry 4 crown has to be the simply stellar Co-oP Mode.

If you thought traipsing across a sandbox world, hunting, sneak killing and tracking down serial killers and murderous dictators was an inviting prospect in the solo campaign then just wait until you dip a tentative toe into the perfect pool that is the co-operative challenge.

This is where Far Cry 4 truly shines, and it does so with such a brilliant light that it completely blocks out all of the sun from every other title in 2014 that prides itself on its Co-oP. Quite how this game never won Game of the Year is, frankly, a little puzzling, especially considering the title that did win the honour did so with an AI controlled four-player Co-oP that doesn’t come anywhere near Far Cry 4 for enjoyment, capability and performance. A true miscarriage of justice if ever there was one.

number-9-pool-ballStory, single player, multiplayer, Co-oP and more challenges, missions, side quests, collectibles and tasks than even an Assassin’;s Creed title, Far Cry 4 is, for GmP at any rate, one of the most entertaining titles of 2014 and although we may not be the Golden Joysticks, ( yet ), we can see it receiving at least one GoTY award by the time our own ceremony is announced on December, 31st.  A Tour De Force of a title and one that should grace every gamers library.        9 out of 10


TITLE:                                                    FAR CRY 4 
FORMAT:                                              XBOX ONE                [reviewed])
DEVELOPER:                                      UBISOFT MONTREAL
PUBLISHER:                                       UBISOFT


SCORE OUT OF 10:                          9 OUT OF 10

Never Alone review

never alone                      GmP

In an inspirational tale of one small girl’s battle against the elements we rediscover the passion and beauty we thought had so long been forgotten and forlorn in videogame development.  Upper Games’ beautifully crafted story of a child and her pet fox touches the mind, the heart and the soul as we review the remarkable Never Alone.

For those gamers out there who look to something a little more meaningful in their favoured pastime other than merely pointing and shooting or blasting a ball past a goalkeeper there is, once in a blue moon, a hidden gem lurking amongst the shovelware that, unfortunately, litters the list of indie developed titles: Journey, from that game company being the most memorable exception from the recent batch. However, it is Never Alone from thoughtful developers Upper Games that has to be the latest.

Upper Games story centres on the native Iñupiaq tribe from Northern Alaska. The remote area of the Canadian – Alaskan border between The Baring Sea and Norton Sound is the home to this wonderful people, whose thoughtful approach to life has been brought to the attention of the world by the re-telling of one of their classic oral tales.

These hunter-gatherers have a long tradition of passing on the wisdom and cultural heritage of their tribe through the power of the spoken word, and it is through the telling of these stories that they translate morals and education as well as passing on the skills that they will need to survive the harsh environment where they live, as well as, of course, entertainment to the younger members of the tribe.

Taking on this time-honoured Iñupiaq style of passing knowledge down through the generations by the power of their stories Upper Games have worked long and hard with the Iñupiaq people to bring one of their tales to the whole world. This is done by utilising the skills of the developers at Upper Games as they take advantage of the latest technology in order that they may not only entertain, but also that they may educate all people’s of the world, and their children too,  to the plight of their current situation due to global warming and environmental disasters.

Gamers may well be mistaken for thinking that this is about to turn into some drab point and click caper of the kind that are casually thrown together by education committee’s to highlight a particular flavour of the month issue, they could not be further from the truth.

Never Alone          GmP      image 3The game itself takes place around one of the Iñupiaq tales of a little girl who, with her pet and best friend the Arctic Fox, venture into the cold night to brave the never-ending blizzard as she seeks to find the answers as to what causes this chilled killer and why her people must endure this terrible fate.

At heart Never Alone is a competent side-scrolling platformer that produces some interesting moments thanks to excellent controls coupled with thoughtful and intelligent puzzle design.

The gameplay is reminiscent of titles such as Limbo, as well as the Co-Op sections and escort styled missions of Journey, but it also brings its own identity and originality thanks to the way the game informs and educates along the way in the form of the unlockable video segments.

You play as a small girl braving the harsh Arctic conditions, so be prepared for some heart-in-mouth moments as you scrabble frantically at the frozen earth for some purchase whilst a chill wind blows hard across the screen trying to drop you unceremoniously in the icy waters around a floating piece of ice, or down a vast crevasse which will eventually be your chilled tomb.

Timing, as is the morn in most 2D side-scrollers, is the order of the day with  precision button pressing at absolute imperative if you want to survive. So, a word of warning to the wise, if you don’t like games where you have to replay the same section time and again as you desperately try and get the motion in the moment ‘just so’, then stick to Viva Piñata, this may prove a tad too taxing for your gaming skills.

Chase sequences provide some tension to the games’ story line, and the puzzles will require some pondering and sue of the old ‘grey matter’, but ultimately there is nothing so taxing that younger minds will give up in pursuit of easier options.

Of course, the true joy of the Never Alone gameplay has to be the simply excellent Co-oP mode, even though the games AI is perfectly capable of producing a more than satisfying solo experience.

Progression is made through a very gentle learning curve, and even though you play as very likeable girl make no mistake that this  Iñupiaq child is just as skilled a hunter as her elder siblings and family. The nameless character is later equipped with the excellent ‘bola’ for taking down enemies and obstacles as the young explorer takes on all-comers in her quest.

Never Alone          GmP      image 5Naturally you will encounter many strange and wonderful beings, both corporeal and ‘non’, along the way. What is a traditional legend for if it cannot take licence with some fanciful additions of the highly imaginative variety?

The importance of Never Alone can not be understated for many reasons, not least the revelatory nature of the state of affairs by the Iñupiaq themselves who must attempt to endure and survive in a place experiencing first hand the effects of climate change and its resultant consequences, mostly of the kind individuals paid by the petro-chemical industries, such as Jeremy Clarkson, would have you believe are merely flights of fancy from ‘Green Meanies’ and ‘Liberals’ – as the blinkered motoring journalist like to call enlightened people.

More so, however, we firmly believe that Never Alone could be a revelation, ( if not a revolution ), in Western culture not only due to the wonderful opportunity to instil some tradition and morals into an ever more socially corrupt system, but also in education.

Never Alone, when shown and played through with a younger member of our family, was nothing short of inspirational to our six year-old nephew. The classic Iñupiaq tale of the never-ending blizzard brought wide-eyed amazement from our awe-struck relative, and during the unlockable video’s which offer insights into the Iñupiaq  way of life, as told by elders and prominent members of the Iñupiaq  community, the interest on the face of our nephew was plainly evident due to  the obvious mesmerized intent and rapturous attention.

It is from this stand-point that the importance of a title such as Never Alone must be addressed. With education standards around the world slipping into ‘mouth breather’ classification it is, then, quite possible that it is through mediums such as this ‘Edu-Gamer’ that there is a light on the horizon indicating a possible safe passage through the darkness.

How to get children interested in a subject can now be achieved through titles such as Never alone as they are taught,without really knowing it, during what would normally be described as play, or entertainment.

Never Alones’ format could, as we say, revolutionise teaching methods in a wide variety of subjects, not just the plainly obvious History, Geography and social sciences. Again, particularly in the notoriously difficult to teach 4 to 7 year-olds.

( * we will ourselves be conducting our own social experiment with a local nursery and primary school and will keep you informed of the outcome )

But, to summarize, Never Alone ‘is’ a good platformer, and an entertaining romp through a beautifully crafted classic Iñupiaq fable. It’s inoffensive gameplay and storyline mean that it is fun for all ages, and its first-rate Co-oP mode will allow yonumber-9-pool-ballunger children to spend quality time with their parents as they enjoy all this wonderful title has to offer.

But in its alternate role of ‘teacher’, Never Alone truly shines through like a beacon of hope for future generations. We sincerely hope to see a lot more of similar styled titles from E-Line Media and Upper Games, and will most definitely be encouraging more gamers, parents and teachers to take advantage of the tools on offer in this cracking title. Never Alone, for  as many reasons as we have listed and for so many more you will discover on your own, is awarded  a worthy 9 out of 10

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare review

call of duty advanced warfare        GmP Gaming    image logo 2

Just ask any great boxer and they will all say the same thing: The true test of a fighter is to know he can get back on his feet after suffering a knockdown to regain the composure and begin their own furious assault. So to then does Call of Duty rise from the canvas of Ghosts to deliver a crushing blow to its rivals and take the heavyweight belt as Activision’s flagship title once more reigns supreme as the Undisputed Champion.

Following what has been a pretty tough year, compared to most in the history of the Call of Duty franchise, Activision have weathered the unfathomable demonizing of their shooter series by the collected gaming media who, it would seem, were Hell bent on destroying the franchise and supplant it with EA’s Battlefield 4…and journalists wonder why so many accusing fingers are leveled at them by gamers in the current ‘corruption climate’?

Nevertheless, numbers do not lie and in that respect Ghosts was the first in the franchise to suffer a dip in sales. This can be attributed in no small part to the number of bandwagon’ing view-whores in the gaming press who discovered how profitable it was to slag off Call of Duty much in the same way as football fans hate on Man United simply because they have been at the top of their game for such a long period of time. The only difference here is that Activision’s  ‘Red Devils’ have seen off the challenges put to them by their own ‘City Blues’, ‘Chelski’ and ‘Gooners’.

Back with the proverbial ‘bang’ Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been dragged kicking and screaming into the ‘space race’ by a myriad of developers with lead team Sledgehammer Games taking the reins, so to speak.

Now, regardless of personal preferences we will at least try to objectively review Advanced Warfare without breaking off into a soap-box styled rant about ‘quick-scopers’, stupid bloody lasers and Halo-bouncing jet-packs….though as you may have a slight indication of it may take some restraint, and we are uncertain of the outcome. Bear with us.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                               GmP      image     15Looking crisper than Quentin and sleeker than Linda Evangelista in a cat suit Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has stormed into the world’s game charts with a sexy new look that somehow has been wrung from the existing engine in a feat praiseworthy on its own. Just how the developers were able to squeeze so much graphical gorgeousness of the now aging Call of Duty engine is so remarkable it is bordering on witchcraft.

The sheer scale of the improvements made are staggering with character models and environments housing so much detail it is almost beyond belief. NPC’s barking orders at your player affect such a realistic position that many may well be forgiven for leaping off their sofa’s and reaching for a weapon as they are instructed by such life-like characters to join the fight.

Of course, pretty as the graphics are, we all know the real talking points surrounding this latest version of Call of Duty, and that just has to be the new weaponry and abilities provided by the futuristic setting and the awesome exo-suits.

Looking more Destiny than D-Day this latest edition in the best-selling shooter series has taken the early skepticism regarding the sci-fi direction and completely turned it on its head as the thrilling gameplay and simply outstanding solo campaign have won gamers over with aplomb.

Of course, the similarities of the single player experience with real-world events is enough to make even the most uninformed raise a questioning eyebrow at the way governments have become corporations and international policy is now little more than a hostile take-over perpetrated by private military contractors such as the inspirational Aegis Security.

Speaking of ‘outside influences’ the stellar cast of voice talent , which includes a tour de force performance by legendary actor Kevin Spacey, is second to none. Troy Baker also brings home an outstanding contribution in the lead role of Mitchell, the games’ main protagonist and long-suffering soldier under the ever watchful eye of military mouth-piece Sgt Cormack. But, ultimately it is the role of PMC President Jonathon Irons from Spacey that steals the show as the demented would-be despot drags the world toward global conflict with his incessant plotting.

Of course, the excellent acting is only enhanced by the first-rate script, Hollywood blockbuster styled imagery  and superb graphics that offer some of the most impressive character models that we have ever seen. ( in any game ) If the ‘haters‘ were expecting to come out with all guns blazing on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare then readers should take particular notice of the rather silent cannons in the online communities.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                               GmP      image     16The story behind the action in Advanced Warfare is one of political intrigue coupled with one man’s quest for personal domination on a universal scale. But make no mistake, Irons is no cartoon ‘bad guy‘ or Blofeld-styled Bond villain Hell-bent on  subjugating the world for criminal ill-gotten gains, oh no. Irons is a far more cunning animal even than they. This is a man who comes to Capitol Hill with an oily handshake and smile that could freeze the heart of the Devil himself. Irons is the dirtiest villain of them all, he is a ‘capitalistic conniver’, and be damned to any and all who stand in his way of a dollar.

Irons represents all that is currently wrong with the world, and every sane and rational persons who prays for a stable, peaceful future. The embodiment of the faceless corporate empires controlling and manipulating every aspect of our daily lives as they seek to extend their evil empire by devouring everything and everyone within reach, and in that respect he is truly a man to be feared.

Mitchell, on the other hand, starts out very much as the atypical grunt ( complete with best mate in tow ” ooh-raah’ing “ their way into some of the worlds bloodiest combat zones ). He is joined in the games opening tutorial level by brother-in-arms, and son to the aforementioned Irons no less, Will. After being dropped into a hot-spot, and getting to grips with the obligatory control method, we kick off proceedings with an explosive introductory mission that leaves Irons’ son, Will, dead on the ground and Mitchell invalided out of the forces. A strange introduction to a shooter, you may be thinking, as the main character is pensioned off after being left with only one arm, but this is ‘Advanced Warfare’, and in the future such things as the loss of a limb are mere trivialities to a high-tech PMC outfit like Irons’ paramilitary practitioners ‘Atlas’.

Atlas is the private military contractor, and the sole mobilized might, belonging to main antagonist Irons. This armed to the teeth outfit is the best equipped and best trained fighting force in the private sector, and because of this they are called upon by governments from all sides to do the dirty work and execute the orders that the public would balk at regarding their own national armies. But all of this military manpower comes at a price, and it would seem the price which Iron’s has in mind is not measured in dollars or pounds…rather in capitulation.

So, there you have it. Spoiler free, ( almost ), and only requiring that you input the disc into your Xbox One for further involvement and understanding of the huge events that take place in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Rather than explain away the entire plot and premise of the game we leave that area to you, the player, to fulfill and enjoy as we move on with the rest of the review.

Getting into the armoury of Advanced Warfare we now get to sample some of the technological delights that await players in the arsenal that is available to you on the battlefield, and boy what a cracking collection of killing machines we have at our fingertips!

Of course, updated versions of timeless classics such as the Kalashnikov and the Heckler and Koch’s of this world are still there, as are the Armalites and the Sigue Sauer’s, but  it is in their futuristic guises that we now meet with ‘old friends‘ and experience all that their coming generations have to offer.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                                       GmP image Power 1The new technology, however, is what will bring the most jaw-dropping moments, and it is with items such as the highly impressive EM-1 directed energy weapon, ( or ‘laser‘ ), that many will find themselves getting some of the best of the kills. Naturally there are still some surprises in the standard firearm sections such as the excellent entry level BAL-27 or the Thompson inspired ASM-1, and with the upgraded ‘Pick `12′ system players will be able to take advantage of some outstanding attachments for all weapons with some old and some new favourites to ‘wow‘ gamers along the way.

Shields and sniper rifles are both back, but we promised to try and avoid a ‘rant‘ so all we will say, ( through gritted teeth ), is that they are tools available in the real world and so should be part and parcel of the Call of Duty franchise, although they should not be allowed to dictate the play in the way that they do.  ( “ Stop that!”   -Ed. )

There are a whole host of handheld horrors for you to exploit your enemies weaknesses, and strengths, at your disposal too, such as the ‘hover grenade‘, ‘EMP’ and the ‘spy flare‘. As well as any number of noob-friendly wonders for the, *ahem,  ‘mobility-challenged‘ types to take thorough advantage of.  ( ” Last warning! “   -Ed. )

But all of these new goodies, gadgets and gizmo’s aside the games’ real talking point has to be the addition of the Halo-bouncing paradise that is the ‘Exo-Suit’.   This technological toy allows gamers to leap like startled flea’s high into the air as they bounce around the multiplayer maps like demented frogs in the hope that they will catch a ‘360 no-scope‘ for their YouTube channel, whilst at the same time allowing such over the top power moves in the melee kills that recipients of the ‘Hadouken‘ blow will often find themselves coming down in another game zone.

Now, don’t misunderstand us, in the solo campaign the exo-suit is great fun and makes for highly entertaining scenario’s. But in the multiplayer it has changed the face of Call of Duty so much that it is no longer the classic military styled shooter that we all know and loved so much.

But is that really such a bad thing?

The multiplayer in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare may play like Destiny and look like Titanfall but there is no doubt about the fact that it still does what it does better than anyone else, and that is the action.   Its breakneck pace never lets up from the get-go, and should you require a little more practice with your exo before you leap into the fray of the online arena then that is available for you too.

There is also a Classic Combat Mode for players looking to just experience Call of Duty without the double-jump mayhem of the exo-suit combat, but truth be told it feels limited after spending time in the main arena.

Obviously with the launches of titles like Titanfall and Destiny game play has evolved into a more science fiction era, and even though some may like you to believe that Titanfall is stuttering and spluttering the strong online community is proof of anything but.

Destiny is also proving to be a hit, although not at the rate we suspect Bungie expected, and so it would seem that Call of Duty developers believed that maybe it was a case of ‘Evolve or Die’? Whatever the reason behind the move by Sledgehammer Games it certainly looks to have paid off for them, and for Activision, with Call of Duty experiencing something of a renaissance among gamers, and rightfully so.

The new additions to the format breathe new life into the series after the cookie-cutter feeling that Infinity Ward left us with in Ghosts, and if anything this may  well prove to be a kind of blessing in disguise for Activision that they have rival franchises in the same publishing house as it means that both teams will be pushing each other to produce ever better experiences for the players.

number-9-pool-ballMaybe, in fact, it could well be that Activision decide to let Call of Duty become a total ‘two way winner‘ with Treyarch taking the reins on the next iteration and turning the clock back to a more traditional era of warfare, as well as returning with the highly successful zombies mode, and then switching back to a futuristic setting when Sledgehammer take back control? With Destiny there to fill in the gaps between for the sci-fi shooter fans this is a very real possibility and one that would satisfy all fans of all genres thus ringing those cash registers and making them sing like a gaggle of X Factor wannabee’s.

Whatever the outcome, and what lies in store for Call of Duty fans, one thing is assured and that is that the best-selling shooter franchise is back to its blockbuster brilliant best. 9 out of amazing 10

FIFA 15 : review

FIFA 15                GmP    image         1

The annual sporting roadshow pulls into town once more as EA Sports unleash the latest behemoth in their dominant football franchise with the launch of FIFA 15.

Bringing yearly improvements to a series that is already head and shoulders above its competitors is no easy thing, by any stretch of the imagination. The pressure to stay one step ahead of your rivals who are constantly snapping at your heels like some rabid terrier is always there, and yet EA Sports prove that this is a task that they are more than capable of reproducing with startling regularity.

Those gamers expecting a mere carbon copy of last years outing for FIFA will be disappointed because the sheer weight of new content in FIFA 15 means that instead of the usual introductory waffle we will be leaping right on into the review will little to no delay.

With that we begin by kicking off the action in this latest version of the superb soccer title as we jump right into the new feature of the ‘emoticon’. Gamers will now see and experience a far more life-like game, thanks to the next generation of consoles which are allowing the developers to bring the 3D characters to life, so to speak. This is done by giving each player on the pitch his own ‘emotion chip’, similar in thinking to the very thing used on the ships android in Star Trek. A ‘Data-ldinho’, if you will.

This wonder of technology means that your players will react according to everything such as weather, the crowd’s reaction, referee decisions and if your team is performing or not. Some may argue that this is, in fact, a rather unnecessary use of the advanced processing power of the next-gen consoles over their outgoing siblings, we would disagree.

FIFA 15                     GmP   image Eden HazardWhile in any other genre gamers cry out for deeper, ever more immersive features to take them further into the gaming experience EA sports are doing just that, for the first time by any developer, in a sporting title. For this reason alone they should be commended, but praise also should be heaped upon the men and women behind the scenes who, in their first attempt to ‘bring the players to life’, have managed to produce such startling results.

Now, instead of your team merely walking around the pitch looking like emotionless robots, players will respond to each other often offering pleasantries when a team-mate has missed a shot at goal with an encouraging ‘thumbs up’, or scowling and shoving an opponent should they commit a particularly grievous challenge against them.

Adding into this new arena of authenticity comes what EA like to call the ‘Living Pitch’. This new aesthetic addition see’s the actual pitch condition degrade over time, affected by weather, player tussles and tumbles and also things like sliding tackles.

When you combine this with the commentary, supplied once again by Martin O’Neil and Alan Smith, then it all comes together perfectly to bring a far more believable and enjoyable experience for the gamer.

Gameplay has also seen its annual assortment of tweaks and tucks with the AI becoming far more skillful and aggressive in the higher difficulty settings, although it has to be said that the lower difficulties have one or two  issues because of this where opposition players will just take off on meanderings runs, sometimes even when in goal-scoring opportunities, and head back towards their own goal mouth or even, on occasion, just taking the ball out of play altogether.

Naturally those players engaging in the Xbox exclusive features, FIFA Ultimate Team, will not be complaining as this benefits players early on in their FUT career if they decide to ‘farm’ coins in the lower ranked tournaments.

Defending has taken a bit of a ‘hit’ with this years format making gamers learn new tactics. This is in part due to the AI becoming far more adept at build up play, and also because EAS developers have coded the AI with far more ‘confidence’ in their own abilities as they hold, press and slot the ball around to each other with what can only be described as surprising professionalism.

The days of merely sprinting off up field with the ball from the kick-off and scoring a spectacular scorcher from outside the box are long gone. Even on the easier difficulties those gamers not too familiar, or particularly experienced, at FIFA will still find their opposite numbers giving them some kind of challenge.  Yes, of course, gamers who have enjoyed FIFA for many a season will find the game extremely simple on the lower difficulties, but that is nothing that hasn’t been the same for years.

FIFA 15 red crad                          GmPFouls and free-kicks are still the contentious distractions that they have always been, and there will still be many times that you stare incredulously at the screen with arms outstretched crying “ but I never touched him! “, or the classic “ but when they do that to my players nothing happens? “. The fact of the matter is that just as in every sport in real-life there are many moments when decisions are questionable, and when rulings are unfathomable. So too, then, are there in FIFA. Art imitates life, and as far as in sports based videogames, at least, there is no-one better at imitating life than Electronic Arts.

Speaking of fouls we cannot mention the one without mentioning ‘the other’ deciding factor in these scenario’s, and that is ‘tackling’. Once again tackling has been ‘tweaked’, but it is entirely up to the opinion of the individual if these ‘improvements’ are for the better.

In our experience we found that due to the modifications it is now far more difficult to perform a stand up challenge, and in many cases it is because of another vast improvement in FIFA 15 that defensive duties and tackling have taken a direct hit.

Close control is now better, in our opinion, than it has ever been in any version of FIFA, and as such the players are able to keep the ball far better than ever before, particularly when under attack from an opposition player in the tackle. The player with the ball is able to use quick deft touches, drag backs and side slides with far greater efficiency  and because of this it is much more difficult to stay with the player if you are defending. As a result what happens, more often than not, is that the defending player makes an approach to the opposite number with the ball, is side-stepped with considerable ease, and then you spend the rest of the action trying to keep pace with the advancing player regardless of if your speed is greater than his.

Now, this may seem like all would be balanced when you are advancing with the ball, but that is not always the case. Defenders controlled by the AI will often seem almost prescient about which direction you are going to take, or which pass you intended to play. But the biggest gripe regarding the new close control and defensive issues is when you have managed to play a beautiful through ball to your man in space and before he has made three yards of progress an opposition team member has somehow sprinted the entire length of the field, tackled you and left you in a bloodied heap as he nonchalantly begins his amble back towards your goal.

A final point on the subject would be the question as to why your players seem so slow down, even when sprinting, the moment they cross the thresh-hold of the eighteen yard box? Quite why this happens, and it happens ‘every’ single time, is beyond us, but it does not look like something that will be addressed any time soon as we believe that this was a similar issue in the previous three FIFA titles.

That being said these are minor, albeit they are still sometimes crucial, moans and groans and in the grand scheme of things maybe they will be ironed out in future additions to the franchise?

In good news the ‘kick off glitch’ looks all but eradicated, so that IS fantastic to hear, but it does appear that the CPU has a few tricks of its own up its sleeve from the kick-off when it feels that the chips are down, so do be aware of instant sprint runs and mysterious fouls and hand-balls on the edge or inside of the box for either a free-kick or penalty.

Another new ‘trick’ that has been added to the CPU’s arsenal is the now well-known tactic of ‘parking the bus’, or ‘playing defensively’ when they have taken the lead. This can often mean that a frustrating time to trying to crack open a locked tight defensive line is in store for the gamer, but it is still part and parcel of the real world game and, as such, should not be frowned on by anyone, particularly Arsenal fans. ( ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’, anyone? )

Other new tactics from the CPU that show a decided increase in footballing nouse by the developers in the new ‘playing for time’ method, but one such annoying new staple to the format has been the head-scratching introduction of ‘Fergie Time’ when it comes to the end of ninety minutes and the addition of injury time. Why is it always 5 minutes? Regardless of the fact that there have been no bookings, no fouls, no sending’s off…nothing?  “ Five minutes Mr Ferguson? “ asks the groveling  fourth official, “ That’ll do nicely “, says a cheery Sir Alex, “ and would you like to rub my bunions while you are down there? “

More new on-field experiences await gamers in the form of the totally re-vamped goalkeepers. Those of us who have had more than a few hair-pulling moments in the past thanks to these ‘guardians of the goal mouth’ will understand our scepticism when hearing of the ‘adjustments’ to the keepers, however, our fears were unjustified as EA Sports have done yet another sterling job of of bringing genuine authenticity to the ‘man between the sticks’.

FIFA 15            GmPGone are the clunky movements, the lack of any real control and complete lack of vision from thee keepers as EA Sports rejuvenate everything about the shot-stoppers from grass roots basics such as positioning, handling and better motion right through to vision and athleticism. In our own preferred team, ( Newcastle United ), we cannot tell you how vastly different the performance of Tim Krul in this years FIFA 15 even compared to the previous edition.

Krul may not be the world’s greatest but he is a definite ‘twitch’ keeper, and as such is one of the best at reaction saves. In FIFA 15 the digital version of the Toon Army Goal Trustee now bears more resemblance to his real-world counterpart than ever before.

The same can be said for every goalie we have so far used between the posts in FIFA 15. From Tor Stegen to Scezny and beyond.

All the fun of the fair returns in the many excellent modes in FIFA 15, all of which have had their own nips and tucks, but are essentially still the said same modes we all know and love so well.

First up comes Match Day Live, and although this mode seems to have received the most tinkering, (  apart from the online only FUT ), we kind of ask ourselves ‘why’, when so many gamers opt for other modes, was Match Day Live given so much attention? Yes, we are grateful to EAS but surely modes such as the first rate Career segment or the second-to-none FIFA Ultimate Team could have benefitted from the additional time spent on it.

However, it has to be argued that because of the tweaks to the Match Day section of the game that new additions and upgrades to the format, such as players now being able to right-click the all-new FIFA widget and access all manner of things from social interactivity amongst friends to the EA Catalogue and Store, are now possible and far more easily accessible. So the knife cuts both ways on this one.

Career Mode speaks for itself with pretty much all of the world’s football leagues and the players who populate them, being at the fingertips of gamers as they play as either manager or player and try and carve their own slice of glory in the form of a successful career over the span of around 15 seasons for a player and 20 for a manager.

One very good tip for you all, however, when entering into Manager Career and that is to disable your Kinect if playing on the Xbox One. We have noticed both in FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 that should you use *ahem ‘more colourful’ language when bemoaning your teams latest result, or calamitous own goal by a player, then you will soon start to see ‘warnings’ turn up in your office email section from your board. This will eventually turn into a notice that you have been sacked for engaging in behaviors that is not condoned or supported by the club and so they will dispense with your services. You have been warned.

Career Mode also uses real-world squads and updates, so be wary of selecting a team, based solely on your own preferences of player or performance. It could well be that they have been transferred in real-life and, as such, will be unavailable for you until you purchase them.

Speaking of ‘purchases’ we feel we have to mention some of the exceptionally poor budgets and wage packages of the lower division teams in FIFA. It makes deciding to start your career as, say, Greuther Firth in the Bundesliga 2 a total non option because it will take you around seven seasons just be able to get enough of a transfer budget to buy anyone of talent.

Create a Player returns also,  as does Pro Mode for those of you out there who would like to be a little more involved in the actual playing of the game, in that you play your matches from a first person point of view and everything from speed to trajectory affect your vision making this a tricky prospect for even the most dedicated of players.

Match Day Live still offers up its weekly, sometimes daily, challenges from around the footballing world and gamers may well be asked to digitally recreate the latest triumph from Real Madrid, or prevent a trouncing from Chelsea. The challenges are as limitless as the possibilities in the real world.

Moving on now we come to what many of us consider to be the greatest mode in the entire franchise, the outstanding Xbox exclusive service FIFA Ultimate Team.

What can we say about this simply enthralling mode that has not already been said a million times before? So successful is EA Sport’s online only model that this is fast becoming an entity in its own right, and the main reason why a great many FIFA fans buy the game on Xbox One. Those people who try to claim that multiplats cannot be system sellers, ( as demonstrated by recent mega-letdown Destiny ), are fooling themselves, and the sheer weight of numbers for FUT players and, indeed, anything even remotely mentioning its name on social media outlets such as Twitch TV, Youtube and Justin TV ), clearly demonstrate the resounding success that Ultimate Team genuinely is.

However, it has to be said that there are still a couple of area’s in FIFA Ultimate Team that need to be addressed, not least the main headache of FIFA Coins.

The fact that transfers between gamers can ‘only’ take place using coins, and that EA Sports do not sell coins, they only sell FIFA points, is something of a head-scratcher for us here at GmP Towers.

FIFA 15           UT Ban                            GmPNow, with FIFA ‘coins’ you can do anything you want. You can buy any of the packs, any of the club items such as contracts, badges, balls and strips, You can buy managers, players…standard, rare or legends, but the only problem is, on average, it will take you 300 games just to be able to save enough coins to buy a Gold Marco Reus? It will take you 400 games to afford Messi and this is, of course, all dependent on you not buying anything else in between and that is also assuming, of course, that you have the players with enough contracts to actually play that amount of games without having to quit your pursuit or dip into your savings.

The average game nets you around 500 coins, the average tournament works out at around 800 coins ( average ) and should you be able to manage to avoid spending anything, ‘ever’, then a low ranking Legend will see you playing a staggering 3000 games.

Now, we ask again…how are you supposed to even have the ‘time’ to earn enough coins to buy these players? And with coin purchasing services bringing with them perma-bans and account deletion all that you have left is to either sit like a bot in front of your screen for six months and play a monotonous amount of games over and over again like some kind of nightmare rinse and repeat. Or you can spend an obscene amount of cash on FIFA points and hope for the best with pack openings.  You have more chance of winning the lottery twice in the same day, by the way.

That being said FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode ‘is’ the most entertaining and enjoyable part of the entire game, and its value cannot be underestimated, nor can its replay-ability factor, its unsurpassed levels of fun and appeal be marred by the confusion of the coins/points debate. The fact that Xbox gamers can extend that enjoyment thanks to the sizzling Legends players makes it all the more entertaining and competitive on Xbox Live.  There isn’t a single ‘real’ football fan out there who can honestly say that the prospect of banging them into the onion-bag Alan Shearer, Marco Van Bastian or Pele does not interest them.

Ultimate Team may have its share of oddities, but in truth most of those come from the transfer market and not in the way that the actual gameplay delivers the relishing promise of building your own dream team of fantasy footballing favourites.

Throwing in a word about the gameplay is to simply commend EA Sports for once again delivering on promise after promise that FIFA 15 would be a marked and noticeable improvement even on its 1 year-old sibling. They have managed to do this by the bucketful.

Smooth and silky the skills on offer by every single player from every club in every league FIFA 15 is head and shoulders above its rivals, and even its most fierce competitor PES must congratulate EA Sports for their outstanding achievement with FIFA 15. Just what the mood at Konami must be today is anyone’s guess, however, we are pretty sure that there air will be hanging heavy over the developers heads like London smog on a particularly close Summer evening. many faces sporting a distant look of wide-eyed bewilderment.

FIFA 15 is just so far ahead of anything else on the market when it comes to football that it is literally like trying to play a local pub team with Real Madrid’s Galactico’s.

Everything in FIFA 15 ‘just works’, and even the earlier gripes regarding the most minor of niggles pale into insignificance when taking the product into perspective as a whole. The frame rates are buttery in their delivery, the graphics make it feel like you aren’t just watching Match of the Day but actually ‘controlling’ the game.

number-10-pool-ballTake the way EA Sports think not only of the larger scaled issues but even the more mundane and smaller trivialities that any other developer would not even consider worth the effort. For example take a look at a particularly nice touch to the dashboard which see’s the inclusion of the News Service. This allows gamers to access all of the latest developments from the ‘real’ football world, including injuries, club news and transfers. It is in fine tuning and additional ‘bonus extras’ such as these that EA Sports prove their class. It is not a case of ‘‘’Why bother’, because with the developers at EAS it is more like “ why not?

Gamers who are familiar with the way that FIFA plays will notice many new alterations and improvements in FIFA 15, and they all enhance the way that this game looks, feels and plays. Yes, there are a few other football pretenders to the throne out there but if you want to experience the best, then there is only one ‘king’.  FIFA 15 could only ever score an absolutely resounding 10 out of exceptional 10


TITLE:                                                    FIFA 15
FORMAT:                                              XBOX ONE              [reviewed])
DEVELOPER:                                      EA SPORTS MONTREAL
PUBLISHER:                                       ELECTRONIC ARTS


SCORE OUT OF 10:                            10 out of 10


To purchase your copy of FIFA 15 then get on over to the UK’s biggest online retailer at Gameseek.

Just Dance 2015 : review

Just Dance 2015            GmP                     image Xbox One packshot 1

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again when the karaoke machines kick in and the silly season switches on the festivities as the nation goes party people potty. Right at the centre of the annual celebrations, as ever, is Ubisoft’s seminal swinger Just dance 2015 as it takes gamers by the hand and leads them out onto the dance floor in preparation for their office Christmas party.  Hit it!

Back with more changes than you could shake a firm-rumped money-maker at comes this latest installment in the scorching series that Just dance has morphed into. This one-time novelty title catering to the non-gamer out there has proved itself a tough cookie, as it takes on more core titles such as Battlefield and Call of Duty in the sales charts, and with 2015 seeing even more solo and social options and features being packed into the game than ever before the time has never been netter to jump into all the fun and fitness that this ship-swivelling smash hit has to offer.

Kicking off proceedings with some of the new additions to the Just dance format we see that Ubisoft have once again added even more features for the solo player ensuring that even people playing the game offline, or just by themselves, can still feel like they are interacting with an even bigger group thanks to the excellent inclusion of the brand new ‘Virtual Dance Crews’

Just Dance 3 image 3     GmP GamingA favourite with many of the ‘boys’ in the office Virtual Dance Crews allows players to leap into the action without the stigma attached to their basic lack of dancing ability as we learned the ropes and began to get to grips with a few novice steps and shuffles.

Players get that sense of fun and friendship, ( albeit from a group of AI companions ), that many people feel to bashful to undertake without the imbibing of half a litre of Dutch Courage before they enter into the games many modes. It is also a bigger boost to the confidence when you are playing Just dance 2015 on the Xbox One version, as we did for this review, as the Microsoft version allows for a whopping six player tracking option making the inclusion of real players and virtual players transform your front room into a dance hall.

Ubisoft have also added even more new features into this latest version of the blockbuster floor filler, not only with the corking track list of 41 top tunes from around the music industry, but also thanks to more fantastic new modes modes such as Themed Challenges as well as a whole smorgasbord of community and social options.

Challenger‘ comes into play in most of the available set play modes and brings to the fore some of those new community features and social interactivity that is at the forefront of Ubisoft’s mind. Players are now able to challenge people from all across the world regardless of if they are online or not by allowing gamers to take up their ‘Saved Games’, ‘High Scores’ and best performances and ‘Challenge’ their greatest moves and points tallies.

Naturally this is also another wonderful way for the solo player to get more involved in the Just dance scene than ever before, and one that we, as purely non-dancers, welcome in order that we may compete in these modes from the comfort and ridicule free safety of our own homes and yet still have virtual anonymity for what can only be described as our Murder on the Dancefloor.

Challenge Mode pretty much sums up most of Ubisoft’s new additions, in that the publisher and developer have worked hard to attract the single player to their title, and judging from the raucous reception the game received upon the code landing in the office it has gone down a storm with all players from greenhorn to expert.

Just Dance 4Of course, the mode not only brings in new ways to play with friends from all around the globe, it also brings with it a far more competitive edge as players can now challenge each other to dance-off’s and competitions in a wider variety of modes.

Naturally all of the firm fan-favourites and family fun time modes return for more, and if you combine all of the new additions to the Just Dance family then this is a game that has more trouble keeping its content from spilling out onto the carpet than most.

Karaoke Mode is still a highly popular stalwart thanks to its highly entertaining combination of singing and dancing whilst Sweat Mode speaks for itself with its high octane levels of fitness for the more dedicated dancer in you.

Last years new inclusion to the format saw World Dance Floor making its debut and 2015 see’s the extremely  enjoyable mode returning for more of the same good clean entertainment this year with world leaderboards, statistics, tracking and, of course, the World Dance Wall all putting in an appearance to bring the Just dance 2015 version to a far wider audience.

The control system is still the same forgiving, less severe affair than many of its ‘karaoke’ styled rivals and though some may gripe that this allows less talented dancers to earn higher scores than they would realistically achieve, the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day Just dance ‘is’ a game, and as such it is designed to make as many people have fun as it possibly can. If it means that it allows a few dodgy wiggles and jiggles here and there then so be it.If you wanted professional; level dancing then we recommend the Bolshoi for your assessment.

number-9-pool-ballJust Dance 2015 returns to do what it does better than anyone else, and if anything the massive weight of public support and the sheer numbers involved in the ever-growing Championships should prove to Doubting Thomas’s just how popular this game truly is, and rightfully so. Just Dance does everything so much better than its scant rivals, and far better than anyone could ever have predicted.

Ubisoft have taken what was considered mere casual shovelware and turned into one of the fastest growing and financially viable videogame franchises of the decade thanks to its fresh, fun and funky attitude. Another hit without a doubt is on the cards for the best of the best in the interactive dance genre.   9 out of 10



TITLE:                          Just Dance 2015

FORMAT:                     Xbox One  [reviewed])

DEVELOPER:               Ubisoft
PUBLISHER:                Ubisoft              

SCORE OUT OF 10:      9 out of 10

Styx Master of Shadows : Review

Styx Master of Shadows             GmP     image 5

Welcome one and all to the stealthy underworld of silent assassin Styx. This master of murder is High Priest of the Headhunters and Lord of the Lynching as he cuts a path through his enemies, quite literally, from start to finish in this latest title from Cyanide Games.

For all you fans out there in internet land who love nothing more than a session spent with the King of Killers, Agent 47, then Styx Master of Shadows is so far ‘up your alley’ that it’s quite possible you may just need a post-coital cigarette to calm those shaking legs afterwards.

The gaming world has been crying out for someone to take up the torch in between Hitman titles, ensuring that fans of the stealth title would not be forced to endure replays of such poor man’s efforts as video nasties like Vampire Rain and that mockery of its own outstanding series of stealth games Thief 4. With Styx, however, the torch is not only held in lieu of a next episode from the bald bad-ass but rather it is blown out for fear of alerting a nearby guard and used as a club in a perfect silent takedown of the unknowing sentry.

Styx could well be the underground hit of the year, and most definitely it should be receiving far greater attention than the cursory lip-service from the videogaming media.

An absolute joy to play from start to very distant end this darkly lit crawler see’s gamers stepping into the felt boots of captured orc assassin ‘Styx’ as he is held in the Human tower built by the games’ antagonist coupling of the father and son team of Human halfwits.

The back story to your incarceration is that you are seeking the legendary Heart of the Tree that has been placed in the care of Mankind following an uneasy truce that see’s Human’s and Elves one step from tearing each others throats out. The tree itself is housed within the Tower of Arkanash, a purpose built monstrosity of intricate design that weaves and winds its way around the maze-like interior like an Escher woodcut.

The twist in the plot comes from understanding that Styx is not attempting to break ‘into’ the Tower in order to gain access to the Heart of the Tree, rather he is trying to break ‘out’.  All will be revealed but with so many opportunities to litter this review with spoiler after soul-destroying spoiler we have to be extremely careful with what we include.

Needless to say you begin the game after busting out of your cell and so begins your epic quest across some of the very best level design and platforming styled stealth gameplay we have encountered in many a year. To say that we enjoyed the sneaky side of Styx so much that the only game we could think of when trying to offer up a comparison of the depth of design was Syphon Filter should give you some kind of idea of the high regard we hold this title in.

Styx Master of Shadows             GmP     image 1The opening level serves as the obligatory tutorial as you are tasked with first escaping your cell block and recovering your trusty dagger. We do suggest to pay close attention to every possible nook and cranny that you encounter along the way, as even the most innocuous of alcoves can open into some vast unexplored area like the wardrobe portal of a digital realm Narnia.

From here on in what you are treated to is quite simply the best stealth title of the Decade so far, and one that, thankfully, does not hold your hand or flash up helpful hints if you find the going a little tough.

Styx, instead, goes down the route of only giving you the very bare essentials, ( and sometimes not even that ), with which to make your current objective ‘survivable’. Armed only with a pair of ‘everything’, ( although this statement may lead you into a false sense of security as when we say ‘everything’ we mean only two health flasks, two throwing knives and two ‘amber potion vials’), Naturally players are able to upgrade their inventory as the game progresses thanks to the games leveling up and XP system, but even after achieving the highest level of item acquisition players will only ever have in their possession at any one time ‘three’ of each article.

There are, of course, the all important skills and talents that Styx can upgrade by the same XP system, but progression is anything but assured as players must complete certain tasks in order tom be awarded with those precious experience points and some of the required chores feel more like ordeals than tests. Nothing in Styx is a formality or guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination.

Styx has an ability tree of upgradable attributes that allow for far more exploratory gaming as players ‘purchase’ the next in line of four available enhancements for each of Styx’s six skills.  These range from the power to turn ‘invisible’ for a period of time, the use of an ‘X-ray eyes’ styled vision that permits Styx to view all of the points of interest in his current zone, and there is also the extremely necessary upgrade to Styx’s inventory where that all important third item comes into play. There is, of course, a pair of combat based skills that will allow players to perform kills either when Styx is perched above his target on a beam or ledge, or a grab and throw that is executed when Styx is below the enemy soldier. Both of these attributes are practical and purposeful and will aid your play-through no end. Lastly comes the  ‘Predator’ skill that only becomes available when all of the previous five have been fully upgraded.

However, many of the skills are ‘Amber powered’ and, as such, players will need to pay close attention to their status bar as the ‘amber’ attributes are incredibly important skills and, more often than not, will require ingestion of additional amber to perform a second ‘amber act’. The only real exception to this rule is ‘Amber Vision’ which can be used multiple times before the player is required to drink another vial.

Styx Master of Shadows             GmP     image 2Saving the best for last we now come too our personal favourite of the ‘amber powers’, that being the ability to ‘vomit’ a clone copy of yourself. This friendly little ‘puke pal’ is an essential part of your inventory as your pet ‘Rakash’ is able to enter small spaces and open doors and gates for you before you recall his essence back into your ‘amber bank’ in a cloud of smoke.

Of course, if your Rakash is killed before you can recall him then you cannot recover the amber. But there is also a third option of causing your clone to explode and burst forth into  a cloud of noxious black smoke that Styx is able to sneak through and take advantage of should the occasion ever require it.

With later upgrades your clone is not only able to act as a remote control turnkey or mere kamikaze distraction, he can also hide in cupboards and chests and grab unsuspecting sentries as they happen by. There are many options and fun ways to exploit your little Rakash, so make sure you explore them all in order to make full use of his abilities.

Another tip will we offer you before we leave the menu section is to keep an eye out for that important ‘Save’ feature, and put it to good use as often as you want. The auto save points have huge distances between each other, and considering how easy it is to be killed in Master of Shadows players will find themselves being made to replay huge chunks of levels time and again if they fail to use this option.

The learning curve is gradual and although some may feel it rushes in a little too steeply at times we don’t necessarily think that the game could have benefitted from a more mundane difficulty setting format. Styx is ‘meant’ to be tough, and it is ‘meant’ to drive you bat-shit crazy. But, man alive! What a feeling when you get to the end of level scoreboard with a prefect tally paraded across your TV or monitor.

The combat system is a little frustrating in that open warfare is frowned upon in favour of a purist approach to stealth, but it can wear a little thin after being caught out in the open by multiple adversaries only to have to  resort to parry-only attacks whilst trying to fight off a main attacker raining blows and three others hitting you with everything from knives to crossbow bolts and magic.

That being said Styx is as Styx does, and in a game that makes no attempt to disguise itself as an out-and-out stealth title the question is more ‘what were you doing out in the open in the first place?’ as opposed to ‘why can’t I fight in the open?

Throwing knives are a very real option in the Tower of Arkanash, however, we warn you – fallen enemies will alert the guards far more quickly than any other type of alert, and in a game where each new level brings ever more tougher foes the last thing you need is to be pursued by armour-plated knights looking for revenge on the little ‘green skin’ who has just ‘offed’ one of their mates.

Players will quickly recognise each enemy and in doing so will learn which tactic works best for dealing with said enemy. For example, the aforementioned knights cannot be killed by knives and so only an industrial accident such as a gas escape from the distillery or a falling chandelier will kill these ‘tanks’. Whereas the Elves ‘can’ be killed with knives, but only a throwing knife will do as trying to encroach on an elf’s personal space will result in the inevitable insta-kill at the end of the tall figures spear.

The environments are split into six separate chapters each with three zones containing vast area’s of intricate level design that allows for massive exploration and extremely enjoyable stealth platforming as players discover new and previously unknown passages and walkways.

Styx Master of Shadows             GmP     image 4Graphically Styx looks and feels the part of a dark and threatening stealth crawler as your ‘vertically-challenged’ little fella stares often in wonderment at the sheer scale of the impressive architecture all around him.  Massive in all aspects, apart from the actual height of your diminutive Orc, Master of Shadows will, at times, amaze and inspire you. The attention to detail is flabbergasting and, thankfully, none of this fastidious nature has been overlooked in the games’ controls.

Players unfamiliar with this kind of stealth title ( for example gamers who have dipped their tentative toes into the Splinter Cell pool but gone no further than a mere tepid paddle ), will be in no way over-awed by the games control system. Styx uses a very simple to master method that will permit even the most novice of stealth players to cut their teeth on this exemplary title.

Tip of the day for Styx would be this, though, and that is when you are looking to reach outcroppings and climb points high above you to never forget to keep the jump button depressed. We have noticed a few players bemoaning the games jump mechanics for overhangs only to play through the game now four times on each difficulty and have not a single instance of this in any of our own efforts. We can only assume that many players are not quite experienced when it comes to understanding ‘press ‘A’ to jump’, and ‘Depress and Hold ‘A’ to reach overhangs’ .

Nevertheless we would recommend that players uncertain of the jump and catch method would take a word from the wise and maybe replay the games’ opening tutorial a couple of times in order to master their acrobatics for fear of missing a ledge or dropping off to their doom in a later level.

Getting to the real ‘meat and two veg’ of Styx is to get to grips with the games outstanding stealth mechanics. Sneaking is the name of the game, and take a tip from the Orc himself early on in the tutorial when you are well advised to avoid running and farting.   Both will be extremely hazardous to your  health.

Creeping through hidden vents, hiding below tables right under the noses of the guards tasked with bringing your head to their master is something of a joy when the game plays as smoothly as Styx Master of Shadows.  Any sound, however, will have the numerically superior guards brought down on your head like a ton of bricks, so never think you can make it from one secluded safe spot to another by making a mad cap dash for it whilst your patrolling sentries are seemingly out of earshot. They are not. They never will be.

Of course, being an Orc Styx does have one valuable weapon that is just part and parcel of his genetic make-up, and that is the ability to spew poison into his foes water supply or on their food and then sit back in the shadows and wait for the toxin to take effect. This is the only other way you can kill tougher enemies, such as the one-hit kill knights, other than pushing them off a structure or dropping something on them, so make particular use of this highly entertaining and useful skill or be forever doomed to die at the point of a heavily armed knights blade.

Stealth kills, ( are there any other kind in Styx? ), are a deeply satisfying affair in Master of Shadows and players will soon become enamored with the little assassin as he deftly muffles the attempted screams and cries of his victims before telling them to  ‘shush’ as if merely putting a drowsy child to bed.

number-9-pool-ballStyx Master of Shadows is a fine example of the possibilities that are still very much available in the stealth genre if developers would just put some effort into their inventiveness and not just opt for the same tired CIA/Black Ops/MI6 format. It has been done to death, and playing the part of an Orc hitman as opposed to a muscled, chisel jaw from the staple ‘Ex-Marine’ department is a welcome change.

Excellent story telling is brought to life with some truly fine work from the voice actors, as well as stellar efforts by the developers themselves at Cyanide Games. If you want to know how to make a genuinely entertaining and thoroughly engaging stealth game then Styx could well be the rule of thumb to follow for future endeavors.    9 out of 10


TITLE:                                                     STYX MASTER OF SHADOWS     
FORMAT:                                               XBOX ONE    [reviewed])
DEVELOPER:                                      CYANIDE GAMES
PUBLISHER:                                       FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE


SCORE OUT OF 10:                          9 OUT OF 10



Destiny : Review

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   1

Activision’s mammoth machine goes into overdrive as the long-awaited and extremely over-hyped Bungie vehicle ‘Destiny’ takes the world of the online shooter by storm.

In what has to be some of the most powerful marketing by a videogames publisher in the history of the medium, one-time Microsoft flagship boys Bungie have jumped ship across to Activision to produce their first multiplatform title, Destiny.

Ever since the initial reveal was peek-a-booed to a select group of journalists way back in 2011 the public relations campaign surrounding Destiny has been working overtime, double time and all of the time to promote the science fiction spectacular to a not disinterested audience.

Although it has to be pointed out that Bungie have had their eye on the online MMOS title since the days of Halo: ODST when eagle-eyed gamers were able to spot a poster on walls of the shattered Human outpost at New Mombasa that announced ‘Destiny Awaits’ whilst an orb not dissimilar to a ‘Ghost’ floated nearby.

But has this non-stop show of outstanding real-life action trailers, amazing CGI sequences and ‘hinted at’ promises of a massive galaxy just awaiting your arrival to begin the most spectacular journey ever created by a videogame developer been a victim of its own highly successful PR campaign? Perhaps.

Building on what is very like Halo meets Call of Duty ( ‘verticality’, anyone? ) Destiny opens with a tale set in the distant future when Human’s have been visited by a strange and powerful entity known only as ‘The Traveller’. This benevolent being grants Mankind all manner of astounding technology, not least withstanding the ability to upgrade our spacecraft to allow for interstellar flight to other worlds, and thus the ‘Golden Age’ of wondrous inventions, peace and exploration begins.

After being granted these new-found powers Human’s then proceed to gain a foothold in the Solar System with colonies rapidly being installed on planets such as Mars and Venus, as well as our own Moon. However, with expansion obviously comes the concerned impression of imperialism from other, as yet undiscovered, species. And with Man’s continued exploration of our own Galaxy we awake the sleeping giants of ‘The Fallen’, and with the curiosity of this warrior race pricked it is not too long before an era of all-out warfare befalls Mankind as the age of ‘The Collapse’ commences.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   10Central to all of this is the massive, cloud covered sphere orbiting the Earth known as The Traveller.  It is the arrival of this mystery being that heralds The Golden Age, and ultimately the cause also of The Collapse. However, it is also because of The Traveller that Mankind if saved from oblivion at the hands of The Fallen, but even so, by the time balance is brought back to Humanity it is not without terrible cost and the enormous loss of life.

Gone are the outposts on Mars, Venus and even The Moon itself. Gone also are the once majestic cities that thrived after the introduction of advanced technology from The Traveller. Gone too the once proud army of warriors who stood guard over Mankind…..everything , has changed…forever.

Moving forward we come to 700 years following the arrival of The Traveller as the protective satellite sends ‘Ghosts’, small probes carrying advanced artificial intelligence, to locate the bodies of fallen warriors, who were once the former protectorate of Earth’s one-time prosperous population.

Upon discovery of your lifeless corpse you are ‘resurrected’  by this tiny ‘demi-God’ and granted life renewed as The Traveller and his new allies, the Exo’s and The Awoken, plot the downfall of the invading Fallen Empire.

Now, here is where things get a little ‘tricky’.

The Exo’s are an enigma to everyone, including themselves. Built for a war long forgotten by everyone, these rebooted robotic rangers have protected Man since their construction but were powered down following the completion of their original task and then brought back online during The Collapse.

Equal in rights and status to their Human counterparts the Exo’s enjoy life among the rank and file and have even been recruited to fight once more as Guardian’s by The Traveller.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   12The Awoken, however, are a different kettle of alien fish altogether. These Human-descended blue-skinned warrior’s are a proud race who, during the time of The Collapse, sought sanctuary in the far reaches of Human controlled space. This area is now known as ‘The Reef’ and many Awoken prefer to still live here, often rejecting Earth born Awoken as ‘outsiders’ and making them unwelcome on The Reef.

Power is controlled by a Queen, and her ever scheming brother, but The Awoken are allies regardless of their cold, somewhat cruel exterior. Whatever happened during their Exodus to the far reaches of space during The Collapse may have changed their genetics forever, but they remain loosely allied to Mankind…for the moment.

And now we come to the ‘bad guys’ of the piece, ‘The Fallen’. These four-armed aliens are as agile as they are intelligent, and given that they are bipeds operating with two pairs of extremely strong upper limbs also allowing them to scale obstacles with ease, that is no small claim.

Advanced in technology and far superior to Humans and Awoken in terms of weaponry, armour and vehicles The Fallen have but one true opponent worth their time, really, and that may well be The Exo’s.

The Fallen appeared first when they attacked the Human advanced base on Venus during the onset of The Collapse, but their motives for doing some are still unknown. Perhaps they felt threatened by Mankind’s sudden technological improvements and interstellar travel? Perhaps they thought it best to nip this war-like Human species in the bud before their tinkering’s and ingenuity produced weapons and craft that could better their own? Whatever the reason behind the assault the outcome was swift and decisive leading to further attacks on the remaining Human outposts from Fallen warriors emboldened by their early victories.

Split into six distinct classes The Fallen are, from the lowest rank to the highest in ascending order:

Shanks:            Shanks are the ‘Drones’ of The Fallen with one major difference to the Human version, Shanks spray death and destruction from their onboard cannons. In essence they are the Jack of All Trades of The Fallen in that they are, more often than not, the sentries, the Drones, the front line recce troops, the hunter-killers, the IED’s and the Kamikaze pilots. These AI ‘dogs bodies’ are expendable assets sent in to prepare the way for their organic brethren.

Dregs:               The moniker speaks for itself as these lowest of the low biological entities are the ‘grunts’ of The Fallen ranks. These former thieves now spend their time between acting as shock troops and guards as they get all of the less glamorous jobs their fellow combatants feel are beneath them. Pack hunters, scavengers and easily distinguishable from any other Fallen because unlike the rest of their species Dregs are two handed like their Human enemies. It may be because of this that they are seen as ‘the dregs’ of Fallen society.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   5Vandals:           Now we begin to get to the more ‘meaty’ of The Fallen warriors with these hard-headed killers. Four armed for better mobility, agility and unarmed combat, ( try fighting someone who has both of your arms held outstretched and yet still can hit you with a flurry of combinations and you begin to get the picture ), The ‘Vandals’ are the ‘sniper’ and specialist class of The Fallen. Armed more often than not with high-powered fusion weapons for that additional blast their one disadvantage is the charge time required by said weapons. However, get too close to these sneaking assassins and they are able to ‘mix it’ with the best of them. You have been warned.

Captains:         The Prussian aristocracy of The Fallen. These powerful brutes come armed with twin swords that they wield with astonishing deftness and ability. Complete with heavy armour and rank identifying cape, The Captain’s are the toughest of all The Fallen bipedal warriors. Capable of turning their murderous talents from sword to shield, rifle to rough-necking these impressive soldiers are professional and dedicated and should not be underestimated, ever!

Servitors:           A spherical beam producing ‘Death Star’ that has shields and a larger than average lifespan against anything other than later rare weapons. These orbs of doom are capable of teleportation across short distances as well as producing Void projectiles which they launch across vast area’s from their ‘eye-like’ aperture.

Archons:            The High Priests of The Fallen. Extremely powerful and can absorb far more damage than their lower ranked comrades the Captain’s.  Archon’s also possess special abilities such as the ‘smash’ which will do extreme player damage if you are the victim of such a devastating blow.

Kells:                In a word, ‘Trouble’ ( with a capital ‘T’ ). The supreme leaders of Fallen Houses, these are the pinnacle of power for Guardian’s looking to rid a planet’s zone of The Fallen permanently. Approach with extreme caution and only when in Co-oP Mode.


Destiny                                                 GmP         image   9Offsetting the rank and file of the foes you will face in Destiny are the allies made up of The aforementioned Exo’s, Awoken and, of course, the trusty Humans. Customization for the classes in each race is somewhat limited at first, but that’s not to say it does not improve as you quickly whip through the first twenty or so levels gaining performance and armour upgrades along the way. Items such as the ‘legendary’ and ‘rare’ weapons also offer their own personal upgrades for completing set tasks and achieving kill streaks.

Staying with the games’ story for just a moment longer we now have to decide whether or not to praise or persecute Bungie for what loosely passes for the ‘campaign mode’. To be honest with you all it is not a decision we have to put too much thought into because the sheer lack of anything even remotely approaching a single player mode doesn’t just speak for itself it veritably screams the house down.

In a game the cost a reported £500m to develop the word that springs to mind when attempting to describe the attraction for a solo player is, surprisingly, anything but positive. The total disregard for any kind of single player mode is staggering, especially when you consider that time and again over the years gamers have proven to publishers and studio’s alike that they do not want a shift over to always online, MMO styled digital only videogames. Gamers want tangible copies of physical media discs that house ‘their’ experience that ‘they’ paid for to enjoy in the comfort of ‘their own’ homes. Not some wishy-washy excuse for a concerted effort to force gamers into purchasing something that they don’#t really want.

If Bungie and Activision are so sure that the gameplay contained within Destiny is the future of videogames, and that the monotonous grind of a mediocre MMO is what players were hoping for, ask yourself why, then, did they market the game as an experience totally different to the one that players got.

There is no exploration of worlds from the cockpit of your star-fighter as you hurtle through space at warp factor 9. There is no single player mode whatsoever, rather a cobbled together Co-oP atrocity that forces players to team up with strangers online or be battered incessantly by enemies far to powerful for one warrior to stand against.

There is also ‘no’ discernible endgame because, ultimately, the game was so sliced and diced to ensure a steady stream of future DLC that quite literally all you can do in Destiny is fight the same re-spawning enemies, in the same area’s in the same missions over and over and over again in a never ending nightmare of tedium which is only offset by the occasional Weekly Strike Mission which is, yup you guessed it, just another rehashed mission from any one of the scant few that you have already completed a thousand times before.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   3Quite what Bungie were thinking when they had the team meeting to discuss modes and format and they all agreed that the way forward was a four-player enforced ‘’campaign’ with no single player option, save the opportunity to enter into what should be a four man strike on their Jack Jones, is just beyond us?

I find it incredible to believe that rational thinking men and women went along with this, particularly in light of their last title, you know? Halo? Only the most successful videogame franchise in history that supplanted itself in the hearts and minds of a generation, and then some, not because of its multiplayer, which was fantastic and varied, but because of the characters and scenario’s you found yourself being swept along with in the solo campaign mode.

Graphically the game is quite pleasing but the early warning signs for the more savvy gamer where that the title was available on all last generation platforms as well as the current crop. This should have given off warning bells regarding the limited architecture, meaning that the gameplay would also be restricted. When you consider that Dead Rising 3 breaks the record for the number of enemies on screen at any one time at a whopping 22,000 then it kind of puts things in perspective when Destiny starts to struggle at around 14.

But worry not, because lets call a spade a shovel here…Destiny never really pushes the boundaries of …well…anything?

The visuals are passable, the combat is the same bog standard FPS fare that we have been spoon fed in a thousand other shooters, the customization is basic and the gameplay positively mediocre.

Destiny as it is, this piecemeal 6 hours of beige hacked to bits in favour of selling players back huge chunks of the original game in the inevitable Season Pass, is far from the blockbuster experience that gamers were promised for so long.

That some players are even defending the disgraceful inclusion of items such as the predictable Expansion Pack flyer in the game case on day one of launch just goes to show how blinkered and downright gullible some consumers can be, as they are happy to be fed any old line from publishers and developers regarding the promise of ‘ten year programmes’, in which we are now supposed to be happy that we will be ‘treated’ to ‘free’ updates, ( are there any other kind? ), and ‘paid’ downloadable content ( are there any other kind? ).

If any proof was required that Bungie’s promised opus has been callously butchered for future DLC packages then readers need only search Youtube for the myriad of video’s showing players already finding future area’s that will house downloadable content. This plainly demonstrates that these area’s have been deliberately removed from the launch game in a bid to then sell it back to you at a later date.

Yes, Bungie have made the combat absolutely buttery smooth and so similar to Halo that Xbox gamers will be able to jump right on in to Destiny and feel like they are cozying up to a much-loved old friend.

Destiny                                                 GmP         image   4But, again, within the combat comes yet another problem because of the lack of a storyline. This means that all players will ever do is spawn in the exact same spot every time they begin a new mission or level. Then they move on through a few sparse enemies, who are also in exactly the same spot every time you pass them. ( so much so that if you just care to hang around a few minutes they will then magically re-appear like nothing ever happened and you can grind them into mush all over again ). From here its either a quick jaunt through the same terrain or you have the option of using your ‘speeder’  ( that comes with no armaments and basic controls and has about as much protection as chocolate fire guard ). One last push see’s you reach your objective where you will then take part in enforced ‘Horde Mode’ until the 30 second clock timer runs out and you go back to orbit, Earth or the same place you started from in the first place to rinse and repeat like some mind-numbing sci-fi torture.

And that is it.  That’s Destiny..?

What happened here? This is the most expensive game ever created. £500 million.  MILLION!?  Where? How?  Destiny has some of the most lack lustre level design of any game in recent memory, and the absolute worst solo experience next to MAG…and that game doesn’t even pretend to have one!

Minor niggles also litter the game like IED’s just waiting to go off on the first unsuspecting person to happen by. Some of them small, others not nearly so.

In no particular order here are some of the things which can cause aggravation on a scale of mild irritation to outright controller throwing ire.

The alluded to exploration from your single-seat space craft is, in fact, nothing more than a static cut scene. Not even an entertaining little mini-game, and even 2K’s NBA 2014  did that.

The fact that in a game that has boasted so much social interactivity and online community backing that not even a clan tag can be added to yours and your friends gamertags to show that you do, at least, have some kind of social recognition within the game itself.

The limitations of the 100 member clans, ( although you can’t have a clan tag ), meaning for larger groups you need to be split into sub-sections and have far more complicated hierarchies.

The questionable ‘one hit kill’ weapons in multiplayer.

Gamers being allowed to constantly farm ever more powerful weapons and ever stronger defensive armour and higher skill attributes in the ‘campaign’ and then being allowed to take them into the multiplayer unimpeded for tactical advantage.

Okay,, okay, that’s enough of the constant whining. It’s like the One Foot In The Grave version of the Destiny review.  So, after all that evidence and after all those minor and major niggles and jiggles along the way the single biggest issue with Destiny is not the lack of story, its not the omission of a genuine solo campaign or the many little snags, the most annoying and outright frustrating thing about Destiny is this……

         I LOVE IT!


Destiny                                                 GmP         image   7Forget everything we just pointed out and just do yourself a favour and get among some of the coolest and most addictive action since call of Duty 4. The gun play is outstanding, the all new double-jumps bring a totally different feel to the combat systems usually found in spoon-fed shooters and constantly re-spawning  enemies mean that the game never stops, it just keeps throwing armed to the teeth bad guys at you again and again in a constant challenge to your gaming skills.

Yes, we know we outlined a whole catalogue of moans and gripes but the truth of the matter is that Destiny is such a great game IN SPITE of these issues, rather than being a terrible one BECAUSE of them.

So what if you are dropped in the same spot for every mission, and so what if the lazy level design means that until the launch of the undoubted myriad of downloadable content packs that you will be fighting across the same locations and zones for the the same recurring missions.  SO WHAT!  Because at the end of the day, let’s be honest here, how many of the players getting among the action in Destiny are truly ‘bothered’ by it?   That’s right, you got it in one…’none!’

Destiny knows it doesn’t have to answer to the nit-picking, know-it-all’s in either the gaming media or the industry because it does the one main thing right above all else, and that is to deliver on the promises made to introduce the future of online FPS gaming.

The action is incessant and once the bombs and bullets start to fly then the pace of the never-ending onslaught is blistering. The weapons feel meaty and extremely well balanced. Each firearm brings with it its own set of upgrades such as additional projectile damage, better sights for distance, ( or close combat ), as well as the ability to auto collect ammunition from any weapon type encountered from fallen…erm, ‘Fallen’.

The new found attributes in the gameplay, such as the outstanding double ( upgradable to ‘triple’ ), ‘Halo-Bouncing’ is great fun and brings with it a whole new way to deliver death and destruction to your enemies. Battling it out with an opposite number who is also capable of this new ‘verticality warfare’ is also great fun and adds new dimensions to an already highly entertaining combat system.

When all is said and done, however, the pissing and moaning, the praising and gushing, it all boils down to one basic thing with Destiny: “ Do you like shooters? “

And that is basically ‘it’, in a nutshell.

If you enjoy shooters games where everything you see is trying to blow your head off with everything from fusion based power weapons, automatic rifles and even laser swords then you will absolutely love Destiny. Because believe you me, you are going to be doing just that! Shooting!

If you don’t like shooters and you are whining about the lack of campaign, the fact that enemies re-pawn again and again you are in a constant battle regardless of how many bad guys you kill, then what the Hell did you buy a shooter game for in the first place?  This wasn’t exactly sold to you as the next Fable title or Mortal Kombat. What were you expecting?

Destiny never actually made any promises to be anything other than ‘the next generation of shooters’, so all of those people, ( us included ), complaining because it has delivered on the only actual claim that it made need to re-consider, ( as we did ), what it is we are actually so aggrieved at.

number-7-pool-ballDestiny is a beautiful game with massive panoramic vista’s and some of the very best FPS action you are ever likely to encounter throughout this entire generation. There is no point in saying ‘From start to finish’, because the game is incessant, ever evolving and with an already assured 10 years of future content planned down the line. So, as we say Destiny is not likely to be anywhere close to the end just yet.

Remarkable as it is re-inventing the shooter genre Destiny could just have ushered in the age of the ‘MMOS’, ( or “ massive multiplayer online shooter “ ),  and we thank them for it.  Forget negativity, forget minor grumbles and gripes and just enjoy it for what it is, the promised ‘future of shooters’.  GmP rightly scores Destiny a justified 7 out of 10#

TITLE:                                                    DESTINY
FORMAT:                                              XBOX ONE                         [reviewed])
DEVELOPER:                                     BUNGIE
PUBLISHER:                                       ACTIVISION


SCORE OUT OF 10:                          7  OUT OF 10

Outlast : Review

Outlast              GmP                            image    6

With more and more studio’s opting to try and find the next multiplayer cash-cow it would appear that the days of the survival/horror title are well and truly numbered. But if developers such as Red Barrels show anything with their latest launch it is that there is still a huge demand for the suspenseful chiller in videogames today. Join us now as we take an in-depth look at the nightmare shocker Outlast.

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset shall we? Survival/Horror is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite genre in the vast array of gaming pigeonholes. That chilling sensation you get creeping up your spine as your character edges along a darkened hallway lit only by flickering shadows is a far more tangible experience than anything else, I feel, offered up in any of the myriad genres littering the shelves of your local gaming retailer.

Nothing else seems to draw you in to the atmosphere like a horror game, and nothing comes even remotely close to the real-world feelings drawn out of the player as they greedily suck in shallow breath after shallow breath as they stumble and fumble their way across game zones spattered with traps, troubles and blood stains in equal measure.

No, there is nothing quite like a good scare-fest of the kind a survival/horror title delivers. Enter stage right the cracking Outlast. This outstanding piece of work is the product of twisted minds from the Red Barrels Studio, and oh!, what a tangled web they weave.

Starting off in the rain-soaking vehicle of investigative reporter Miles Upshur, we enter into our latest assignment after receiving an anonymous tip from a whistleblower regarding the sinister going’s on at Mount Massive asylum. This dark and looming building is the staple of horror films and comics time and again, but familiar though its architecture may be what is contained within its whispering walls is anything but.

Outlast              GmP                            image    7Set up in the Fifties as an asylum Mount Massive was quickly closed but re-opened again in the Eighties after being snapped up by the same shady corporate empire our intrepid reporter is currently investigating. This explains our man’s interest in the  area, but you can bet Miles wasn’t prepared for anything like he finds within the walls of the ‘asylum’ as the mental health institute is merely a front organisation for the worrying medical research into sleep deprivation and REM dream pattern control.

Entrance to the asylum serves as a short tutorial and we welcome back to the gameplay format that one time fan-favourite, survival/horror tradition of squeezing through gaps in walls and debris to gain access too, or to escape from, whatever demonic entity is currently seeking to chomp on your entrails.

Some may argue that the ‘squeeze through’ is a little passé, they are wrong, No argument, no debate. Just wrong. It’s a great addition to the game, and that is all there is to it. Racing towards a narrow fissure in shattered walls whilst all the time being to afraid to even take a quick glance back at your pursuer for fear of a grasping hand clawing at your startled face is far better than merely ‘Press and hold X to enter’.

Speaking of opening up a door, upon reaching the main entrance to Mount Massive players must shimmy around to a side door to get into the place as the main imposing portal is barricaded and locked up tight.  If anything this should have served as a red flag to our intrepid journalist but no! He just has to be Captain Bravepants and push right on in there.

Upon slipping into the ominous abode our Journo gets his first signs that all may not be quite peachy inside Mount Massive. You know the sort of thing? Lights flickering, eerie silence, a couple of broken windows here and there…oh, and the bloodied handprints and pools of ‘claret’ making Escher patterns on the floor. Time, in the words of that time-honoured beer advert, for a sharp exit.


I think the phrase we are looking for, now that we have plummeted through the floor of the asylum, would be something along the lines of ‘the fecal matter has most definitely struck the wind farm now’.

From here on, dear GmP readers, the best thing to do to get the full effect of the atmospheric and down right chilling psychological horror provided by Red Barrels would be to turn off the lights, grab a few drinks and munchies and get settled in for around 6 hours of pant-wetting terror.  Oh, and while you are getting all your supplies and preparations made for your late-night fright-fest don’t forget to grab a shovel for your underwear.

Okay, now that we are inside let’s get a couple of things out of the way shall we? Graphically, Outlast may not be the prettiest game on the planet but I’ll be damned if that makes it a bad game, far from it. The game looks no more grainy or rattled than anything on display in a Dead Island or a Castlevania, and certainly with its ‘non violent’ approach to the ’ gameplay it is one of the most inventive of the year.

Do not be fooled, however, just because Miles doesn’t turn into Billy The Kid and go blasting his way through a horde of zombies the moment things turn sour does not mean that the game is in any way diminished by the lack of player combat. It just means that you have to be a good deal more realistic in your approach when facing enemies and problems.

Got a huge hulking brute with arms like Arnie in front of you?  Try using the most powerful ‘muscle’ in your body instead of your trigger finger and ‘think’ about how you  are going to get out of the situation you find yourself in.

Outlast              GmP                            image    4Moving right into the fighting mechanics brings us to to a point that will have some gamers scratching their heads and others nodding said melons in sage-like approval. Outlast may have many rumours circulating the interwebz that it doesn’t even have a combat system in place, however, this is simply not true. Outlast ‘does’ have plenty of violent moments of arm-rending gore and outright extreme blood thirsty savagery, its just that they will all, ( without exception ), be performed ‘on’ your character as opposed to ‘by’ him.

Instead, what players are treated to, by the lack of fighting abilities from Mr Upshur, is a non-stop nightmare where every corner can bring you face to face with a mutated monster whose only thought is to rend your body until it resembles nothing more than chump. Where every step on your journey may be your last, and every laboured breath is nervously caught short in your chest for fear of being overheard and overpowered by any one of the asylum’s unfettered inmates.

The lack of firearms, and even melee weapons, makes for a far more terrifying and frantic affair as players desperately try to navigate the corridors and chambers of this Hotel of Horror without alerting the assorted foes that line the halls and cellars just awaiting the arrival of an unfortunate fly into the blood soaked web. Stealth and subterfuge are thee orders of the day, and in a tip of utmost importance we ask you all to learn from our own mistakes with the adoption of a far more patient approach to your game play, as opposed to hurtling around the zones tearing from room to room like you are participating in some kind of demented speed round of hide and seek.

Don’t get me wrong here, there was more than one occasion when I’d stamp my feet and spout a “…if I had a gun or a club I could have killed him easy!” line, like a petulant child, but over-all the depth of desperation that the lack of even the most basic weapon offers you more than makes up for having a moment or two with yet another predictable outcome delivered with yawn inducing inevitability thanks to the possession of a rifle or machete.

Hell, you don’t even have the option to stand there and put your ‘dukes’ up before engaging the heavyweight in the corner to a round or three of Marquis of Queensbury. Nothing! Nervous types need not apply and those prone to bouts of diarrhoea had best install a steady supply of auto-assembly nappies for just such moments of pure unadulterated terror.

This is, without a doubt, a brave decision by Red Barrels, particularly in an age when the shooter reigns supreme and many former survival/horror stalwarts  such as Resident Evil have gone from being out and out stealth scenario’s to nothing more than tired Call of Duty wannabee’s.

Undoubtedly there are lessons to be learned here by many of the so-called ‘larger studios’  in that gamers are a funny lot, and although we may love the occasional hour or three spent blasting lumps out of each other on some Godforsaken battlefield in an online shooter, does not mean that we want ‘every’ subsequent title we purchase to be of a cookie-cutter formula. After all, variety, as they, is the spice of life.

Another major factor in the appeal of Outlast  is the brooding atmosphere inside Mount Massive’s  towering walls. The crushing blackness of the rooms and passageways populated by shuffling inmates is tangible in its oppression, and downright nerve-racking from start to finish.. It’s almost as if even the light bulbs have thought better of their situation and made themselves scarce rather than shine illumination onto the many horrors and atrocities being committed by doctor and patient alike.

Populated as it is by the now garish figures of former inmates and staff, Mount Massive is home to a collection of crazies and cranks the kind of which would make even The Shining’s own Jack Torrance seem like the most sociable and mentally stable fellow a chap could ever hope to meet.

Outlast              GmP                            image    3Mad scientist types, paranoid schizophrenics, sociopaths, psychopaths and a particularly excellent cameo from a vengeful ‘artist’ are among the more noteworthy of our new ‘friends’, but all of these pale into the background compared to the madness behind the men and women who created such a programme in the first place.

The sense of oppression raining down upon the characters shoulders is almost palpable as you stumble and fumble your way along bleak walkways and fetid sewers. The only light you have is the power-permitting UV glare of your trusty camcorder as you stagger your way through and around this maze of misery.

Of course, many players will be tempted to keep the garish green tinged light from their video camera always on for fear of becoming injured , lost or surprise-attacked by any one of the lurking former inmates in this art-imitating-life-imitating-art scenario as the lunatics have very much taken over the asylum.

And many of them will die…repeatedly.

Our advice is to take advantage of the camera’s light sparingly. Not only because finding batteries to power the unit are few and far between, particularly on the higher difficulty settings, but because the time will arise when you need the camera to find a certain clue or log entry and you will by pass the moment because your low battery alert is beeping like a sailor on daytime television.

The inky blackness permeates everything and even seems to infest the very air you breath as you weave your way under, over and around obstacles and wade through everything from rank sewage canals to bloodied body parts. This is compounded by the fact that players are not only tasked with finding an exit at all costs, but also because you are charged with locating extra batteries for your camcorder, audio and text logs that reveal snippets regarding the back story and events that have led to this current situation, as well as a myriad of additional tasks and objectives that are part and parcel of Miles’ survival in order that he may eventually emerge from this nightmare as unscathed as possible.

Outlast is the kind of game that horror fans have been longing for; suspenseful, chilling and outright nerve-wracking. The skillful use, by the developers, of music and mood is to be commended, and whereas others may simply have resorted to the tiresome ‘jump scare’ method Red Barrels have, instead, gone all out on a far deeper experience more along the lines of something Hitchcockian, if you will.

Naturally there are the more common-or-garden ‘boo!’ moments, where players will be squeezing through a thin gap in a wall, for example, only to be grabbed violently by a screeching inmate from the other side and yanked unceremoniously across the room like a rag doll, but it is with the well thought out use of lighting and atmosphere that Red Barrels truly capture the essence of what a genuine horror game is meant to be, and never once do they ease up on the player throughout the entirety of their torturous trek through the halls of this nightmare.

Outlast              GmP                            image    5Hiding in closets as you hear the thump and drag of encroaching enemies is enough to set anyone’s nerves on edge, but Red Barrels add so much more to melting pot than this. Tension is built in so many different ways from reaching for a crumbling outcropping as you try frantically to escape your pursuers, knowing that if you fall that you have nothing to defend yourself with. Your shaking fingers struggle to replace the batteries in your failing camera as the looming darkness, and insane inmates lurking in the shadows,  creep ever closer  with every passing second. Lunatics whose minds have been callously ripped from their brains by tinkering surgeons cackle in the distance as they make crazed collages of severed limbs, and modern art masterpieces from the body parts of former guards.

All of this and more makes up, what has to be, the underground hit of the year and without a shadow of a doubt the most entertaining and enjoyable survival/horror title since Condemned. If publishers want to be able to make big bucks from their titles without having to constantly dream up new idea’s to steal the Call of Duty/Battlefield install base then it is in titles such as Outlast and studio’s such as Red Barrels that they will find their answers.

Gamers want an assortment of titles, in a variety of genres. Not just point and shoot causal shovelware doled out in annual spoon-fed portions, with just enough content taken out so that Season Passes and the predictable DLC scam inevitably follow. Gamers want role-playing, ( Japanese and Western ), FPS, RNG, MMO, P&C,4×4,strategy, hack’n’slash, fighting games, survival and horror. What we do not want is the same format in every genre, it does not warrant a purchase, and hopefully the woeful sales of titles such as Bioshock Infinite, Resident Evil 6 and FEAR 3 and The Darkness 2 will have pointed this out?

( of course, what will happen in reality is that publishers will just ‘drop’ said franchise and instead of investing in new and exciting IP’s they will undoubtedly fall back on tried and tested tedium such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA and Uncharted )

Gamers need to begin the process of demonstrating ‘people power’ by voting and speaking with their wallets. Outlast is the perfect stage to demonstrate this consumer strength from. I’m not saying don’t buy your regular installment of your favourite annual, far from it. What I am hoping to recommend is that you should be purchasing such cracking titles as Outlast at the first opportunity, and then advising your friends to do the same. The only way to get publishers to promote more games such as Outlast is to prove to them that they are commercially viable.  We can heap plaudits after accolades onto Red Barrels and their amazing work, but if the sales do not raise the eyebrows of the ‘suits’ then it means nothing in the end.

Red Barrels have done a remarkable job with Outlast, and we wish them every success with this and future titles, but we need to show them the financial support of a Forza or an Uncharted if we are ever likely to  see the success matched time and again with follow up smash hit titles.

number-9-pool-ballDo not let this game go un-purchased, un-played and unnoticed. Outlast is a fantastic title, and one that every gamer should have in their collection whether they are fans of the survival/horror genre or not. This game could mark a huge turning point either in publishers returning to the time when actual investments where made in forward thinking and innovative studio’s, or in the way that more and more studio’s go down the self-publishing route. Whatever the result the winners in all of this are ultimately ‘you’, the gamers.

An epic title, this breath of fresh air almost feels revolutionary in its approach as it flies in the face of today’s staid formats and carbon copy videogames market. Outlast is a tour de force, and one that should adorn your game collection already and if not…why not?   Remarkable and inspirational, Outlast should serve as the benchmark for all future independent studio titles.        9 out of 10