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MorphSuits bring CosPlay to the party

Ever been to an event and wondered in awe and admiration at many of the beautifully attired CosPlayers with their brightly coloured and extravagant costumes and wondered just where such inspirational items come from? Well,...

Scuf Gaming                   GmP     image      CoD AW LE 1

Advanced Warfare is Here!

Prepare Yourself with a Custom SCUF Controller Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has finally arrived to the millions of fans around the world, and the beautiful people at Scuf Gaming are sharing in the...

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Corsair Gaming unveil their RGB Headset range

The latest inclusion into the all-new Corsair Gaming family of peripherals are the premium RGB Headsets. The Corsair Gaming H1500 and H2100 Headsets are part of Corsair’s new line of high-performance gaming equipment. Joining...