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Review: Thorium 100 & 300 Series Offer Gamers A Real Alternative

Thorium 300                               GmP                 image 1

Thorium 300                               GmPWith the popularity of videogaming never before reaching such dizzying heights as it is right now the demands by gamers on manufacturers and companies to create ever better technology and peripherals to fuel their single and multiplayer cravings have never been greater.

Naturally with increased resources and research going in to making these ‘next generation’ of PC and console gaming accessories there is an undoubted rise in cost by the companies charged with their invention. This inevitably results in steeper prices for the consumer as rising manufacturing bills and production costs have to be accounted for.

With this in mind it is with great pleasure that we bring to you all a joint review of the Thorium 100 and sister product the Thorium 300, gaming keyboards. These cut price peripherals are just the latest in a procession of budget options for gamers everywhere by the UK’s biggest and best independent technology and gaming retailer eBuyer.

Now we know what you are thinking, ‘budget’. It is now that many readers will recoil almost in mock horror at the very word like some kind of outraged scalded cat, but we are here to tell you that consumer-programming and indoctrination by advertisers aside; ‘budget’ does not have to mean ‘bad’.

Designed and delivered by Element Gaming, although the 300 series is the only specifically touted as a ‘gaming keyboard’, the Thorium range is perfectly suited to the needs and requirements of gamers from the casual, ( Thorium 100 ), to the more hardcore players among you, ( Thorium 300 ).

Ergonomically and aesthetically gorgeous in their sleek black shell the Thorium 100 and 300 keyboards both share a similar size that opts for the larger proportions as opposed to the dinky-digit portable nightmares such as the Razer Tartarus. ( and at a whopping £76 for what is little more than a chat pad stuck on a Tesco’s pricing gun you start to wonder where some of these companies get the figures they charge for these fads from? )

But, we digress!

Thorium 100                               GmPThere are some differences in the design between the Thorium 100 and the Thorium 300, in that the ‘true’ gaming model ( the 300 version ) has a far larger wrist support for those longer bouts of MMO mayhem,, as well as offering up a multi-facetted feature set for macro’s that is a must have for any true PC gamer.

Of course, as with any QWERTY keyboard the main thing to worry about are the button themselves, and coming off the back of he favoured Logitech keyboard’s for this review we have to be perfectly honest with you all when we tell you that the Element Thorium’s ‘both’ have outdone themselves with surprisingly efficient models that have perfectly sized buttons that give ideal response and resistance when depressed.

In fact this pair of delights has been nothing less than ‘surprising’ all round when you consider that their nearest ‘gaming’ rivals are all priced way above the meagre £9.95 for the Thorium 100 and the paltry £24.99 for the Thorium 300. But time and again with the Element Gaming keyboards you will soon discover that this is a pleasant sensation and one not unlike when you hear a boxing commentator describe a great fighter being usurped by a contender ‘punching well above their weight’

Both wired, both offering 50g of pressure and both bringing affordability to the gaming crowd the Thorium 100 and Thorium 300 do have similarities, but it is also in the differences that they have unique strengths too.

Take the features offered by the Thorium 100, for example:

WASD keys with a free ‘key pulling’ and replacement tool. Extremely easy key travel: meaning that you get the same instant response times,  between when you depress a button and the time it takes for the action to appear on screen/monitor,  in a Thorium 100 that you would  find in a keyboard with a much higher price tag.

But the staggering thing is that when you get all of this comfort and performance in a keyboard costing less than a couple of grilled chicken sandwiches at McDonalds.  ( we kid you not )

But wait, there is more.  Much more!

Thorium 300                               GmP                 image 1Just when you thought that Element Gaming couldn’t possibly outdo themselves for bargains and tech at affordable prices they go and throw the Thorium 300 into the melting pot and give gamers everywhere a genuine reason to be cheerful and think that Christmas has come a couple of months early.

Jumping up a definite division and taking on the heavyweights with a lightweight RRP comes the star in the Element Gaming range. The Thorium 300 is, without a doubt, the very best of all the affordable keyboards we have tried, and believe us when we tell you there have been may, ( and yet, none were around the price of the Thorium with the vast majority of what their manufacturers describe as ‘budget’ peripherals actually coming in at around the £40-50 mark )

With a much larger set up the Thorium 300 is easily the most comfortable of the two keyboards thanks to its wider base-board allowing for the housing of additional macro buttons on the left of the QWERTY keys, as well as the highly practical built-in wrist protector on the lower segment. There is also the added functionality of the top section ‘menu bar’ that allows users to form presets for their favourite homepage, search engine and email provider on one side, and also video playback and volume controls on the other.

All of the buttons are softly lit using pleasantly shaded LED’s, and this means that users can comfortably perform keystrokes without eyestrain for late night or darkened room gameplay. No need to worry about software and updates, either, as Windows 7 and 8 both auto-install everything you need to keep your new Element Gaming keyboards operating at optimum output.

Lastly comes the the wired USB cable which comes in the form of the much preferred threaded cable. ( as opposed to the basic plastic cover of the Thorium 100 ). This type of detail is, more often than not, only ever found on keyboards, mice and headsets with a much higher price tag, and yet Element Gaming have included it here in what ahs to be accredited to them as a nice touch.

All told the new Thorium range from Element Gaming is  a  fine opening slvo for this fledgling company, and will, we are sure, be the foundation of a gamer favourite, should this standard of care, product performance and finish be added to all of their future products.

Both keyboards performed well under testing in both the standard office atmosphere as well as in the online arena. The Thorium 100 is more than capable of delivering for casual gamers playing browser based and simpler format titles, and the Thorium 300 more than handled anything that Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Path of Exile threw at it.

number 7 pool ballIf you are looking for an entry level keyboard before setting off an that eternal path to gaming Nirvana then we can highly recommend the Thorium range, particularly the 300, as your starting point. The build is more than capable, and will not let you down in moments of pure panic and stress when you are surrounded by legions of the undead during heavy battles in Diablo 3.  At less than £30 what more could anyone ask?  Scores on the doors for the Thorium range look a little something like this:

Thorium 100 is worthy of a sturdy 6 out of 10and the Thorium 300 achieves a well deserved 7 out of 10. Do NOT be fooled by the price, these are keyboards that will stand you in good stead regardless of the task you set them.

To take a look at the entire Element Gaming range and place your own order for either, ( or both ), of these cracking keyboards then click here to be whisked on over to the eBuyer website.

Corsair RGB Gaming Mice Unveiled

Corsair                 GmP image          RGB Gaming MiceStaying on track with the new Corsair Gaming range we take a look at the RGB Mice propping up the controls section of the new department of the worlds leading custom PC and peripheral manufacturer.

The M65 RGB gaming mouse – available in black or white – continues Corsair Gaming’s focus on RGB colour customization. This high-end gaming mouse goes beyond the industry standard with built-in three-zone 16.8 million colour backlighting. Housed on a durable aluminum unibody chassis, the 8,200 DPI, gaming-grade laser sensor helps gamers make their mark, with a sniper button ensuring the most critical of shots stays on target. Charging the battlefield with a rubber-grip metal high-mass scroll wheel, eight programmable buttons, and adjustable weight turning zones, the M65 RGB mouse balances precise control and intelligent tracking with innate comfort and style.

  • Three-zone backlighting with up to 16.8 million colours for virtually infinite customization
  • Custom-tuned 8,200 DPI gaming-grade laser sensor for pixel-precise tracking
  • High-capacity Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks for years of precise triggering
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum baseplate for light weight and durability
  • Adjustable weight system helps set the centre of gravity to match play style
  • Eight strategically placed buttons, including a dedicated sniper button with improved positioning
  • On-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to gameplay demands
  • Two-year warranty
  • £53/649 SEK MSRP

Stay with GmP as we bring you the very latest news and reviews from Corsair Gaming.


Razer Deathadder Chroma                          GmPThe Razer DeathAdder Chroma now offers 10K DPI, 200 IPS, 50 G acceleration; Synapse: Stats & Heatmaps tracking analytics; and Chroma lighting features

Razer™, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the launch of the Razer DeathAdder Chroma gaming mouse.

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma features the renowned ergonomic design of its precursor. It is equipped with a 10,000 DPI optical sensor that is able to track lift-off distance as precise as 1 mm on most surfaces, including glass table tops. The upgraded sensor is capable of mouse movement speeds up to 200 inches per second with 50 G acceleration, ensuring exacting accuracy and organic fluidity onscreen.

Together with Razer Synapse: Stats & Heatmaps, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma provides gamers precise details such as game time, button presses, distance moved and even how much overall pressure was exerted while gaming. This incredible amount of technical tracking data coupled with the upgraded ultra accurate sensor allows gamers to tweak the Razer DeathAdder Chroma to their individual play style and further increase their accuracy more than with any other mouse on the planet.

“The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is the world’s best gaming mouse favored by eSports athletes everywhere,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “Our Synapse software continues to add value to our hardware products, and this is the latest example of that. Validated by professional eSports athletes, the iconic ergonomic design and the ability for gamers to hone their accuracy make the Razer DeathAdder Chroma the perfect mouse for any play style.”

The DeathAdder Chroma joins the BlackWidow Chroma and Kraken 7.1 Chroma that come with the option of 16.8 million customizable colours and a range of effects through Razer’s cloud-based hardware configurator Razer Synapse. Chroma allows the device to sync lighting colours and patterns and comes with an open SDK that enables game developers to integrate advanced lighting effects based on in-game events such as a base being under attack and much more.

Corsair Reveal RGB Gaming Keyboards

Corsair                                           GmP                K95 RGB, K70 RGB, and K65 Gaming KeyboardsCorsair tempt gamers with new range of trademark top quality products

Long known in the PC communities as a manufacturer delivering on promises of peripherals and kit with just that little something extra when it comes to invention and ingenuity, Corsair have now turned their trained eye to the gaming market with their new range of target specific treats.

Top of the list of Corsair wizardry is the latest batch of keyboards in the all-new ‘RGB Range’. This cracking collection of finger-friendly lovelies look all set to take the world of the online gamer by storm with their second-to-none style, features and the near patented Corsair reputation for peak performance in all area’s.

K95 RGB, K70 RGB, and K65 Gaming Keyboards

With their colour-customizable, 16.8 million colour backlighting, the K95 RGB, K70 RGB, and K65 RGB are the headliners of the Corsair Gaming brand. All three keyboards use only German-made Cherry MX RGB mechanical key switches as part of an exclusive-to-launch partnership with Cherry.

Each key switch is built with the exacting precision of Cherry’s self-cleaning, corrosion-proof Gold-Crosspoint electrical contacts, and with over five billion sold, Cherry MX mechanical key switches are the premier choice of professional gamers and enthusiasts who demand uncompromising reliability and performance. Combined with Corsair Gaming’s distinctive aircraft-grade aluminium baseplate, Cherry MX RGB key switches deliver a professional-level gaming keyboard that ensures both consistency and accuracy with the touch of every key.

The K95, K70, and K65 RGB keyboards exhibit Corsair’s hallmark features: sleek design, ultra-precision components, and sturdy construction that guarantee long-lasting performance.

Technical specifications for the new Corsair Gaming keyboards read like a ‘who’s who’ of must-have components and features for any manufacturer looking to put up a challenge to the undoubted intentions made by Corsair with this new collection.

  • 100% German-made Cherry MX RGB mechanical Red, Blue, or Brown key switches (K65 RGB available with Red key switches)
  • 16.8 million multicolour per-key backlighting for virtually unlimited customization
  • Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) enables users to create and customize their own lighting patterns, animations, and macros
  • Aircraft-grade black anodized brushed aluminum for superior rigidity
  • 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB
  • Onboard memory stores performance and lighting settings
  • Two-year warranty
  • K95 RGB £160/1795 SEK MSRP
  • K70 RGB £140/1595 SEK MSRP
  • K65 RGB (available across Europe in the coming months)

Powerful Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software enables the creation of unlimited lighting effects and macros, from solid colours that can highlight key groupings, to smooth gradients, dramatic waves and captivating ripple patterns. These customization options let gamers match their PC system lighting, find gaming keys faster, and provide critical visual feedback for executing in-game objectives. 

Corsair Gaming understands that gamers demand choice when it comes to their hardware, so the K95, K70, and K65 RGBs cater to your every need – including size. All three support complete macro programmability on any key, with the K95 RGB offering an additional array of 18 dedicated macro keys and dedicated media-keys. In contrast, the compact 10-keyless K65 RGB removes the number pad and media keys for a desk-space-saving design, while the K70 RGB offers the standard keyboard layout and media keys that have already made its predecessor the choice for serious gamers.

Stay with GmP as we bring you the full run down of all of the items in Corsair Gaming’s explosive new assault on the videogames market

SteelSeries Sensei Raw Gaming Mouse review

SteelSeries Sensei raw               GmP Gaming        image 1The latest range of products from award-winning manufacturer SteelSeries has left gamers from all corners of the industry in no doubt that this is a serious play for total domination at an affordable price by the critically acclaimed team. The Sensei Raw Gaming Mouse is a perfect example of design and durability combined with form and functionality, and all at a wallet-friendly fee. Let’s take a look into this ambidextrous delight a little closer as we bring you the low down on the high points of SteelSeries’ newest addition to their gaming family.

Following up on the success of the original Sensei mouse was never going to be an easy task for any product designer. It’s user-friendly, ergonomic curves were beautifully balanced against the excellent positioning of additional feature buttons and their undoubted practicality. Well, let us rephrase that statement a little, shall we? ‘ Following up on the success of the original Sensei mouse was never going to be easy for any other design team’. Fortunately, the men and women at SteelSeries are no ordinary ‘techy types’.

Moving away from the glossy finish of the elder statesman of the Sensei range, the ‘Raw’ comes in with a more down to Earth and gritty approach as it takes on a decidedly more rubberized matte finish. Of course the pleasing aesthetics do not end there as those gamers who are found of a more ‘futuristic’ feel to their peripherals will be pleased as punch, no doubt, with the pulsating SteelSeries emblem beaming its logo out from the hand plate of the mouse like some kind of technological timing of a cybernetic heart beat.

Naturally the easy on the eye looks of the Sensei Raw are not the only good-looking things abut the latest mouse from SteelSeries, as once again the sheer practicality of its design marries perfectly with its functionality.  Unlike a good many other gaming mice on the market the Sensei Raw has opted for the simplistic and uncluttered approach, as opposed to some of the more multi-buttoned monstrosities of the less ‘cultured’ of the peripheral manufacturer’s out there.

SteelSeries Sensei raw               GmP Gaming        image 2Although the Sensei Raw has dropped the on board ARM processor unit of its older brother, something that users will not bat an eye at, it does at no time ever dampen its performance or hinder the player in any shape, way or form. Just as the Sensei Raw now has only one colour throbbing in its chest, unlike the many millions of shades of grey of its predecessor, the Sensei Raw still outshines the original in all area’s thanks to the dazzling list of specifications as shown below:

Features & Specifications Here are the basic SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] features and specifications by the numbers, courtesy of SteelSeries.

  • 7 programmable buttons. Practically speaking it’s 2 (the 2 thumb buttons).
  • White LED lighting: DPI indicator, scroll wheel, and the SteelSeries Logo
  • Black glossy or rubber coating.
  • 125/250/500/1000Hz polling rate
  • Up to 5760DPI (dots per inch)
  • 2 DPI modes (“High” and “Low”)
  • Support for programmable macros and multiple profiles
  • APM (Actions per minute) measuring system
  • Weight: 90 grams (0.2 lbs)
  • Height: 38.7 mm (1.5 in)
  • Width: 68.3 mm (2.7 in)
  • Length: 125.5 mm (4.9 in)

As is clearly demonstrated by SteelSeries, with their detailed coverage of the innards and workings of the Sensei Raw, this latest gaming mouse is more than capable of standing up against any one of the heavily muscled MMO specific ‘uber mice’, whilst at the same time being easy enough for even the mot novice of PC gamer to take advantage of as they blaze a trail through something as basic as Angry Birds.

It is in this universal appeal that best describes the Sensei Raw’s true potential, as whether you are a gamer, or not as the case may be, the Sensei Raw is more than capable of stepping up to the plate for even the most busy of hands.

During the actual testing of the review unit we put the Sensei Raw through its paces with a lengthy bout of League of Legends, World of Warcraft, DoTA, Battlefield 3 and even ARMA 2. To say that this sexy little unit performed admirably is to totally understate the ease with which the Sensei Raw took care of every task and trial thrown at it, even during the more tense moments of a particularly raucous firefight in Battlefield 3, as well as a fractious assault during League of Legends.

SteelSeries Sensei raw               GmP Gaming        image 4The Sensei Raw then went on to prove its worth in the practical arena as we then adapted its functions to the more mundane and every day tasks required by millions of people in businesses and offices around the globe every single day.  The ‘Raw’ coped with this particular ‘challenge’ with the rightful disdain it deserved as its handily placed additional  ‘programmable’ buttons, which are situated along the mouse on both the left and right side panels, brought the same kind of instant easy access to imperative commands to make extremely light work of everything that was asked of it.

Of course, the extremely controllable scroll wheel, and handily placed additional ‘wheel button’ just below it, make for fast, sharp movements that are complimented by expansive sensitivity zones of the two main mouse control buttons at the fore front of the unit.

It is rare in this day and age to find any kind of product, especially one that has been targeted at a particular market, that operates at the same optimum performance in anything outside of its designated area, but the Sensei Raw has managed to not only break the mould of this stifling tradition, but to reshape and rework it to its own ends, and in doing so SteelSeries have managed to produce a gaming mouse that can be used by the customer at any time, and for all tasks on their PC.

Again we point out that it is because of this ease of use that the Sensei Raw should be the first port of call for not just the more avid and experienced PC gamer, but also the casual and novice players, as they are able to become better acquainted with its handling and performance as they use the mouse for the more day-to-day requirements of a PC user before they break off for a quick round or three of DoTA or Call of Duty.

Before we venture further, however, we simply must point out the second to none  performance offered up by the unification of the QcK mousepad and the Sensei Raw,  as the two peripherals produce a staggeringly wide range of movement of the cursor for what is, in effect, barely a tweak of the wrist or the touch of a hand as users are greeted with a panoramic approach to the gameplay area to be affected by even the slightest of player movements.

This is complimented greatly by the sheer pinpoint accuracy and delicate precision that the two SteelSeries items produce when used together. Because of this we cannot recommend them both highly enough.

SteelSeries QcK mousepad    frostbite blue           GmP Gaming        image 3When used in conjunction with the simply supreme SteelSeries QcK gaming mousepad it becomes blatantly obvious, to even the first time user of a SteelSeries product, that the two work in perfect harmony with each other. This is thanks in no small part to the beautiful finishing of the QcK and its specially designed non-slip rubber base and intricately woven cloth top section. But when you add to that the sheer silky smooth glide of the Sensei Raw, with its High performance UPE material covering a huge proportion of the underside base area, then the Raw becomes easier to handle than any other mouse we have covered to date.

Everything about the Sensei Raw screams ‘user friendly’ at you from the top of its rubberized lungs. Macros become a walk in the park as the Sensei Raw shrugs them off with relative ease, allowing the player to create and control even the most complex of command tree’s with the merest of button depressions or flicks of a non-sweat slicked digit. However, if you are the type of person who thinks that racing stripes really do make cars go faster, and that more buttons really do make you a better MMO player then the Satsuma Twunt Funster FX Behemoth is out there on Amazon somewhere just awaiting your £250 checkout.

This brings us nicely to the crust of the biscuit, the cost of the Sensei Raw. SteelSeries have done the unthinkabkle, in terms of manufacturing in the videogame industry at the moment at any rate, in that they have managed to make a simply spectacular product even better as they revise their original Sensei into the peripheral powerhouse that is the Sensei Raw, and then giving it a jaw-droppingly amazing £47.99 price tag! Simply outstanding by anyone’s reckoning.

So, then. We come to the final summary, and where to begin? Do we mention that the Sensei Raw has removed unnecessary features in favour of a more slimmed down and sleeker machine? Or do we opt instead for the fact that this new design has totally revamped an already stellar reputation and taken the orbiting respect of SteelSeries even higher into the realms of the stratospheric?  Perhaps we should mention that achingly gorgeous range of movement and precision again, or maybe the eye-opening price tag in an age when every penny counts?

Truth be told…it is not one ‘single’ thing about the Sensei Saw that should be outlined or highlighted as a ‘deal maker’, as what the unit does it does to the very best of its abilities, and far in excess of even some of its far pricier rivals we hasten to add. Rather it should be pointed out that it is all things combined that make this gaming mouse by far and away the stand out choice that see’s the Sensei Raw towering head and shoulders above the competition, as well as becoming the clear favourite in the 2013 Editor’s Choice Awards for the more discerning PC gamer.

GmP Editor ChoiceIt is the design, it is the form and functionality of this beautifully and painstakingly crafted mouse, it is its accuracy, range of movement, pricing, additional features, specially crafted materials and purpose designed features that make the Sensei Raw the stand out product of a highly competitive market. But what it isn’t, however, is about doing one thing better than anyone else, it’s about doing all things equally to deliver a flawless performance, and Steel Series have cracked it with the Sensei Raw gaming mouse and QcK mousepad. But more so, it is the in the way that the guys and girls at SteelSeries have managed to bring all of these highly practical functions and facets together in one perfectly built peripheral, ‘that’, good GmP readers…THAT, is why the SteelSeries Sensei Raw, as well as the SteelSeries QcK mousepad, score a truly justified perfect 10 out of 10


SteelSeries partners with Reason Gaming

Reason_GamingSteelSeries, the leading global innovator of gaming peripherals and sponsor of global eSports, is excited to announce the sponsorship of Reason Gaming – one of the UK’s top professional gaming teams.  Acquired by RNR-eSports in 2012, Reason Gaming has teams competing at the top level in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Shoot Mania, Dota2, SMITE and Starcraft 2. SteelSeries will be providing the team with their critically acclaimed gaming gear including keyboards, headsets, mice and mousepads.

Reason Gaming will be supporting SteelSeries with the launch of the Apex gaming keyboard, on Friday 21st June at the exclusive PC World Gaming Bunker on Tottenham Court Road. Reason Gaming team members will be on hand throughout the day to give product demonstrations, as well as challenge consumers to Dota2 tournaments.

Adam Heath, managing director of RNR-eSports Ltd, commented: “We are pleased to have SteelSeries supporting us this year, their products are a must for any gaming professional or enthusiast. We are keen to be at the top of our game and the SteelSeries kit will definitely help improve our performance, giving us that extra edge in competitions.”

Adam continues: “Professional gaming is becoming even more popular and that is partly down to companies like SteelSeries willing to invest in the industry.”

Steen Ronholt, SteelSeries VP sales & marketing, EMEA, India and Oceania comments: “Partnering with competitive teams and pro-gamers is a part of who we are as a company and something that we are proud to continue to support. Our affiliation with Reason Gaming, a team that is playing at the highest level and at LAN events all over the world, gives us the opportunity to increase awareness of SteelSeries products to our UK consumer audience and position them as the choice of gamers everywhere.”

SteelSeries will be supporting Reason Gaming at a number of events in the UK including i49, Epic.ELEVEN and Dreamhack Summer.

SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of top quality gaming peripherals. For more than a decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear that meets the needs of gamers at all skill levels. SteelSeries also co-hosts tournaments, supports gaming competitions and promotes the top up-and-coming gaming teams.

Keyboards & Gaming Mice

Just when you though your PC rig couldn’t possibly get any better. Any one of these marvels of precision and pinpoint killing power will take even the most accomplished of players to the next level of perfection.



From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying!



Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. We started in 1981 with mice, which (new at the time) provided a more intuitive way of interacting with a personal computer. We became the worldwide leader in computer mice, and have reinvented the mouse in dozens of ways to match the evolving needs of PC and laptop users.


Putting the ‘WoW!’ back into PC gaming: SteelSeries World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition reviewed

The Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition takes on all comers as it puts up its challenge to be crowned King of the Custom Mice.

There comes in time in every product manufacturers life that they become tempted by the lucrative offers waved under their collective noses by videogame publishers or developers to construct a ‘special edition’  product bearing the logo’s and emblem’s of said developers titles. Sometime this works out extremely well, in the case of the recent offerings by Razer with their excellent Battlefield 3 series of peripherals and keyboards, other times it ends up in epic failures worthy of their own place on the alter of ridicule, Madcatz ill-fated range of Call of Duty controllers immediately spring to mind as a perfect example of product branding and special edition manufacture gone horribly wrong.

But then every once in a while a company comes along and totally blows the competition out of the water with their attention to every conceivable detail and eye for flair that has been sadly lacking in even the most decent offerings that came before them. This is where Steel Series come in.

The latest target audience specific MMO Gaming mouse produced by this team of talented types bears the logo’s and moniker of one of the videogaming world’s biggest names, and because of that the level of expectation has been raised somewhat considerably higher than most, thankfully the Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition does not disappoint on any level.

This marvel of ergonomic design and flowing almost fluid curves has everything required to take your experience of this massive title into another realm entirely, as with the merest flick of a wrist or the depression of a perfectly placed additional button you gain an upper hand on your opposite number that, more often than not, makes all the difference between success and failure.

The Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition see’s players being granted everything that they wanted from an MMO controller and so much more with its sleek design and fifteen, yes count them ‘fifteen’ separate buttons to allocate your skills, magic and equipment too to make your digital life run that much smoother. Fully programmable and mappable the Legendary Warcraft gaming mouse is just that much more better suited to dealing with even the most demanding of gamers  as it swallows up your requests, chews them up and spits them out with contemptuous ease as it laughs in the face of your tests and trials.

The default setup has the SteelSeries World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition buttons controlling the functions as such: left click and right-click equal dismount, whereas to bring up the battle map (or mini map), character, assist target, focus, bring up the world map,  the character screen (“C”), autorun, select last hostile, as well as stop all, nearest enemy, win button 5 and win button 4. The scroll wheel zooms in and out, as is normally expected. But, again, you’re encouraged to re-map the buttons to your own personal preferences so that they are all personally tailor-made to match your particular brand of playing style.

The over all size and weight of the Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition gaming mouse is of the larger but lighter variety. If you are used to a smaller style of mouse on your PC then the unit may feel a tad bulky to your touch but nothing that you will not quickly get used too. The weight is surprisingly light, and the mouse glides across your pad with all the grace and poise of a young Torvill and Dean performing a flawless Bolero on the ice. Indeed, if anything it has come to the point now where we are looking to refurbish all our PC’s with this style of mouse, as it offers up more substance in your hands giving you a definite feel of having something there as opposed the gossamer touches of a mouse that has been built from hummingbird wings and held together with oxygen molecules.

Aesthetically the mouse has also been blessed with a few features for nothing other than eye candy value, and if truth be told they look great. The pulsating and glowing light that beats like the heart of a of a slumbering beast can be pre-programmed to whatever speed or colour you desire. So if you fancy your mouse to dazzle your guests the next time you are showing off your custom-built gaming rig with its Jean Michel Jarre styled light show then having your warcraft gaming mouse pulsate with all the red ferocity and frantic beat of an angry Orc may well win admiring gasps of appreciation from friends and Guild members alike.

Although there are currently no drivers installed to give Mac gamers the same level of undoubted Windows-based WoW wonderment, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that for a mere few pounds of your Earth money that you can acquire said items with relative ease on the interwebs. But this is a mere minor distraction that we feel will be corrected at some point by Steel Series.

When put into practice the Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition performs without comparison or fault as it sweeps all competitors aside with all of the brash disdain of a product that knows it is the best in its weight class. Like the Mohammed Ali of the PC peripheral world, and just as the greatest boxer of all time proclaimed his prowess to all who would listen, and even sometimes to those who didn’t want to, the Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition stamps its authority and shouts of its greatness in an increasingly over saturated weight class of which it is the new undisputed champion, of that there is no doubt.

In short then if you are an online MMO player, as the Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition can be easily adapted to cope with anything that even the most punishing of massively multiplayer online games can throw at it, then this is an absolute no-brainer. The Steel Series World of Warcraft® MMO Legendary Edition is a must have item for anyone who wants to take their MMO gaming to the next level and experience an ease of motion which is not offered up by any other mouse currently on the market.  An oustanding design with flawless functionality and simply unsurpassed beauty. Quite simply put, this is what all PC gamers should hope to find in their Christmas stockings this Festive Season.   The best in its class by far.  5 Stars Editors Choice.