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Gioteck take the EX-05 Headset to the Ps4: review

Gioteck EX-05 Wired Gaming Headset                          GmP                    image 1For those gamers out there who like the Playstation 4, and according to Sony there are already a reported 9 million of you, then by now you will no doubt you will have been scouring the internet in a bid to track down the best and most affordable headset to accompany your spanking new console. Fear not, good readers, for Gioteck has the solution in the all-new EX-05 HD Gaming Headset.

Technically  capable and aesthetically pleasing, the Gioteck EX-05 weighs in at a mere 1.4 lbs and headphone has dimensions of 8.7 x 7.9 x 4.1 inches with a weight of 1.4 pounds. But the pleasures described in the units specifications do not always amount to a genre leading experience.

The main problem, as we see it, for Gioteck is that in their bid to become the affordable option for the gamer on a tighter budget that somewhere along the lines during production compromises must be made to keep the manufacturing costs down. Unfortunately this means that the performance of the unit is rather underwhelming when you stand it alongside its rivals. ( albeit that said rivals have a far greater price tag )

Yes, the unit boasts some pretty decent gadgetry ‘under the bonnet’, so to speak, but when push comes to shove the Gioteck EX-05 just does not have enough horses to compete with Ferrari’s and Pagani’s of firm favourite thoroughbred’s such as Turtle Beach and SteelSeries.

The days of the uniformed consumer are long gone, and Gioteck should really have known better, particularly being that this very pastime we all love and favour is a based on technology and keeping abreast of the latest developments and breakthroughs so that a player may better enhance their own experiences. Take the very console that the EX-05 is reinventing itself for, the PlayStation 4.  This is a ‘next generation’ system, but Gioteck are hoping that you have last gen knowledge and that even though you have just forked out a whopping £400 to play your Killzone Shadowfall on the very cutting edge of console technology, that you will not mind slapping any old bean cans on your ears to ‘enjoy’ the sound. Really…Gioteck?

Yes, the unit comes armed with a fairly decent set of over the ear cups, complete with integrated speakers that do provide adequate performance for the layman, but all in all it ends up being a lesson in mediocrity for the more experienced gamer.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the UK-based manufacturer.

Gioteck EX-05 Wired Gaming Headset                          GmP                    image 2The Gioteck EX-05’s do have a certain appeal in that there is absolutely nothing like them on the market, and certainly no other company has had anything even remotely approaching the brass cojones to bring gamers an affordable option as opposed to milking them for every penny they can. Without a shadow of a doubt the EX-05 is a competent headset, especially when you consider that its nearest competitor is a staggering £100 out of reach.

In its favour the EX-05’s do have an arsenal of pluses, and very few minuses, such as the outstanding build quality, value for money and compatibility with just about every major format from the Xbox360 and PS3 right through to the PC and PlayStation 4.  ( it is also possible to take advantage of the units cost-effective pricing for the Xbox One by purchasing one of the official adaptors from Microsoft.  Xbox One Stereo Headset Adaptor )

Compatibility with the PlayStation 4 does come at a cost thanks in no small part to the enormous 12 foot wire draping itself snakelike across your gaming room floor, ( six times this cable was detached by dogs, people and children even though it was laid as flat to the floor as we could possibly get it without actually nailing the damn thing there ). The set up is tricky and fiddly and will, no doubt, require Gioteck to upload a helpful ‘How To’ video guide on their Youtube channel.

Don’t misunderstand us here, either. The Gioteck EX-05 is still a very good headset, especially considering the price, but we would argue that it is aimed more toward the casual gamer as opposed to the more core player.

Sound issues for the hardcore gamer arise when trying to play either solo or multiplayer, and they are legion. In any shooter title players will be left uncertain as to the direction of encroaching footsteps, just as they will be unable to identify the location of a gunman taking potshots at them

Hissing is also a major problem with dialogue in solo campaigns sounding like it is being performed by Daffy Duck, and when we tried to rectify the situation by reducing the volume another issue reared its ugly head when the sound quality was adversely affected and instead of delivering deep, rich tones, as promised, the EX-05’s sounded ‘tinny’ and hollow with a distinctly ‘plastic’ feel.

Racing games where also an ordeal as due to the loud and aggressive nature, not only of the cars but also the accompanying soundtracks, the EX-05’s struggled to make any kind of sense of the myriad of different sounds coming out of the console and so the result was a blotchy mess of muffled music and monotone motors.

Maybe if Gioteck decided on which section of the gaming market they wanted to appeal to the resulting peripherals would have some direction, but until this happens then we fear the products are likely to remain cheaper alternatives with little attraction other than a budget stop-gap as you save for the ‘real thing’.

This is truly a shame, as Gioteck do have some great idea’s and are not short of talent in the design and manufacturing departments. This has been proven time and again with some genuine gems such as their HF-02 controller and the excellent docking stations. But, Gioteck do need to decide what they want to be noted for, quality or budget products.

number 6 pool ballThe main problem, as we hinted at earlier, is that in today’s market gamers know that now more than ever the phrase, “ you get what you pay for “, has never rang more true. Gioteck should take note of this and understand that gamers don’t actually mind spending a little more on a peripheral just as long as the item they are buying delivers on the promises made.  For this sentiment, and also for the reasons listed above we award the Gioteck EX-05 Wired Gaming Headset a 6 out of 10

12 Days of Merry Mad Catz Christmas!

12 Days of Merry Mad Catz Christmas Celebrating the Festive Season in style this year has never been easier as we get together with the World’s leading third-party peripheral, and hardware, manufacturer Mad Catz to bring our readers the staff top picks of ‘Must Have’ gaming goodies in our ’12 Days of Merry Mad Catz Christmas’.

First up on our lengthy list of lovelies from the industry’s number one choice has to be the sleek stylings of the second to none Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller for the Xbox360.

With the world’s gamers being force-fed a daily diet of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from headline hungry editors, it’s great to know, then, that at least one ,manufacturer has paid attention to the fact that both Microsoft and Sony are still promoting and developing for their 7th Generation consoles, not to mention a whole host of talented types from the game design world.

With that in mind Mad Catz have assured gamers that production of their cutting-edge peripheral, the MLG Pro Circuit Controller, will still be in full production and available for purchase for some time to come. This is great news for all those millions of Xbox360 owners looking to gain a competitive advantage over the millions of players on Xbox Live, and Xbox One thanks to the cross-platform compatibility of Microsoft’s flawless network.

Mad Catz                   GmP Gaming    image MLG Pro Circuit Controller   2The MLG Pro Circuit Controller is just a class act in comparison to its competition when it comes to comfort, reliability, build quality and performance, and though it doesn’t exactly come cheap, with prices coming in at around £100, it does have to be said that when it comes to third-party controllers the industry has a somewhat chequered past thanks to awful builds and shoddy workmanship that has left gamers staring incredulously at the screen as they frantically battle with less than sensitive buttons and triggers, and thumbsticks that have larger ‘dead zones’ than Raccoon City after a full on zombie outbreak.

When it comes to controllers, and in particular third-party peripherals, it has to be said that you entirely get what you pay for. And when you pay £100 for a Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller what you get is a fully customizable, weight adjustable, hyper sensitive marvel that will have your online rivals drooling with envy and gnashing their teeth in frustration.

Built from only the highest quality dura-plastics for ergonomic comfort, and yet still strong enough to survive even the most explosive of rage quit tantrums, the MLG Pro Circuit Controller has fully customizable D-Pad’s, for those players looking for extra speed in the turns and combo selectors during a match of Super Streetfighter 4 or Tekken, as well as interchangeable face plates and thumbsticks. But the customization options don’t end there.

The MLG Pro Circuit Controller also has a superb addition into what would ordinarily be the battery housing, as this thickly corded wired controller has no need for the wi-fi batteries, so instead opts for an excellent ‘balance management system’ with two heavy-duty weights that can be removed singly or completely to grant the player the ability to have the controller become lighter or heavier depending solely on the customers preference.

Make no mistake, after lengthy bouts of multiplayer madness this is no gimmick or glitter from Mad Catz. This is a genuine asset to your set up, especially after a long time at the console and those infamous hand cramps associated with lesser quality controllers starting to creep in.

Mad Catz                   GmP Gaming    image MLG Pro Circuit Controller   3As we mentioned earlier the MLG Pro Circuit Controller is connected to the Xbox360 via a heavy-duty braided cord for added safety and less chance of nicks, tears and excessive use causing breakages over time. There is also a particularly masterful  controller connector that see’s the cord being screwed into place at the front of the controller, although the console connection is still the more familiar USB 2.0.

All presented in a wonderful carry case and box, complete with extra cables for voice chat on both the Xbox360 controller as well s the Mad Catz branded fightsticks, the MLG Pro Circuit Controller is head and shoulders above anything else currently on the market.

Performance is smooth as silk with not one single solitary instance of reported lag, dead zoning or button command ‘misses’, and if anything the extra sensitivity afforded by the marvellously designed triggers and bumpers actually proved to be even more responsive than Microsoft’s own controllers. No small claim in its own right.

So, if it is still some time before you will be dipping a tentative toe into the pool of welcoming warm water that is the 8th Generation, and the Xbox360 still holds enough sway for you to be happy with your current console, then all we can say is that if you are looking for an additional controller, or perhaps even one to replace your current favourite, then the Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller just has to be the perfect peripheral for you this Festive Season.

Rating System Editors Choice BallTo place your order for the Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller then click this link to be whisked across to the official Mad Catz sales pages and treat yourself, or a loved on, ( even if that loved one is the man in the mirror ), to the finest quality controller on the market. The MLG Pro Circuit Controller gets the GamesMediaPro Editors Choice Ball for 2013’s Best Controller.


December 6th, 2013. Mark the date for the last secure day of Festive Gaming Fun in time for Xmas

Christmas Post                   GmP Gaming    image 1Looking to take your gaming skills online with your brand new Xbox One or Playstation 4 this Christmas period?  Want to take your videogaming guilty pleasures to new heights with any one of the list of lovelies from custom controller manufacturer Scuf Gaming? Then make sure you have booked you wired or wireless beauty well in time for the last guaranteed postal date before this years annual shut down of the Royal Mail and other assorted indie postal services.  

If you are one of the growing legion of gamers making the switch from standard controls across to the customized class of a Scuf Gaming ‘trolla’, then make sure that you take note of the last guaranteed posting date, of December 6th, which ensures a stress-free time for gamers and parents alike.


What’s worse than missing out on being one of the lucky lot who managed to secure their ‘must have’ title in time for some Yuletide mayhem in the online arena, only to discover that your prized Scuf Gaming Wired Pro controller will not be ready for delivery until January of 2014?


                                  ” NOTHING! “

Believe us when we tell you that there is nothing like that sinking feeling growing in the pit of your stomach after you have just purchased your new Xbox One with the Day One Edition and Hardened Version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. In preparation you have your snacks and drinks all set up within perfect reach of your stereo sound, leather backed X-Rocker gaming chair. The cat is sleeping in his basket, the dog snuggled in front of the fire, and the rest of the family have all received and understood their clear ‘Do Not Disturb’ instructions as you settle in for some Christmas Day Team Deathmatch mayhem in a prolonged bout of multiplayer action.

It’s all going according to plan perfectly….until you reach down for your controller and that look of unreserved terror creeps across your face as you realise that the one thing that separates you from all the other players on your favourite  videogame, your beloved Scuf Gaming controller, is…‘not there!’

Sweat breaks out across your furrowed brow, your hands start to shake as you stretch your quivering digits out to touch the unfamiliar plastic feel of the ‘standard’ controller.  Your ‘edge’, your ‘ace up your sleeve’ and your ‘rabbit in your hat’ is missing.  What the Hell?  What went wrong?

Well, in all that Yuletide build up and Festive Season frivolity the one date that came and went unnoticed by you in your busy schedule was one of the most important of the entire Christmas period: The Last Day of Posting For Christmas Day delivery

So, if you want to avoid the kind of exaggerated heart-break and outright self-loathing that we have listed above then make sure that you take notice of the date:

                       DECEMBER 6th, 2013

Christmas Post                   GmP Gaming    image 2This is the very last day that you can make a purchase from Scuf Gaming, and many other gaming manufacturers, and be assured that your product will arrive in time for you to bask in all your multiplaying majestic magnificence on Christmas Day.

Don’t make a note and forget, and then spend the next week whining to customer services that you ‘meant’ to phone them on the 10th but you were at work or ‘just too busy’. It won’t wash! Get a pen, a pencil, a crayon or even a jumbo marker and write a huge note for yourself and stick it to the fridge with those cute little magnets that your better half bought at Ikea last year, and then everything will be hunky-dory!

Remember!  December 10th!  This is the LAST day for guaranteed delivery BEFORE Christmas.

Okay, now that is settled and we have etched the message into your psyche, its time to select which one of the gorgeous collection of customized controllers you are going to buy? So quickly click THIS LINK to be whisked off to the official Scuf Gaming website and treat yourself to one, or maybe even two, of the best ‘trollas’ this side of the MLG pro-gaming circuit.

Don’t forget, make it a Merry Christmas, make sure you have all your presents bought and ready by December 6th.



Products available to purchase in time for November 29th console release date

gioteck logo 1       GmP GamingGioteck, the award-winning independent gaming accessories manufacturer, has announced the launch of its range of headsets for PlayStation 4.


Beating the competition to release a range of accessories in time for the console’s launch, Gioteck’s design team has updated models from the current product range to ensure they are compatible with the next-gen PS4 console as well as creating a new fresh design within its popular chat range.


The new range of seven headsets has been created to give gamers a third-party alternative to official Playstation products, offering them unique chat and audio headsets with cutting-edge design at affordable prices. Gamers will be able to get their hands on a majority of the range later this month (29th November) with the exception of the EX-06, which will hit shelves on 7th December.


Available from all good retailers, including GAME, ASDA, Tesco and Sainsburys



gioteck logo 1       GmP GamingGround-breaking products combine cutting-edge technology with unique design

Gioteck, the award-winning independent gaming accessories manufacturer, has announced the launch of their new autumn 2013 range of products.

Building on the brand’s phenomenal success in 2012, which saw sales increase by more than 35 per cent in a declining global market, the gaming accessories manufacturer will be releasing a new range of headsets, controllers, wireless adaptors, portable speakers and batteries, gaming chairs and joysticks for gamers worldwide.

Gioteck’s UK-based design team have created a new range of unique peripherals for Playstation, Xbox, PC, mobile and tablet, offering gamers well-designed products at an affordable price. They have also started working on concept designs for next-gen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One.

The range will include re-boots of commercial successes such as the EX-01 and EX-03 Bluetooth headsets, controller solutions for tablet and a selection of aspirational headsets for gaming enthusiasts, whatever their platform of choice.

2013 will also mark Gioteck’s entrance into the gaming chair sector with the release of two suitably stylish chairs at entry-level and the premium end of the market. Each product is stamped with the Gioteck design DNA and will be priced to offer irresistible value for money.

For more information on Gioteck and its range of product, visit

Make sure you join the Gioteck army and stay up-to-date on Twitter (@gioteckarmy / @gioteckUSA) and Facebook

Gioteck GC-2 Wireless Controller Review

gioteck logo 1       GmP GamingThe latest peripheral from the UK manufacturer launches with a veritable blast of power as the Gioteck GC-2 controller hits retail shelves. But will the third-party controller be dogged by latency and dead zones, or will it rise above the flotsam of wannabee’s to the top of the pile in a blaze of glory? Let’s jump into the review and find out, shall we?

Never one to shy away from a Gioteck review, we kind of like the British based boffins behind some of the industry’s most cost-effective and user-friendly gaming gadgets and gizmo’s, we leapt at the opportunity to get our hands on the latest controller from the innovative young company not because it is just a handy freebie, to use with either Wii U or Playstation 3, but because we genuinely like to look around the market and bring to the attention of our readers the best value for money products in these difficult economic times.

Gaming has never been the most wallet friendly of pastimes and, if truth be told, trying to keep up to date with all of the latest hardware, games and peripherals is probably one of the most expensive hobbies a person could have. So, with that in mind it is our distinct pleasure to be able to say that, in a time of £180 Scuf Gaming controllers, that are really little more than a basic package with a couple of paddles tacked underneath, that Gioteck have once again managed to pull out another diamond from the rough with their latest GC-2 Wireless Controller for the PS3 and Wii U systems.

Starting off with the aesthetics of the Gioteck controller is a good place to begin this review as the new look high polished finish to the GC-2 is in stark contrast to Gioteck’s more familiar ‘digital camo’ styled offerings, but one, we feel, that will have potential customers smiling all the way to the local retail outlet. The underside of the GC-2, however, has been given an altogether  different look with its matt black almost ‘rubberized’ feel that allows players hands to settle in nicely for extended bouts of gameplay, without being bathed in sweat thanks to the profuse outpourings from slick palms when glossing over glossy finishes.

The controller is set up in a more Xbox360 styled ‘offset’ positioning with the D-Pad being horizontally positioned with the right thumb stick and the left thumb stick being mirrored by the control buttons. The bumpers and triggers are housed in the usual shoulder setting, but there is a ‘turbo’ button next to the ‘pause’ and ‘back” buttons allowing for a greater range of customization properties than even the Dualshock or the Wii U Pro controllers.

Moving right along to the ‘brains’ of the GC-2 and we come straight into what makes this controller all the remarkable, considering its paltry £24.99 price tag, and that is the amount of leading tech that is contained inside this little beauty for  what is not a lot of money at all.

Housed beneath the ‘two tone’ exterior of the latest Gioteck hard shell design is something which is far more than just the latest technology in videogames control systems, and it is far more than just being a twin delight in that the GC-2 is perfectly adapted for use across both the Playstation 3 and Wii U consoles. The Gioteck GC-2 is a ‘message’. We just have to make sure that people, gamers, designers and manufacturers alike, hear what it has to say. But more on that point a little later, let’s first concern ourselves with the practicality of the GC-2’s design and the flawless nature of its performance.

We have tried so many controllers here at GamesMediaPro that have all claimed to be ‘perfect’ for use with the Playstation 3. We have tried all the Power A’s, the Mad Catz, Scuf Gaming, Razer and Cyborg’s and one thing is uniform throughout every single third-party peripheral that makes it to production. To a product they all fall far short of their promises and expectations. The problem is unanimous across them all, and it is ‘Dead Zones’  You know what we mean, right? That moment when you are in the middle of a boss fight with a huge hulking monster and you are required to execute even the most deft of thumb stick movements to perform a slick ‘dodge’ manoeuvre, and thus give you the time to load, cock and fire your weapon and destroy the encroaching monster before it rips your spine out from between your shoulder blades in an explosion of gory detail.

But wait, what the….?  Nothing happens? You stare incredulously at your controller wondering just what in the heck is going on, only to discover that because of ‘Dead Zones’ such performance enhancing abilities are out of reach for your ‘Turbo Twister 3 ‘trolla with mappable buttons and rapid fire adjustments’  Oh well, back to the retail or online outlet to troll the shelves and internet pages for yet another third-party controller to give you the edge over your opponents, and yet another £150 thrown straight down the gaming drain.

Gioteck GC-2 controller  GmP Gaming    image 1Dead Zones’ affect just about every single controller we have ever encountered, maybe with the exception of the Razer Onza Tournament Edition and the Scuf Gaming Wired Pro, but when you consider that even at this present moment in time we currently have 26 different controllers from all manner of manufacturers sat  gathering dust on our shelves, well, that should at least give you some insight into just how many actually deliver on the promises they make.

The problem is that the ‘Dead Zones’ and the ‘Latency’ both are deal breakers, in our opinion. To move your thumb stick in any direction and to feel no ‘bite’ from the motion of the character on-screen is just unforgivable. Thankfully, the Gioteck GC-2 Wireless controller is one of the only controllers that has pin point precision straight out of the box.

The merest touch of your digit lightly stroking the rubberized thumb stick produces a definite movement toward the preferred and indicated target. There is no pause, no delay and there is certainly no need to force your thumb stick across in a wild sweeping motion just to get the controller to…well, ‘control’ your avatar on-screen. The Gioteck GC-2 also comes with a prepared install on the company website that will allow customers to download alternative sensitivity settings should they require their controller to perform with even more accuracy and agility.

One area that we were a little worried over, however, and this is another one of those ‘universal issues’ for all third-party manufacturers, is in the controllers ‘latency’. For those of you who don’t quite get the problem of ‘latency’ we will explain it quite simply. You know when you are online and you are lagging so much and so badly that it drives you to despair as your character just doesn’t seem able to do anything you ask, or if they do it always seems like they are doing it ten minutes afer you have issued them with the command? Well, that’s ‘latency’.

This same issue affects ‘all’ wireless controllers, and indeed all wireless products, but it always seems to hit Bluetooth controllers just that little bit harder. Unfortunately, the GC-2 is Bluetooth, and unfortunately there is a known issue of ‘latency’ in  all Bluetooth peripherals. But, joy to the world, there has to be a time when a manufacturer takes the issue to task and manages to eradicate the problem with a careful attention to detail and some ingenious ingenuity. Gioteck have managed to do such a thing with their GC-2 controller.

Every single button press, every moment of the thumbsticks and every single bumper press or trigger pull produces startling results that are instantaneous. We have yet to experience anything that even comes close to a wired controller in any wireless product, regardless of manufacturer or design. But Gioteck have, it would seem, conquered this.

Now we come to the absolute cherry on top of Gioteck’s delicious cake, the Wii U compatibility. Ever since Nintendo launched their new console, gamers who have been used to a more traditional controller have cried out for a third-party controller to come along and give them the option of not having to buy the Premium Edition Wii U just to get their hands on a suitable controller. Gioteck have satisfied this demand.

The Wii U Pro controller is a good product, and it is  a viable option. But when you consider that for the same amount of your hard-earned cash you could, in fact, by two of the GC-2 controllers and enjoy your Wii U exclusives with a friend or loved playing Co-oP, and let’s face it here, it’s a total no brainer.The GC-2 performs just as well in most area’s as its Wii U counterpart, and even better in others.

So, then, to summarise. The Gioteck GC-2 controller outperforms both of the brand versions of its rivals on both the Playstation 3 and the new Wii U console. It is decidedly cheaper than both, and in the case of the Sony and Nintendo websites and stores they are actually around 50% cheaper. They operate with a far greater responding Bluetooth set up that gives greater range and has zero latency, lag or dead zones. The new look sleek black design is as pleasing on the eye as the price tag of a mere £25 is soothing on the wallet.

Earlier in this review when we said that the GC-2 was more than mere technology and design, it was a message, we deliberately paused before delivering that speech to allow our readers the time to see if they could work out this ‘message’ for themselves, and knowing the standard of readers that populate our site we already know that you will all have worked it out.

The message is this, and it is a simple as it is obvious. The GC-2 is showing the rest of the manufacturers the direction that future tech and future peripherals should be taking, as it delivers everything that other companies are charging you almost three or four times the amount for. If Gioteck can deliver a product that has the latest design, the latest hardware and the latest Bluetooth technology all housed in its sexy black casing for a mere £25 quid, then why are other peripherals manufacturers charging you as much as £180-200 for the same kit?

number-9-pool-ballGaming is not exempt from the current economic downturn, and if the manufacturers believe that they can continue to churn out over priced products one after the other in a never-ending line of barely different products then they are sorely mistaken. Gamers now have less disposable income than ever with which to fund their hobby, and considering that you may now purchase either an Xbox360 or a Playstation 3 for less than the price of some manufacturers controllers and headsets is a travesty. Gioteck have seen the writing on the wall, it would seem, far sooner than a good deal of their over charging rivals, and long may they continue to lead the way in this fight to deliver the very best products for the littlest cash.   The Gioteck GC-2 scores  9 out of 10


Readers should note that the Wii U version, as well as the downloadable sensitivity updates, will be available in April, 2013


For more details regarding the GC-2 then go directly to the Gioteck website via this link




The people that work here at Razer are gamers just like you – some amateur, some ex-professional gamers, some just play for fun, just ask our CEO who will lay the smack down on you in Quake Live or our President, who has over ten level 80’s on his local server. Hell, he will even take you on a raid in the middle of the work day.

We are the same gamers who are told by the suits that we need adult supervision and we need a professional CEO or management team – and we’re the same gamers who tell the suits exactly where to shove it because we like doing what we do – and we do it on our own terms.

We hope our passion for gaming speaks to you like it does to us, through our products and we hope you enjoy the competitive edge we bring to your game.




Razer Onza Tournament Edition

Razer Hydra

Razer Onza






Too long have we stood idly by, wanting a better solution for our gaming needs, having second rate peripherals thrust upon us, like gruel to starving children! We cried out for revolt, for someone to listen, but no one came to our aid!

Well now we take up arms to defeat the tyranny of evil doers, that treat us like cattle and toy with our hard earned dosh!

We will build a better product, and when we have built that we will build a better one! and onward we will march towards the destruction of all that is poorly designed, and provide a brighter future for our gaming brethren and their future sprogs, and even if its with our last breath…




Gioteck HF-2 Controller

Gioteck VX-1 Controller          ( currently unavailable due to Gioteck online update )

Gioteck  GC-1 Controller          ( currently unavailable due to Gioteck online update )

Cyborg Gaming

Cyborg Gaming is a partner site of the Mad Catz family, however, this is the place to come for the more discerning console and PC gamer who would like to take their online experience to a more professional level.

Genius designs combine with cutting edge technology to give players an advantage so superior to that of their opponents that some will be checking the rule books.




Cyborg V5 Controller




Scuf Gaming-Taking the fight to your opponents!

There are over 25 processes that go into making a SCUF Controller. Every SCUF Controller is hand-made, hand-finished, and tested!

Of course, the advantages of owning one of our controllers does not end there. Another objective of the SCUF design was to reduce repetitive strain which has been increasing with extended gameplay. Very few pieces of gaming hardware are designed with health benefits in mind, but the superior ergonomic layout of the SCUF pad means fewer hand injuries. This is particularly advantageous for the slightly older gamers out there where this is an increasing area of issue. In a culture where the average person spends a lot more time using their hands typing or holding a controller, the risk of RSI should not be underestimated. After all, a healthier gamer leads to a happy gamer.


XBOX360 Controllers:


Scuf FPS Pro                                   

Scuf FPS Competition               

Scuf Atacs                                                 

Scuf Reaper                               

Scuf  V2


Playstation 3 Controllers:            


Scuf Chameleon PS

Scuf PS


Scuf Gaming offers full customization to all of their controllers and, as such, the price of each individual controller can be as personal as your preference. Make sure that you take full advantage of all of the game changing features that are available in the drop down menu sections on every product page.