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Gioteck take the EX-05 Headset to the Ps4: review

Gioteck EX-05 Wired Gaming Headset                          GmP                    image 1For those gamers out there who like the Playstation 4, and according to Sony there are already a reported 9 million of you, then by now you will no doubt you will have been scouring the internet in a bid to track down the best and most affordable headset to accompany your spanking new console. Fear not, good readers, for Gioteck has the solution in the all-new EX-05 HD Gaming Headset.

Technically  capable and aesthetically pleasing, the Gioteck EX-05 weighs in at a mere 1.4 lbs and headphone has dimensions of 8.7 x 7.9 x 4.1 inches with a weight of 1.4 pounds. But the pleasures described in the units specifications do not always amount to a genre leading experience.

The main problem, as we see it, for Gioteck is that in their bid to become the affordable option for the gamer on a tighter budget that somewhere along the lines during production compromises must be made to keep the manufacturing costs down. Unfortunately this means that the performance of the unit is rather underwhelming when you stand it alongside its rivals. ( albeit that said rivals have a far greater price tag )

Yes, the unit boasts some pretty decent gadgetry ‘under the bonnet’, so to speak, but when push comes to shove the Gioteck EX-05 just does not have enough horses to compete with Ferrari’s and Pagani’s of firm favourite thoroughbred’s such as Turtle Beach and SteelSeries.

The days of the uniformed consumer are long gone, and Gioteck should really have known better, particularly being that this very pastime we all love and favour is a based on technology and keeping abreast of the latest developments and breakthroughs so that a player may better enhance their own experiences. Take the very console that the EX-05 is reinventing itself for, the PlayStation 4.  This is a ‘next generation’ system, but Gioteck are hoping that you have last gen knowledge and that even though you have just forked out a whopping £400 to play your Killzone Shadowfall on the very cutting edge of console technology, that you will not mind slapping any old bean cans on your ears to ‘enjoy’ the sound. Really…Gioteck?

Yes, the unit comes armed with a fairly decent set of over the ear cups, complete with integrated speakers that do provide adequate performance for the layman, but all in all it ends up being a lesson in mediocrity for the more experienced gamer.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the UK-based manufacturer.

Gioteck EX-05 Wired Gaming Headset                          GmP                    image 2The Gioteck EX-05’s do have a certain appeal in that there is absolutely nothing like them on the market, and certainly no other company has had anything even remotely approaching the brass cojones to bring gamers an affordable option as opposed to milking them for every penny they can. Without a shadow of a doubt the EX-05 is a competent headset, especially when you consider that its nearest competitor is a staggering £100 out of reach.

In its favour the EX-05’s do have an arsenal of pluses, and very few minuses, such as the outstanding build quality, value for money and compatibility with just about every major format from the Xbox360 and PS3 right through to the PC and PlayStation 4.  ( it is also possible to take advantage of the units cost-effective pricing for the Xbox One by purchasing one of the official adaptors from Microsoft.  Xbox One Stereo Headset Adaptor )

Compatibility with the PlayStation 4 does come at a cost thanks in no small part to the enormous 12 foot wire draping itself snakelike across your gaming room floor, ( six times this cable was detached by dogs, people and children even though it was laid as flat to the floor as we could possibly get it without actually nailing the damn thing there ). The set up is tricky and fiddly and will, no doubt, require Gioteck to upload a helpful ‘How To’ video guide on their Youtube channel.

Don’t misunderstand us here, either. The Gioteck EX-05 is still a very good headset, especially considering the price, but we would argue that it is aimed more toward the casual gamer as opposed to the more core player.

Sound issues for the hardcore gamer arise when trying to play either solo or multiplayer, and they are legion. In any shooter title players will be left uncertain as to the direction of encroaching footsteps, just as they will be unable to identify the location of a gunman taking potshots at them

Hissing is also a major problem with dialogue in solo campaigns sounding like it is being performed by Daffy Duck, and when we tried to rectify the situation by reducing the volume another issue reared its ugly head when the sound quality was adversely affected and instead of delivering deep, rich tones, as promised, the EX-05’s sounded ‘tinny’ and hollow with a distinctly ‘plastic’ feel.

Racing games where also an ordeal as due to the loud and aggressive nature, not only of the cars but also the accompanying soundtracks, the EX-05’s struggled to make any kind of sense of the myriad of different sounds coming out of the console and so the result was a blotchy mess of muffled music and monotone motors.

Maybe if Gioteck decided on which section of the gaming market they wanted to appeal to the resulting peripherals would have some direction, but until this happens then we fear the products are likely to remain cheaper alternatives with little attraction other than a budget stop-gap as you save for the ‘real thing’.

This is truly a shame, as Gioteck do have some great idea’s and are not short of talent in the design and manufacturing departments. This has been proven time and again with some genuine gems such as their HF-02 controller and the excellent docking stations. But, Gioteck do need to decide what they want to be noted for, quality or budget products.

number 6 pool ballThe main problem, as we hinted at earlier, is that in today’s market gamers know that now more than ever the phrase, “ you get what you pay for “, has never rang more true. Gioteck should take note of this and understand that gamers don’t actually mind spending a little more on a peripheral just as long as the item they are buying delivers on the promises made.  For this sentiment, and also for the reasons listed above we award the Gioteck EX-05 Wired Gaming Headset a 6 out of 10


Products available to purchase in time for November 29th console release date

gioteck logo 1       GmP GamingGioteck, the award-winning independent gaming accessories manufacturer, has announced the launch of its range of headsets for PlayStation 4.


Beating the competition to release a range of accessories in time for the console’s launch, Gioteck’s design team has updated models from the current product range to ensure they are compatible with the next-gen PS4 console as well as creating a new fresh design within its popular chat range.


The new range of seven headsets has been created to give gamers a third-party alternative to official Playstation products, offering them unique chat and audio headsets with cutting-edge design at affordable prices. Gamers will be able to get their hands on a majority of the range later this month (29th November) with the exception of the EX-06, which will hit shelves on 7th December.


Available from all good retailers, including GAME, ASDA, Tesco and Sainsburys


SteelSeries Kicks-Off EVE Online Community Contest! Everyone Wins!

SteelSeriesSteelSeries are doing a huge EVE Online themed giveaway featuring EVE designed QcK Minis signed by legendary CCP figureheads – CCP Hilmar, CCP Navigator, CCP Soundwave, CCP Unifex and many other developers that were met by the vaunted manufacturer at the EVE Online Fanfest this year. There will be SteelSeries mice, keyboards, and headsets up for grabs along with EVE Starter Packs, DUST Mercenary Packs, and EVE PLEX. Additionally, all users that enter the giveaway will receive a 30 day trial of EVE Online absolutely free of charge.

To participate, visit and hit the “Like” button. Winners will be announced on SteelSeries the Facebook page on July 30th, so be sure to check the latest updates on

Participants should take note that the competition will run from July 19th to July 29th, 2013

SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro Headset review

SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro                GmP Gaming    image 4The latest gaming ‘buds’ from the high-end tech manufacturer are in retail and online stores as we write this review, and judging from the schoolgirl like arms aloft tantrums being thrown in the office for who actually gets to use them they have done yet another sterling job at producing a truly top quality product. Join us, then, for the full rundown of the FLUX In Ear Pro headset as we put the ‘plug ins’ through their paces.

Let’s get one thing straight from the word go, we use a wide variety of headsets here at GmP. Preference is a varied as the products on offer in this highly competitive and highly lucrative corner of the videogame industry market, but when SteelSeries sent through a set of their newest plug-in’s for review last week it would seem that every person in the office had exactly the same opinion and outlook on the dainty little gadgets, and that was that everyone wanted to get their hands on them first. This sentiment alone should give you all some kind of idea of just how popular the products from this top drawer manufacturer really are, but just to strengthen that notion, lets take an in-depth look at the FLUX In Ear Pro gaming buds, shall we?

Right out of the box you get an instant feel for the sheer standard of product design and quality that oozes from the stylish black packaging as we gingerly unwrap the myriad of packets and peripheral add-on’s and extra’s. SteelSeries always give the customer the impression that they have managed to bag an absolute bargain thanks in no small part to the high-end performance and products for the low-end price tag, and the FLUX Pro is no exception to this time-honoured tradition.

Removing the individual packets and parcels from the tidy packaging brings us face to face with the FLUX Pro’s for the first time, and it is only now that we realise just how small and fragile they first appear. The main headset removes from its see-through casing and reveals itself to be little more than two extremely thin wires housing a jack plug at one end of its sleek flat cabling, whilst at the other there is a click button and two small, but perfectly formed ear buds. Were we surprised? More than just a tad.

SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro                GmP Gaming    image 3As well as the FLUX Pro unit itself, customers are treated to a plethora of additional goodies thrown into the mix for good measure with a whole list of extra ear buds, adaptors, connectors and even over the ear ‘stiffeners‘ that make the comfort level of the FLUX In Ear Pro’s go up to a Spinal Tap-like 11. Naturally, as with all portable products of any repute, there is a stylish black ‘carry all’ that looks more like an folding aviator sunglasses case from fighter pilots than a pouch for your perfectly sounding peripherals.

Usually, even with in-ear headset’s, there is a little more to go on, but the FLUX Pro multi-purpose headphones are made with style and functionality in mind, not just one or the other. That translates into what has to be the most slimline, sexy little numbers we have ever encountered when it comes to headset reviews. But if you, like us, were worried by the apparent daintiness of the FLUX Pro’s appearance, then we can assure you, this is a SteelSeries product, and so, as is the norm with the critically acclaimed manufacturer,  such fears are quickly averted when handling the product for the very first time.

The FLUX In Ear Pro is ‘just that much better made’ than its contemporaries. Regardless of cost, design, or even manufacturer, the SteelSeries equivalents always come out streets ahead of their competitors when it comes to all area’s of design and durability, not to mention the amazing performance produced by the FLUX Pro headset care of the stunning set up contained within its technical wizardry.

SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro                GmP Gaming    image 2The specifications of the unit itself go like this:

•Balanced armature speaker drivers.
•Two color round cable mixed with a flat rubber cord.
•Main body is double injection rubber with aluminum SteelSeries logo plate.
•On cord mic/controller for hands free calling and full music/MP3 controls.
•8-Pin cable solution to connect to PC’s, Mac, and all mobile devices.
•Includes 3 black different ear tip sizes; (Small, Medium, and Large)
•Includes silicone ear tips.
•Includes high end memory foam ear tips
•Carrying case included.

Performance and handling are all down to some genuine witchcraft by the FLUX In Ear Pro’s designers as they manage to deliver astounding quality and deep booming ‘bassiness’ from what seems to be nothing more than a couple of cans attached to string. The sheer blissful solitude afforded by the SteelSeries noise dampening system utilised by the FLUX Pro is second to none, but be weary of family members and friends taking advantage of your total lack of awareness with some ‘comedic moments’ of heart stopping hilarity as an unexpected hand on your shoulder can lead to some genuine heart-in-the-mouth moments.

The sound produced by these ‘less is most definitely more’ styled headphones comes in with such a rich tone that at times it is hard to believe that what you have actually got on your head coaxing these wonderful sounds from your PC, mobile, tablet, H-Fi or television, such is the FLUX Pro’s versatility, is not a technological behemoth from the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but  the wallet friendly buds from SteelSeries, such is the genuine jaw-dropping range of quality coming out of the snug-fit ‘phones’ in your ears.

SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro                GmP Gaming    image 6Seguing into the ‘versatility’ of the FLUX In Ear Pro is a nice sideways slide from complimenting the headset on its richly rewarding sound, as regardless of what entertainment unit you are currently listening to, whether it be your Mac, desktop, laptop, mobile, smart phone, tablet and not forgetting television and sound system the FLUX Pro easily copes with what ever you would like to throw at it.  However, it does have to be pointed out that the only downside for gamers is its lack of compatibility with the latest generation of consoles as well as the next. Still, this is but a small blip on an otherwise unblemished highway as the FLUX In Ear Pro  races on unimpeded by the speed bumps of non-conformity of the Xbox360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 as well as the Wii U.

Thanks to the tidy selection of additional parts and accompaniments the FLUX Pro makes up for its console incompatibility with a veritable menu of bountiful plenty as its inclusive adaptors make it a breeze to connect with any related etch that houses a 3.5mm jack input port. This means that the astonishing clarity that is produced by the FLUX Pro’s ‘armature’ speaker drivers can be delivered to your eager ears from a staggering range of products and peripherals allowing the user to soak up the benefits of crystal clear clarity and flawless delivery across everything from your TV to your iPad up to and including everything else in between.

SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro                GmP Gaming    image 5That the SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro is able to reproduce the same standard of quality across the entire range of mentioned sources is impressive enough, but you don’t get a genuine feel for just how good these ‘buds’ really are until you get hands on time with a set yourself.  Not a note is dropped, not a decibel lowered whether you are slipping any one of the three inclusive jack’s into your high-end desk top or your Samsung S4. There is no difference whatsoever in the quality, tone or vocals produced by the FLUX Pro when taking in an easy Sunday afternoon’s relaxation period listening to some chilled out tunes on your iPod even when compared to the performance produced by the FLUX Pro as you listen without fear of interruption to your state of the art Samsung Smart TV as you soak up some of the latest blockbuster movie moments .

The size of the FLUX In Ear Pro’s also does its powerhouse performance no harm, either, as this really is a case of confirming an age-old adage as these ‘Mighty Atoms’ really do support the theory that size doesn’t matter as the ‘half pint headset’ punches well above its weight class with a series of audio uppercuts and noise cancelling knock outs. If you thought that high-end headphones had to be over the head cradle kinds to have any chance of reproducing the kind of studio sound quality of some of the more expensive sounding sets, then think again. The FLUX In Ear Pro’s outshine and out perform even some of the most well-respected ‘over the top’ headphones in every area with dazzling results.

number-9-pool-ballMake no mistake, if you are looking for sheer convenience, economic excellence and performance that  would leave even the HMV dog rolling on its back in a fit of aural ecstasy, then the SteelSeries FLUX In Ear Pro, at a paltry £109.99, just has to be the product for you. This pocket-sized peripheral ticks all the right boxes and, dare we say it, hits all the right notes as it delivers a perfect performance regardless of which system you plug any one of its three jacks into. Add into the equation the fact that the FLUX Pro’s are, without a shadow of a doubt, the single most comfortable in ear headset that we have ever had the pleasure of testing and reviewing and what you have is a unit that will be as easy on your ears as it is on your wallet. A true star of the show and genuine prospect for product of the year if only the FLUX Pro had console compatibility.         9 out of 10





gioteck logo 1       GmP GamingGround-breaking products combine cutting-edge technology with unique design

Gioteck, the award-winning independent gaming accessories manufacturer, has announced the launch of their new autumn 2013 range of products.

Building on the brand’s phenomenal success in 2012, which saw sales increase by more than 35 per cent in a declining global market, the gaming accessories manufacturer will be releasing a new range of headsets, controllers, wireless adaptors, portable speakers and batteries, gaming chairs and joysticks for gamers worldwide.

Gioteck’s UK-based design team have created a new range of unique peripherals for Playstation, Xbox, PC, mobile and tablet, offering gamers well-designed products at an affordable price. They have also started working on concept designs for next-gen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One.

The range will include re-boots of commercial successes such as the EX-01 and EX-03 Bluetooth headsets, controller solutions for tablet and a selection of aspirational headsets for gaming enthusiasts, whatever their platform of choice.

2013 will also mark Gioteck’s entrance into the gaming chair sector with the release of two suitably stylish chairs at entry-level and the premium end of the market. Each product is stamped with the Gioteck design DNA and will be priced to offer irresistible value for money.

For more information on Gioteck and its range of product, visit

Make sure you join the Gioteck army and stay up-to-date on Twitter (@gioteckarmy / @gioteckUSA) and Facebook

SteelSeries partners with Reason Gaming

Reason_GamingSteelSeries, the leading global innovator of gaming peripherals and sponsor of global eSports, is excited to announce the sponsorship of Reason Gaming – one of the UK’s top professional gaming teams.  Acquired by RNR-eSports in 2012, Reason Gaming has teams competing at the top level in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Shoot Mania, Dota2, SMITE and Starcraft 2. SteelSeries will be providing the team with their critically acclaimed gaming gear including keyboards, headsets, mice and mousepads.

Reason Gaming will be supporting SteelSeries with the launch of the Apex gaming keyboard, on Friday 21st June at the exclusive PC World Gaming Bunker on Tottenham Court Road. Reason Gaming team members will be on hand throughout the day to give product demonstrations, as well as challenge consumers to Dota2 tournaments.

Adam Heath, managing director of RNR-eSports Ltd, commented: “We are pleased to have SteelSeries supporting us this year, their products are a must for any gaming professional or enthusiast. We are keen to be at the top of our game and the SteelSeries kit will definitely help improve our performance, giving us that extra edge in competitions.”

Adam continues: “Professional gaming is becoming even more popular and that is partly down to companies like SteelSeries willing to invest in the industry.”

Steen Ronholt, SteelSeries VP sales & marketing, EMEA, India and Oceania comments: “Partnering with competitive teams and pro-gamers is a part of who we are as a company and something that we are proud to continue to support. Our affiliation with Reason Gaming, a team that is playing at the highest level and at LAN events all over the world, gives us the opportunity to increase awareness of SteelSeries products to our UK consumer audience and position them as the choice of gamers everywhere.”

SteelSeries will be supporting Reason Gaming at a number of events in the UK including i49, Epic.ELEVEN and Dreamhack Summer.

SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of top quality gaming peripherals. For more than a decade, SteelSeries has been on the forefront of designing and creating gear that meets the needs of gamers at all skill levels. SteelSeries also co-hosts tournaments, supports gaming competitions and promotes the top up-and-coming gaming teams.

Turtle Beach unveil their new range of Wii U headsets

Leading gaming peripheral manufacturer Turtle Beach have revealed their latest addition to the chart topping catalogue of videogaming headsets with the stunning  Wii EarForce N11 and NLA  headsets.    

Manufacturers come and manufacturers go, but in the arena of the videogamer one thing is assured, and that is that the market leader in all things aural, Turtle Beach, have been a solid footing for players to firmly base their gaming experience on as they continue to deliver, quite simply, the very pinnnacle of gaming perfection with their dazzling array of delectable headsets.

This fine tradition of precision and reliability, long established in all of the Turtle Beach range, has now continued with the latest news which revals their upcoming Wii U collection of must have headsets.

As is expected from all Turtle Beach products, something that cannot be said of other less capable manufacturers, these officially licensed headsets resonate with every possible feaure and facet that will enhance and amaze even the most demanding of gamers.

As an official Nintendo® licensed product, the Ear Force N11 delivers premium stereo audio with precise chat communication, all in a slim, yet sturdy design. Acoustically angled 50mm speakers and lightweight, around-the-ear cups deliver a highly detailed audio experience that you can enjoy in comfort over long gaming sessions. The 3.5mm, 4-pole connector easily plugs into the Wii U™ GamePad controller, as well as provides compatibility with the Nintendo® 3DS™, Nintendo® DS Lite™, and other mobile devices. Take your gaming experience up a notch and get pulled in with the Ear Force N11.

The Ear Force® NLa is the ideal headset for Nintendo® gamers seeking a more immersive experience compared to standard communicators. Unlike basic communicator headsets that only let you hear chat in one ear, the NLa combines high-fidelity, amplified game audio and crystal-clear communication in a sleek compact design. The NLa also features independent game and chat volume controls and noise-isolating ear cups, allowing you to personalize the audio and block out distractions. If you’re serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the NLa and experience game audio like never before.

With the price tag of these little beauties set to top out around the £39.99 mark, pre order your set now at GAME, readers will agree that this is a whole lot of headset for a meagre token figure.

Stay with GamesMediaPro as we bring you the full low down on Turtle Beach’s stunning new Wii U range, as well as all other future, and existing, Turtle Beach headsets and products.


Mad Catz® Ships The Warhead™ 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset for Xbox 360®

Flagship TRITTON® Headset Delivers True Wireless Chat Communication

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) (NYSE MKT: MCZ) announced today the shipping of the Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset, for use with the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

The flagship in the Company’s exclusive range of Xbox 360 gaming headsets, theWarhead 7.1 is the first headset in the world to deliver two-way communication via the Xbox 360 console, negating the need for a chat cable or adapter to be connected to the gamers’ controller.

“We believe premium products such as the Warhead 7.1 have longer product life spans and offer the best means for us to target competitive and passionate gamers who demand the best.” said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. “In addition to our focus on creating new products, we also look forward to leveraging our expanded geographic footprint and worldwide sales and marketing initiatives to bring added visibility to this one-of-a-kind product.”

The Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset features 5.8GHz wireless technology andDolby® Headphone 7.1 surround sound. In addition, the Warhead 7.1 offers gamers an array of features including twin ‘hot-swappable’ rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM), EQ modes for movies, music and gaming and an on screen battery-indicator display.

The Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset is available for purchase from Best Buy®stores,, and Mad Catz store

Additional information is available at:


Hear every heart beat and footstep in crystal clear clarity with this awesome collection of the coolest ‘cans’ on the pro-gaming circuit.


Gioteck                                TIZ TIME… TO SHAKE THINGS UP A LITTLE!     Too long have we stood idly by, wanting a better solution for our gaming needs, having second rate peripherals thrust upon us, like gruel to starving children! We cried out for revolt, for someone to listen, but no one came to our aid!

Well now we take up arms to defeat the tyranny of evil doers, that treat us like cattle and toy with our hard earned dosh!

We will build a better product, and when we have built that we will build a better one! and onward we will march towards the destruction of all that is poorly designed, and provide a brighter future for our gaming brethren and their future sprogs, and even if its with our last breath…


Steel Series                             From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying!



Turtle Beach                          Turtle Beach designs and markets premium audio peripherals for video game, personal computer, and mobile platforms, including its acclaimed line of Ear Force gaming headphones and headsets crafted for Xbox 360 and PS3 game consoles and PC games. Turtle Beach’s Ear Force XP400 wireless headset was named IGN’s “Best Gaming Hardware” as part of its Best of CES 2012 Awards. Based on year-ending NPD data for 2011, Turtle Beach was the number one gaming headsets/headphones company based on market share for the year and the number one third party console video gaming accessories company, based on 2011 dollar volume.



Tritton                                    TRITTON™ was founded in 2000 and has since evolved and transformed into a brand that is recognized worldwide. Best known for our critically acclaimed high performance gaming Headsets and USB External Video Card Technology. In 2010, Tritton was acquired by Mad Catz Interactive.

The Tritton brand has focused extensively on developing industry leading headsets for all gaming platforms including an exclusive range for the Xbox 360. Tritton performance headsets are available globally.






Gioteck EX-05 Headset Review ( wired & wireless )

Blasting onto the gaming scene comes the latest creation from Gioteck with their wired, and wireless, versions of their EX-05 gaming headsets. But is this to be a case of a bridge to far for Gioteck, or will it indeed prove to be the surprise must have product in a challenging and extremely competitive market? Read on to discover all as we put both versions of the EX-05 gaming headsets through their paces in the GamesMediaPro review.

Taking on the ‘big boys’ of the third party peripheral manufacturers such as Turtle Beach or Sennheiser with their latest offering in the gaming headset market was never going to be an easy thing for the most recent darling of the videogaming vendors, Gioteck. However, if anything this manufacturer of marvellous machinations has proved to us here at GamesMediaPro, that time and again they have come to the top of the peripherals chart with a cracking product of true high quality, but for a fraction of the cost to the consumer. Was it any different with their latest range of gaming headsets? Quite frankly, ‘no’ is the resounding reply.

The Ex-05 range of headsets, both the wired and the wireless versions, are each of such similar specifications that we thought it only wise to bring you all their aural delights in a joint review of their ample assets. Indeed, the only real separating factor between the two is that one connects through the continuous course of the attached cabling and the other via the USB Wi-Fi signal from its on board system. The actual comfort, performance and range of available features of either of the Gioteck EX-05 headsets is hampered for neither. However, the connectivity of the wireless set is enhanced thanks to its all round functionality with all three of the major gaming platforms, they being the Playstation 3, the Xbox360 and, of course, the PC. ( At the time of testing it was also discovered that both were also able to work perfectly with the Nintendo Wii, although this is not a dedicated selling point advertised by the manufacturer ).

Moving on to the design and stylings of the Gioteck EX-05 headests and it is plainly obvious to all that these have been designed with the intention of capturing the imagination, and the wallets, of the more hardcore and long playing gamer, although as an every day item for even the most casual of player they are perfectly adaptable to whatever job is at hand. Nowhere is this overtone more obvious than when taking in the design and overall construction of the EX-05’s, as if there is any other gaming headset currently on the market that offers up the same level of comfort and durability, even from products that are in the £100 range either side of the cost effective £69 and £99 that the Gioteck versions currently price at, then we have yet to come across them, and believe us when we tell you that we have tried them all.

Aesthetically, the style of the Gioteck EX-05 headsets, as both are completely identical in their digital camouflage format, is one of an almost futuristic foot soldier for the next generation. The head piece is made of a gore tex styled mesh that allows the players scalp to breathe, whilst at the same time being perfectly set at a comfortable tension to allow an extremely snug fitting that never once makes the wearer feel as though he has just tripped and fallen between to sponge coated plastic walls.

The actual ear ‘cups’, for that is just how they feel with the Gioteck EX-05’s as they gently cradle and ‘cup’ the ears without lying across, over or on top of them in a crushing grip, are adjustable by way of a slider that allows the user to move the ear pieces up and down in a range of motion that will satisfy everything from even the most watermelon sized ‘bonce’ right down to the smallest ‘napper’ that looks as though it has been attacked with the same Witchdoctor ‘dust’ that deflated the egotisitical Beetlejuices’ cranium in the movie of the same name.

The ‘cups’ also move on an independent axis so that they not only slide up and down to allow for greater comfort depending upon the size of the wearer’s own head, but they also move both left and right in a pivot/swivel type motion that grants the user a greater and far cosier fit as they mould perfectly with the curve of the head behind the ear. Thanks to this added detail of design it also means that there is less background noise seeping in to interfere with the action taking place on your gaming screen, thus allowing the user to set the volume lower than an ear drum bursting decibel level due to the almost sound proof feeling that you get from the way that the EX-05’s perfectly fit to the shape of your head.

Moving on to the microphone, the Gioteck EX-05 headsets are each fitted with a more modern and flexible ‘rubber duck’ styled communicator that is easily deployable or disguisable from its housing on the right or left side of the headset. Another very useful feature of this ‘mic’ is the fact that its stronger design allows for a far greater life span than its straw-like competitors that regularly fall apart thanks to every day usage and normal wear and tear. But those readers out there who are already familair to the Gioteck line will undoubtedly recognise this sturdy and steadfast design build and superior quality from other products in their dazzling array of peripheral perfection.

Now we get done to the real ‘nitty gritty’ of the EX-05 review, the meat of the main course. The game sound and functionality within its advertised features. Billed by Gioteck as being “For serious gamers only!” the latest range of EX-05 headsets offer up a surprisingly efficient blend of cost effective purchasing combined with some of the very best sound quality ever heard on a gaming headset. Complete with surround sound for both the wired and wireless editions, the EX-05 delivers a heavyweight sound from its lightweight frame. Both have state of the art 40mm drivers that produce startling results with deep rumbling bass boom’s that leave you feeling like there has been a minor earthquake in your kitchen and you are sensing the aftershock tremors under your feet in your living room. The crisp high level tones are also easily identifiable, and never again will you confuse the sound of encroaching footsteps from behind for the muffled indistinct white noise that other headsets reproduce, and which also leave you wide open for a surprise assault by your opponents.

Crystal clear and with an impressive depth of digital clarity, both the wired and wireless versions of Gioteck’s awesome additions to your growing arsenal of gaming gadgets offer up an unsurpassed experience that will not only leave you agape at the level of quality that is being poured through each of the mufflers, but you will also soon discover that with the new found advantages being delivered by Gioteck’s superb sound system , that the kill’s and objectives will soon be coming to you faster than Carl Lewis with a piece of burning toilet roll stuck down the back of his boxer shorts and thicker than a recently rejected EU treaty.

The features vary from the wired to the wireless editions, but only insofar as to say that one is wired and the other is not.  Admittedly the Wireless EX-05 can be fully formatted at the set up to work with every major console as well as your PC gaming rig. As stated earlier, however, we did manage to get both the wired and the wireless headsets working with the Xbox360 and PC, it was only with the Playstation 3’s Bluetooth communications that the wired headset could not adapt. That is not to say that it is in any shape or form a flaw in the system, as the headsets are only designed to be used with the Xbox360 and PC by the wired variety, and the PS3, Xbox360 and PC with the wireless. Everything else, such as the fact that they can both also be hooked up to either an SD PVR as well as an HD Hauppage PVR are purely bonuses that add even more weight to the cost effectiveness of the products nature, if they ever needed any more than they both already have.

In game chat is just a click away thanks to the handy clip-on control centre that comes atached to both the wired and wireless variety of the EX-05. Volume, both in game and voice chat, is controlled via the same handy control and is able to handle acute tuning thanks to the easy to operate, yet sturdy, buttons on either side of the control system.

You can adjust the volume of both the in game sound effects and gameplay as well as the voice chat with both the wired and wireless headsets and both offer up sharp as a tack outputs with every sound being picked up upon from either the game being played or conversation your involved in.

With the wireles EX-05’s you also get an included USB power cable that, like every other available Gioteck product, does not have to be inserted into the corresponding console and can, in fact, be utilised with any available USB port on your PC or lap top for example. Turning from a deep blood red through an effervescant violet to a ‘Green For Go!‘ colour scheme, users know just what stage the charge is at thanks to this simple to understand and even easier to operate charge cable.

Both headsets are also supplied with their  red and white Audio cables that come complete with two way inserts that alleviate the need for extra splitters to be involved when attaching the cables to consoles, headsets, PVR’ and/or PC’s. Both also come complete with the required USB’s to keep the systems attached to their platform units without the need for a degree in electrical engineering.

Last, but by no means least, we have to make a point of the prices involved within the market when searching for a top of the line gaming headset. Of course, there are some that are, quite literally, as cheap as chips, but with such things the words ‘you will get what you didn’t pay for’ will come true from the moment you first insert the jack into your console or PC.  To get a headset that produces sound quality on a par with your booming sound system at home, or at least one very close to it, you do have to shell out a few more shekels, of that there is no doubt. But when you are being asked to pay out more money to listen to the games sound effects than you did to actually purchase the game, and indeed, the very console you are playing it on, then this is the point when the alarm bells should be ringing as loud and clear as the less expensive Gioteck option.

Asking gamers to fork out an ever increasing sum that usually totals anywhere around the £180-£350 mark for a top of the range gaming headset is, in our humble opinion, nothing short of obscene. Thank your lucky stars then that there is a manufacturer out there who requires no such exibortant fee from you other than a paltry £99 for their wireless version, and an even sweeter £69.99 for the wired EX-05’s.

So when all is said and done, and push comes to shove, which should be the gaming headset that you reach for based on all of the above outlining factors?  There are many contenders for the most user friendly, economical and affordable, or just outright technically gifted headphones on the market right now, but only one ticks every box, and beyond any shadow of a doubt that headset is the Gioteck EX-05. Blending sheer top of the range specifications with unsurpassed sound quality is one thing, but when you throw into that magical mix the fact that the designer managed to give it some of the easiest install operations and user functions then you would think that it would deserve a high rating based solely on thse attributes alone, but you would be wrong.

The Gioteck EX-05 gaming headset does not just have great sound, functionality and technical specifications it also has great style and grace that leaves all others in its wake as it blows you away with its devilishly handsome digital good looks. But wait, we have not even got to the best part of this summing up, as the main point with this product of peripheral perfection is that even though the Gioteck EX-05 is a gaming headset worthy of adorning the crown of any pro player, it is within reach of any gamer with its remarkabley reasonable price tag. That’s the real high point of the EX-05, wired or wireless, but then so it is with all the Gioteck range.

This is a company that has brought the very pinnacle of high-end pro gaming products and placed  them all right into the hands of anyone who owns any of the platforms from the Playstation 3 right through to the PC and Xbox360. No longer do the elite or the pro’s have the peripheral edge over their opponents in online batttles as thanks to Gioteck and their superior products the field has just been levelled for all players. Truly immense sound quality and style with simplicity itself in the headsets functions allows gamers to concentrate on the task at hand, and just like the EX-05 themselves that task is winning!

Wired the EX-05 is without equal and the value of the benefits that it will bring to your play are immeasurable, but with the wireless versions giving customers the opportunity to take your experience to a whole new level of connectivity and non-restrictive gaming for the merest increase in price of a piffling £30 it goes without saying that the added values of the multiplatform options that the extra money give are ones that we highly recommend and that are hard to pass up on. Gioteck are fast provng themselves to be the ‘New Kid in Town’ and with outstanding products such as the EX-05 it is not difficult to see why the name on every gamers lips at the moment is the very name we whole heartedly endorse.  Five of the easiest stars we have ever awarded then to the Editors Choice of gaming headset in both the wired and wireless sections. The best money you will spend all  year on a gaming peripheral. 5 Stars