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Hitman                                          GmP image 1

Watch the Hitman announcement trailer

Agent 47 returns in the first in a series of cinematic trailers detailing future exploits of the Square Enix Hitman.   Stay with GmP for all the latest news, trailers and the full game...

Sustainaville              GmP  image     logo 1

Save The Children launches ‘Sustainaville’ game

Save The Children brings a unique charitable gaming experience where players may enter war zones and crisis stricken catastrophes and bring aid to the afflicted populous in this revolutionary new title. To show your...

Rock Band 4             GmP   image   box art 1

New Rock Band 4 tracks coming November 10th!

Get Rock Band 4 NOW ► Below is the list of tracks to be released on November 10: ►Audioslave- “Like A Stone” ►Godsmack- “Awake” ►Linkin Park- “Lying From You” For more head to...