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Write For Us!

How many times have you looked at an article online, or in your favourite gaming magazine, and thought to yourself; ” I could do that! “  Well, now you can!

Whether you are looking to post occasionally about events in the gaming news, or if you are looking to be a regular contributor to GamesMediaPro then we want to hear from you. Age and experience are not nearly as important as dedication and a willingness to participate, and remember: GamesMediaPro is a website written and produced by gamers for gamers, so it is the opinions of genuine gamers that we want to publish.

If you have got something to say, so if you have got a voice that you think people would want to hear then we are offering you the perfect platform from which to shout your ideals’ to the heaven’s.

Got what it takes? Then follow the directions below:

Send an email containing the following information:

A little about yourself
Contact Info/Preference
Where you Live Country/State/City
Age (16 or older only)

send your completed details and a little about your gaming history and any experience to:

We look forward to hearing from you, but as you can imagine,  we do get quite a few applications don’t worry, however, we will get back to you, even if it does take a few days.