Cyborg V5 Controller

There’s always been discussion among gamers about which position is best for the left analog stick on a gamepad. Some like it level with the right stick like Sony’sPlaystation® controller; others prefer it offset to the top left corner of the pad like Microsoft’s Xbox® controller.

With the Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad, you can have both. At the press of a button, you can remove the revolutionary Cyborg™ module (Pat. Pending) from the pad and turn it through 180º, instantly changing the configuration of the left stick and d-pad.

Now you have the flexibility to configure the pad for different games, depending on whether you prefer to use the analog stick or d-pad, or even cater for multiplayer sessions with friends who prefer different pad configurations.

  • New ‘Cyborg-module’ reversible d-pad and left analog stick


  • Compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360 console as well as Games For Windows games on PC.


  • High quality, varied rumble forces so the gamer feels closer to the action


  • Ergonomic controls for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions, no matter how big or small your hands.


  • Advanced programming provided by ST software (PC only) gives you the freedom to program any part of the pad with any keyboard or mouse command in any game – even those that don’t support game controllers.