‘Reviewers should PAY for games’- Renaud Charpentier, Creative Assembly







Taking douchebaggery to a whole new level in the midst of the full on ‘perfect storm’ that has engulfed Youtube following their recent ‘Copyright Blitzkreig’, a lead developer at Creative Assembly has gone on record to take the lunacy and bitter reactions one step closer to the edge of madness by claiming ALL videogame journalists should actually PAY the developer for their review copies, or is it just the ones who delivered a negative score?

The furore that Google has created on it’s Youtube site following the unfathomable decision to implement some of the most bizarre rulings of copyright have been at the epicentre of a hurricane force debate between Let’s Play directors, gameplay commentators and, of course, videogame journalists and video reviewers and those people seeking to stifle their creativity by enforcing crushing copyright laws.

renuad charpentier 1One such discussion currently took place on GamesIndustry International, usually reserved as the home for industry professionals and serious gamers alike, but it is of one particular comment made by Creative Assembly lead designer Renaud Charpentier, that we took particular notice. During the to’ing and fro’ing between CEO’s, musicians, developers and journalists alike, the conversation was taking a more in-depth direction as the point was made by a music publisher that those online reviewers, Youtube gameplay commentators and Let’s Players had actually managed to create something unique and individual, albeit that it is using the component parts of other bodies of work, much in the way of a musician who remixes tracks that, subsequently, become pieces of their own work. And, more noticeably, are identified as such.

This struck a nerve, obviously, with Monsiuer Charpentier, as he instantly took offence to the statement, citing Youtubers and reviewers as little more than intellectual thieves and creative assassin’s that do nothing more than tear the products of poor hard-working game developers to pieces for no other reason than the shock value money that their video brings in from Google.

Indeed, this knee jerk reaction by Renaud Charpentier went on further to claim that it is, in fact, NOT the fault of the developers for releasing broken, glitchy, buggy and downright travesties of titles on occasion, but that it is the fault of the reviewers who report on these glaring errors, mistakes and misdeeds that the titles are flops and commercial failures in the first place.

Angry Joe Show             GmP Gaming   image 2The embittered Gaul then states that reviewers should be forced to pay the developers a fee, or possibly even a percentage, of the revenue that these videographers earn from their own hard work and talent because they may have had the sheer audacity to have used footage or stills of the game that they are reviewing in their production.

But the Frenchman’s faux pas does not end there as he hints that journalists should actually be made to purchase their own copies of the games if they want to review them. Something this cry baby does not probably realise is that many of the online media actually DO buy their own games, and we believe that Charpentier was indeed referring to one individual in particular as the out-of-touch ouef mistakes millions of views as translating into millions of dollars.

The offender in question, we believe, is none other than GmP supported and promoted Angry Joe. This Youtube reviewer, who’s video’s regularly exceed the many of millions of views, is responsible for a series of reviews and footage aimed directly at the travesty that is Rome 2 Total War. Made by, yep, you guessed it: Creative Assembly and none other than the petulant Parisian himself, Renaud Charpentier.

To take a look first hand and see just what it is that put the pout onto the lips of the dismayed designer then we recommend our readers watch the accompanying video ‘in full’ before drawing their own conclusions regarding Monsieur Misery’s ‘laugh out loud’ statement. If you enjoy what you see then why not click into the video to watch Angry Joe’s follow up video’s and hit that ‘subscribe’ button whilst you are there.




Whatever the ruling and whatever the outcome of this bitter battle between Youtube content makers and the sudden amount of copyright claims made by companies coming out of the woodwork in their money-grubbing search for nickels and dimes, the journey along the way is certainly bringing out the true colours of many of  those people who like to be seen to protest their innocence in screwing gamers for every penny they can, and then come out with nonsense statements such as the one spewed forth by this miffed monsieur in which they can be seen for the money hungry mentalists that they really are.

Transparency and truth are need in the videogame industry, and nowhere more so than in the copyright section as this outdated dinosaur stumbles ever onward toward its extinction as it fails to follow the market and catch up to current trends. But we ask also for some truth from developers. We don’t mind paying for review copies, Renaud, but how about we will pay you the correct amount when you deliver a launch day product that is actually working?

What? No witty reply?