Scuf PS Controller

The SCUF Controller for PS3 has been designed as a multi-game controller for gaming enthusiasts who care about gaining that edge by reducing delay. Every feature of the SCUF controller is designed to increase performance and match players’ reflexes, allowing them to achieve greater accuracy, faster movement and decreased delay caused by normal controllers’ limitations. The SCUF Controller allows players to finally play at their full potential and all without cheating!

Functional Features
The Paddles – On the rear of the SCUF Controller, you will find two extra paddles. We can assign these paddles to either the X, O or left thumbstick push down functions on your controller

The advantage of these 2 added paddles is that you can now use 50% more of your hand! With most shooter titles you use the right thumb stick to aim and therefore it is difficult to aim and press another button that requires you to use your thumb (eg – X or O). These paddles mean that you can keep your thumb firmly planted on the right thumb stick, focused on aiming, while other parts of your hands take care of the job of pressing the paddles (eg – jump or knife)

We also offer “left thumbstick down” as an alternative choice for the left paddle because we recognize that a significant problem with normal controllers is that the left thumbstick push down function (eg Sprint in CoD) can fail after only a few months. The SCUF controller allows you to choose the left paddle to be SPRINT, thus eliminating this wear and tear on your controller.

The Hyper-sensitive Triggers – Almost every Game requires you to depress the triggers a considerable amount before you actually initiate that movement. (For example on Call of Duty; aim and shoot if you play Tactical Flipped). The SCUF PS Controllers allow you to shoot and aim as soon as you touch the triggers, which reduce your reaction time considerably. Weapon fire becomes far more responsive, with each shot requiring just a tap. Imagine if the brakes in your car required you to press them down 2 inches before they began to work. Compare that to needing to simply touch the brakes to have a response. This is the same concept as our Hyper-Sensitive Triggers. Even if you have quicker reactions than your opponents, you will be hindered by hardware limitations. Our system means that your quickness become your ally. Your skill will win or lose you battles, and not your controller.

SCUF Grip – Scuf Gaming offer the option for you to add SCUF Grip to your controller, so you can keep control while others lose theirs. We treat and apply several layers of military grade Grip Paint to the underside of the controller, which prevents the controller from sliding in your hands. This is particularly useful if your hands get hot in game play. For players who compete at tournaments, the SCUF Grip might be a vital addition to your controller. For people who are still learning to adjust to competition play, often nerves can come into play, and this event effects some of the veteran players as well. Your body naturally goes into a fight or flight response when adrenaline is kicking in and one of the side effects might be sweaty hands. Our Grip should mean that this side effect doesn’t really effect your game. Slightly sweaty palms will not mean missed shots.

SCUF Seal of Approval – Why we offer this to you!

SCUF Controllers are fully approved for use in Competitions across the World. SCUF Controllers are designed to give you the edge and bring out your own personal skill, removing limitations of the original PS3 controller. Our controllers are NOT designed to give you an unfair advantage, just to allow you to “Become The Best Gamer You Can Be!”. Scuf Gaming are well aware that there are countless controller modification companies on the market that do offer controller modifications that would be deemed as cheating, such as a rapid fire function – this is not us!

Scuf Gaming therefore fit every controller with a SCUF Seal OF Approval which ensures SCUF authenticity. This means that there are no further modifications made to our SCUF Controllers beyond the modifications that were fitted by Scuf Gaming at the point of sale. This ensures our pads are free from modifications like Rapid Fire.

Recommended set-up for Call of Duty Series:
With the addition of the Hyper Sensitive Triggers, Scuf Gaming recommends playing Tactical Flipped for Call Of Duty. We believe that triggers are the natural buttons to press when aiming and shooting and now we have removed the latency we hope we have also removed the barrier! However we recognize that every gamer has their own preference so YOU choose:
X = left paddle
O = right paddle
When you custom order your SCUF Controller you will be are able to select which function (X,O or Left Thumbstick down) you want the left paddle to imitate and which function (X,O or Right Thumbstick down) you want the right paddle to imitate. For Call Of Duty.

All SCUF PS Controllers come with a 60 day warranty