Scuf Reaper Controller

The SCUF Reaper is proving to be a big hit with all types of Gamers from Skull to Gears of War fans alike. The holographic Skull design is truly mesmerizing and with the Candy finish this controller is as hard hitting as it’s face! Every controller is unique boasting a slightly different design. Available in wired for competition gaming and wireless for recreational play – matching D-Pad and paddle designs available.

Functional Benefits of SCUF Controllers

The Paddles – SCUF Gaming have developed and patented 2 paddles on the reverse of the controller which can mimic any 2 of the A, B, X, Y, D-pad, Start, Back, LB, RB or Joy Stick push down functions (For wireless you can only choose A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, Joystick Push Down Functions). By pressing the paddles with your unused middle finger on each hand, you are able to utilize 50% more of your hand in an ergonomic and natural way. These paddles operate any 2 functions, allowing your thumb to continue aiming as you, for example, jump (A) or knife (B) in games such as Call Of Duty. This system ensures you are constantly in control of your aim for deadly accuracy.

The Adjustable Hair triggers – Almost every Shooter Game firing system requires you to depress the trigger a considerable amount before you actually aim and shoot! SCUF Controllers allow you to shoot and aim as soon as you touch the triggers, which reduce your reaction time considerably. Weapon fire becomes far more responsive, with each shot requiring just a tap. Every weapon becomes more deadly and the triggers can be fully adjusted to suit every type of player and game.

Trigger Stops – As an optional add-on feature, Scuf Gaming offer the trigger stop mechanism. This is ideal for Games like Call Of Duty and Gears of War where the sweet spot is in a single place for all trigger functions. The trigger stops prevent the trigger from moving in any further after the shot/ aim has been initiated. This saves further precious split seconds and is another must have feature for hard-core gamers.

The Domed Sticks – Scuf Gaming allow you the option to custom select concave or domed shaped right and left sticks. When using a Controller and especially in Shooter Games, each thumb is required to do very different motions. Your movement thumb makes large, deliberate movements, while your aiming thumb requires subtle, smoother movement to ensure precision aiming. In order to reflect this, Scuf Gaming offer the option of our longer, more grippy Dome Shaped sticks. For Shooter Games we recommend a Right Domed Aim Stick as the extra length allows you to aim with more accuracy. Each millimeter of movement translates to less on the screen, and the dome ensures you only move as much as you need!

No SLOW Turn – All SCUF Controllers come with NO SLOW TURN GUARANTEE! Scuf Gaming have been very aware of SLOW TURN issues on the majority of controllers. Slow Turn is when you move the thumb sticks and the reaction equates to less than 100%. While this is fairly trivial and goes unnoticed by casual gamers, in the competitive gaming scene and especially with FPS (First Person Shooters) games it becomes a serious disadvantage in gameplay. A slow turn of below 98% can be the difference between winning and losing! Recently, Scuf Gaming has noticed that many controllers have slow turn issues of 89% or less, which is clearly a real problem for serious gamers.

SCUF Grip – We offer the option for you to add SCUF Grip to your controller, so you can keep control while others lose theirs. We treat and apply several layers of military grade Weaponary Grip Paint to the underside of the controller, which prevents the controller from sliding in your hands. This is particularly useful if your hands get hot in game play!

Remove Rumble Packs – If you would like the ultimate light weight controller, have the rumble pack’s vibration motors carefully removed from the controller body.

SCUF Seal of Approval – SCUF Controllers are fully approved for use in Competitions across the World to include MLG, EGL, WGL… We fit every controller with a tamper-proof “SCUF Seal of Approval” which ensures SCUF authenticity.