Steel Rats blazes into view in the high-octane CGI trailer


No loot boxes, no micro transactions…? However will this game survive?

Maybe by offering some of the most fun to play, down to Earth gaming that has graced your PC and console since the salad days of an age long forgot in this corporate shell of a once loved industry.

Steel Rats is a big budget downloadable title inspired by mad-capped arcade games of yore with oodles of personality and a bevy of play styles.

Independently developed and published by Polish company ‘Tate Multimedia’ (creators of platinum selling stunt bike franchise Urban Trial Freestyle) we’re announcing the game today with a full on CGI trailer featuring the band ‘The 5678s’ and a new track recorded exclusively for the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab some pre-order goodness and pray quietly for the onset of 2018.