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Gfinity stake claim for Call of Duty $1m prize pot

Gfinity button             gmPEurope’s elite teams will battle it out in the finals of the Call of Duty European Championships for a $10,000 prize pot

Gfinity (AIM: GFIN), a leading eSports business, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Activision Publishing (“Activision”) to exclusively host the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare European Championships.

The live event will take place in one of Britain’s most prestigious venues, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. The action will also be streamed online live and exclusively at MLG.tv/Gfinity as teams compete for the ultimate prize in eSports.

Gfinity will organise, promote and deliver the championship event to be held from 28th February to 1st March 2015. It is the second consecutive year Gfinity has partnered with Activision to host the Call of Duty European Championships.

International eSports competitions featuring leading electronic video games and star players have become a global spectator sport attracting thousands of fee-paying fans to live fixtures as well as millions of online fans who watch streamed broadcasts on personal computers or mobile devices.

This year spectators will get the chance to watch the 28 best teams from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, the rest of Europe and the Middle East compete for a $10,000 prize pot.

The top 14 teams will go on to qualify for a global Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox, in Los Angeles at the end of March for a share of the tournament’s $1 million total prize purse.

Call of Duty pro-players head to London for $1 million prize tournament

Call of Duty            Hastr0 pro player            GmP  image profile 1Teams from across Europe will battle it out for a place in LA and a shot at the $1million prize

The best Call of Duty® players from across Europe are descending on London to battle it out in the finals of the Call of Duty® European Championships.

28 teams from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, the rest of Europe and Middle East will go head-to-head for a chance to represent their country at the Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox being held 27th -29th March 2015 in Los Angeles for a share of the tournament’s $1 million total prize purse.

Hosted by Activision Publishing in partnership for the second year running with Gfinity, the Call of Duty® European Championships will take place from 28th February to 1st March, in one of England’s most iconic cultural venues, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, where teams will compete for a $10,000 prize pot. The top 14 teams will go on to qualify for the global Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox at the end of March in Los Angeles.

Over the last month, more than 740 teams across Europe competed for a spot in London this weekend. Eight UK teams qualified for the Call of Duty® European Championships and will face-off against each other, with the top four teams heading to California for the global Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox.

Follow your favourite team(s) in London and watch the action live and exclusively at MLG.tv as they compete for the ultimate prize in eSports.

The Havoc begins with the first Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                               GmP      image     15

Ever wonder who’s on the other side of the KillCam? Meet Randall Higgins, the KillCameraman. With all of the mayhem-inducing content loaded into Havoc, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Randall’s going to have to elevate his game to keep up.

Havoc includes four new multiplayer maps, an all-new bonus weapon, and Exo Zombies — a terrifying new co-op mode only available in Advanced Warfare DLC.

Havoc is available January 27th on Xbox LIVE.


Call of Duty Championship 2015 LogoTop Professional Call of Duty Teams Return to Los Angeles

27th-29th March to Play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for $1 Million Prize Pool

Semi-Finals and Final Match to Be Broadcast on Xbox Live on Sunday, 29th March


It’s time to determine who is the best of the best as the third annual Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox tournament will bring the top Call of Duty® eSport athletes in the world to Los Angeles, 27th – 29th March, in the definitive Call of Duty competition. Activision, Sledgehammer Games and Xbox, in partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG) and additional international eSports partners, will play host to 32 of the best Call of Duty teams from around the world, as they compete in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare and the rights to be called the Call of Duty “World Champions,” and ultimately claim the lion’s share of the tournament’s $1 million prize purse in the crowning contest where Power Changes Everything. This year’s tournament will include a variety of compelling programming covering the weekend’s non-stop excitement and hard fought matches, with the final match live streamed on the Xbox Live online entertainment network and other broadcast partners for the world to experience in real time.

“From Day 1, the team at Sledgehammer Games set out to bring a new way to play Call of Duty multiplayer to fans. We couldn’t be more thrilled of how the competitive community has embraced and mastered the new player movements and game modes of Advanced Warfare”, said Michael Condrey, Co-founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games. “This is posed to be one of the most exciting Call of Duty competitive seasons with the Call of Duty Championship being one of the best eSports tournaments of the year.”

Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games added: “We developed Advanced Warfare with the competitive community in mind and we can’t wait for the top talent from around the world to compete in the Call of Duty Championships.”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare drops players into an adrenaline-filled multiplayer experience, allowing fans to take the exoskeleton and its array of special abilities online.  A first for the franchise, the power of the exoskeleton introduces all-new ways to manoeuvre combat situations on the ground and in the air, alongside an arsenal of futuristic weapon technology that gives players more ways to take opponents on, all while maintaining the signature breakneck Call of Duty multiplayer feel. In addition, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s robust in-game eSports offering allows fans to compete the same way the pros do.

The best Call of Duty teams from five continents, covering Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe, will contend for their place in Call of Duty history at the Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox tournament in a range of qualifying events hosted by eSports organisations. Qualifying for the Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox will be handled through online tournaments played on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and broadcasted on MLG.tv, with select live regional finals taking place February through early March in Australia, Brazil, the U. K. and the U.S. The regional finals will be played on Xbox One and will also be broadcasted live on MLG.tv and additional broadcast partners.

The Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox tournament is open to all qualified players, whether professional gamers or not, provided they meet the requirements of the official rules and regulations. Further details on the 2015 Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox can be found at http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/news/qualify-2015-call-of-duty-championship.

Additional tournament information will be made available at https://callofduty.com/esports.

Grab some Exo Zombies in the latest Advanced Warfare trailer

Call of Duty AW EXO ZOMBIES        GmP               image 2

Untrained and unprepared, four Atlas employees must survive a horror unlike any other. John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal star in Exo Zombies, coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC in 2015.

The first chapter of Exo Zombies is included with the Havoc DLC pack or as part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass. Get the Season Pass for access to four exciting DLC packs at one great price, each delivering a collection of new, thrilling multiplayer content, bonus weapons, and more:


Get ready for Advanced Warfare as Call of Duty unveil the DLC trailer

Call of Duty AW Season Pass              GmP

Early weapon access is available now!

Xbox Season Pass holders now have early access to the Havoc DLC Pack bonus weapons. The AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its custom weapon variant, the AE4 Widowmaker, combine a versatile firing mechanism with all-around movement speed and handling.

Learn more about the Season Pass:

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Official Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies Trailer

Call of Duty AW EXO ZOMBIES        GmP

An Exo Zombies survival co-op experience is coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC in 2015.

The first chapter of Exo Zombies is included with the Havoc DLC pack or as part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass. Get the Season Pass for access to four exciting DLC packs at one great price, each delivering a collection of new, thrilling multiplayer content, bonus weapons, and more:


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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare review

call of duty advanced warfare        GmP Gaming    image logo 2

Just ask any great boxer and they will all say the same thing: The true test of a fighter is to know he can get back on his feet after suffering a knockdown to regain the composure and begin their own furious assault. So to then does Call of Duty rise from the canvas of Ghosts to deliver a crushing blow to its rivals and take the heavyweight belt as Activision’s flagship title once more reigns supreme as the Undisputed Champion.

Following what has been a pretty tough year, compared to most in the history of the Call of Duty franchise, Activision have weathered the unfathomable demonizing of their shooter series by the collected gaming media who, it would seem, were Hell bent on destroying the franchise and supplant it with EA’s Battlefield 4…and journalists wonder why so many accusing fingers are leveled at them by gamers in the current ‘corruption climate’?

Nevertheless, numbers do not lie and in that respect Ghosts was the first in the franchise to suffer a dip in sales. This can be attributed in no small part to the number of bandwagon’ing view-whores in the gaming press who discovered how profitable it was to slag off Call of Duty much in the same way as football fans hate on Man United simply because they have been at the top of their game for such a long period of time. The only difference here is that Activision’s  ‘Red Devils’ have seen off the challenges put to them by their own ‘City Blues’, ‘Chelski’ and ‘Gooners’.

Back with the proverbial ‘bang’ Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been dragged kicking and screaming into the ‘space race’ by a myriad of developers with lead team Sledgehammer Games taking the reins, so to speak.

Now, regardless of personal preferences we will at least try to objectively review Advanced Warfare without breaking off into a soap-box styled rant about ‘quick-scopers’, stupid bloody lasers and Halo-bouncing jet-packs….though as you may have a slight indication of it may take some restraint, and we are uncertain of the outcome. Bear with us.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                               GmP      image     15Looking crisper than Quentin and sleeker than Linda Evangelista in a cat suit Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has stormed into the world’s game charts with a sexy new look that somehow has been wrung from the existing engine in a feat praiseworthy on its own. Just how the developers were able to squeeze so much graphical gorgeousness of the now aging Call of Duty engine is so remarkable it is bordering on witchcraft.

The sheer scale of the improvements made are staggering with character models and environments housing so much detail it is almost beyond belief. NPC’s barking orders at your player affect such a realistic position that many may well be forgiven for leaping off their sofa’s and reaching for a weapon as they are instructed by such life-like characters to join the fight.

Of course, pretty as the graphics are, we all know the real talking points surrounding this latest version of Call of Duty, and that just has to be the new weaponry and abilities provided by the futuristic setting and the awesome exo-suits.

Looking more Destiny than D-Day this latest edition in the best-selling shooter series has taken the early skepticism regarding the sci-fi direction and completely turned it on its head as the thrilling gameplay and simply outstanding solo campaign have won gamers over with aplomb.

Of course, the similarities of the single player experience with real-world events is enough to make even the most uninformed raise a questioning eyebrow at the way governments have become corporations and international policy is now little more than a hostile take-over perpetrated by private military contractors such as the inspirational Aegis Security.

Speaking of ‘outside influences’ the stellar cast of voice talent , which includes a tour de force performance by legendary actor Kevin Spacey, is second to none. Troy Baker also brings home an outstanding contribution in the lead role of Mitchell, the games’ main protagonist and long-suffering soldier under the ever watchful eye of military mouth-piece Sgt Cormack. But, ultimately it is the role of PMC President Jonathon Irons from Spacey that steals the show as the demented would-be despot drags the world toward global conflict with his incessant plotting.

Of course, the excellent acting is only enhanced by the first-rate script, Hollywood blockbuster styled imagery  and superb graphics that offer some of the most impressive character models that we have ever seen. ( in any game ) If the ‘haters‘ were expecting to come out with all guns blazing on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare then readers should take particular notice of the rather silent cannons in the online communities.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                               GmP      image     16The story behind the action in Advanced Warfare is one of political intrigue coupled with one man’s quest for personal domination on a universal scale. But make no mistake, Irons is no cartoon ‘bad guy‘ or Blofeld-styled Bond villain Hell-bent on  subjugating the world for criminal ill-gotten gains, oh no. Irons is a far more cunning animal even than they. This is a man who comes to Capitol Hill with an oily handshake and smile that could freeze the heart of the Devil himself. Irons is the dirtiest villain of them all, he is a ‘capitalistic conniver’, and be damned to any and all who stand in his way of a dollar.

Irons represents all that is currently wrong with the world, and every sane and rational persons who prays for a stable, peaceful future. The embodiment of the faceless corporate empires controlling and manipulating every aspect of our daily lives as they seek to extend their evil empire by devouring everything and everyone within reach, and in that respect he is truly a man to be feared.

Mitchell, on the other hand, starts out very much as the atypical grunt ( complete with best mate in tow ” ooh-raah’ing “ their way into some of the worlds bloodiest combat zones ). He is joined in the games opening tutorial level by brother-in-arms, and son to the aforementioned Irons no less, Will. After being dropped into a hot-spot, and getting to grips with the obligatory control method, we kick off proceedings with an explosive introductory mission that leaves Irons’ son, Will, dead on the ground and Mitchell invalided out of the forces. A strange introduction to a shooter, you may be thinking, as the main character is pensioned off after being left with only one arm, but this is ‘Advanced Warfare’, and in the future such things as the loss of a limb are mere trivialities to a high-tech PMC outfit like Irons’ paramilitary practitioners ‘Atlas’.

Atlas is the private military contractor, and the sole mobilized might, belonging to main antagonist Irons. This armed to the teeth outfit is the best equipped and best trained fighting force in the private sector, and because of this they are called upon by governments from all sides to do the dirty work and execute the orders that the public would balk at regarding their own national armies. But all of this military manpower comes at a price, and it would seem the price which Iron’s has in mind is not measured in dollars or pounds…rather in capitulation.

So, there you have it. Spoiler free, ( almost ), and only requiring that you input the disc into your Xbox One for further involvement and understanding of the huge events that take place in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Rather than explain away the entire plot and premise of the game we leave that area to you, the player, to fulfill and enjoy as we move on with the rest of the review.

Getting into the armoury of Advanced Warfare we now get to sample some of the technological delights that await players in the arsenal that is available to you on the battlefield, and boy what a cracking collection of killing machines we have at our fingertips!

Of course, updated versions of timeless classics such as the Kalashnikov and the Heckler and Koch’s of this world are still there, as are the Armalites and the Sigue Sauer’s, but  it is in their futuristic guises that we now meet with ‘old friends‘ and experience all that their coming generations have to offer.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare                                       GmP image Power 1The new technology, however, is what will bring the most jaw-dropping moments, and it is with items such as the highly impressive EM-1 directed energy weapon, ( or ‘laser‘ ), that many will find themselves getting some of the best of the kills. Naturally there are still some surprises in the standard firearm sections such as the excellent entry level BAL-27 or the Thompson inspired ASM-1, and with the upgraded ‘Pick `12′ system players will be able to take advantage of some outstanding attachments for all weapons with some old and some new favourites to ‘wow‘ gamers along the way.

Shields and sniper rifles are both back, but we promised to try and avoid a ‘rant‘ so all we will say, ( through gritted teeth ), is that they are tools available in the real world and so should be part and parcel of the Call of Duty franchise, although they should not be allowed to dictate the play in the way that they do.  ( “ Stop that!”   -Ed. )

There are a whole host of handheld horrors for you to exploit your enemies weaknesses, and strengths, at your disposal too, such as the ‘hover grenade‘, ‘EMP’ and the ‘spy flare‘. As well as any number of noob-friendly wonders for the, *ahem,  ‘mobility-challenged‘ types to take thorough advantage of.  ( ” Last warning! “   -Ed. )

But all of these new goodies, gadgets and gizmo’s aside the games’ real talking point has to be the addition of the Halo-bouncing paradise that is the ‘Exo-Suit’.   This technological toy allows gamers to leap like startled flea’s high into the air as they bounce around the multiplayer maps like demented frogs in the hope that they will catch a ‘360 no-scope‘ for their YouTube channel, whilst at the same time allowing such over the top power moves in the melee kills that recipients of the ‘Hadouken‘ blow will often find themselves coming down in another game zone.

Now, don’t misunderstand us, in the solo campaign the exo-suit is great fun and makes for highly entertaining scenario’s. But in the multiplayer it has changed the face of Call of Duty so much that it is no longer the classic military styled shooter that we all know and loved so much.

But is that really such a bad thing?

The multiplayer in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare may play like Destiny and look like Titanfall but there is no doubt about the fact that it still does what it does better than anyone else, and that is the action.   Its breakneck pace never lets up from the get-go, and should you require a little more practice with your exo before you leap into the fray of the online arena then that is available for you too.

There is also a Classic Combat Mode for players looking to just experience Call of Duty without the double-jump mayhem of the exo-suit combat, but truth be told it feels limited after spending time in the main arena.

Obviously with the launches of titles like Titanfall and Destiny game play has evolved into a more science fiction era, and even though some may like you to believe that Titanfall is stuttering and spluttering the strong online community is proof of anything but.

Destiny is also proving to be a hit, although not at the rate we suspect Bungie expected, and so it would seem that Call of Duty developers believed that maybe it was a case of ‘Evolve or Die’? Whatever the reason behind the move by Sledgehammer Games it certainly looks to have paid off for them, and for Activision, with Call of Duty experiencing something of a renaissance among gamers, and rightfully so.

The new additions to the format breathe new life into the series after the cookie-cutter feeling that Infinity Ward left us with in Ghosts, and if anything this may  well prove to be a kind of blessing in disguise for Activision that they have rival franchises in the same publishing house as it means that both teams will be pushing each other to produce ever better experiences for the players.

number-9-pool-ballMaybe, in fact, it could well be that Activision decide to let Call of Duty become a total ‘two way winner‘ with Treyarch taking the reins on the next iteration and turning the clock back to a more traditional era of warfare, as well as returning with the highly successful zombies mode, and then switching back to a futuristic setting when Sledgehammer take back control? With Destiny there to fill in the gaps between for the sci-fi shooter fans this is a very real possibility and one that would satisfy all fans of all genres thus ringing those cash registers and making them sing like a gaggle of X Factor wannabee’s.

Whatever the outcome, and what lies in store for Call of Duty fans, one thing is assured and that is that the best-selling shooter franchise is back to its blockbuster brilliant best. 9 out of amazing 10

Advanced Warfare is Here!

Scuf Gaming                   GmP     image      CoD AW LE 1Prepare Yourself with a Custom SCUF Controller

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has finally arrived to the millions of fans around the world, and the beautiful people at Scuf Gaming are sharing in the hype. With the arrival of the new game has come #TheRace, with numerous Pro Gamers and Youtubers grinding their way through prestiges. “RosterMania” has proven to be full of excitement and drama as major team changes have come about in preparation for Advanced Warfare tournaments.

Enjoying Advanced Warfare but want that extra edge? Pick up a custom SCUF Controller and start double-jumping and drop-shooting with the best of them. Click HERE to be taken to the full range of SCUF ONE Controllers and HERE for our 4PS line.

Call Of Duty Set To Be Christmas Number One Video Game?

christmas-holly-border-284932Is it that time of year already?

With just 50 shopping days left until the annual Christmas holiday’s bookmakers William Hill have released the latest table for those videogame’s that are in with a shout of snatching that coveted Nativity Number One.

Many gamers firmly believed that with the recent launch of Activision’s blockbuster science fiction extravaganza, Destiny, that the £500m smash-hit would sweep aside all comers in its dominance of the charts, but lukewarm reviews and an extremely strong push from Electronic Arts FIFA 15 has certainly put the cat among the digital pigeons in the race to the top slot.

With the price of a staggering 4/5 odds on FIFA 15 is the favourite to take the prime position, but hold the phone and tell the engraver to take a moment before etching the trophy  as Activision are not done yet, it would seem, with the impending launch of their main franchise looking like it may well kick off a late, and serious, assault on the Christmas Number One spot.

Call of Duty still has 24 hours before its official launch date but the record-breaking franchise, once the target of so much uncalled for scorn and derision from the majority of videogames journalists as they leapt aboard  the bandwagon labelled ‘Nowhere‘, but already the Sledgehammer smasher has seen its odds dramatically slashed from a competitive 3 – 1 down to a respectable 5 – 2 with signs that a further reduction is likely to be on the cards if you take into account the remarkable amount of Day One early editions being snapped up by gamers worldwide.

Early reviews for Call of Duty have, by and large, been extremely supportive of the long-standing series and this looks all set to continue with the fresh crop of independent source reviews, ( such as our own ), being ready for publication following the game’s official launch on November 4th, 2014.

Although William Hill have gone on record stating that the forecasts for the Christmas Number One slot all point to FIFA 15 holding firm punters can take nothing for granted when it comes to Call of Duty.

Christmas Number One game*:

4/5 FIFA 15; 5/2 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare;

7/1 Destiny;

8/1 Assassin’s Creed;

16/1 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel;

16/1 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris;

16/1Lego Batman 3;

33/1 FIFA 14

“There will be a huge rush for COD but it looks as though FIFA will be able to hold it at bay in the race to be the top dog this Christmas,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

If you would like to have your own ‘festive flutter’ then why not head on over to William Hill’s website here, and stick a few quid on whichever title takes your fancy, and although we have to say that there will be a small wager placed on behalf of the staff here at GmP we are not saying which way we will be gambling one way or the other.

The only hint to our own favourite to take the slot will come when the cash from a win has gone through a bit of a ‘verticality‘ leap in the expected pay out.

To get your hands on any one of the top titles in the Christmas Countdown to Number One then head on over to the UK’s biggest and best online gaming retailer at GAMESEEK.


*X-Box 360; X-Box One; PS3 and PS4 sales only